Does Jason Aldean work for Illuminati? — Oct 7, 2017

(Vegas massacre performer Jason Aldean has cards from 1995 Illuminati card game tattooed. Jack = 10 Ace = 1  Oct 1)
“Jason Aldean was acting on orders when he left the stage without a peep. He did not even try to warn the thousands of fans who came to hear him sing. Jason must have known that something was very wrong; so why didn’t he at least put out an SOS?”
Aldean:This tour stands for you. It stands for us.”   Notice all the “Red and Black” imagery as well as the cultism.  This Country & Western singer is the most downloaded artist and C&W music history
Entertainers complicit in CIA mind control & social engineering. Most must join Illuminati to succeed.
Encore- Video captures two shooters in LV crowd.  Wearing police vests?
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James Aldean. Click to enlarge

James Aldean. Click to enlarge

From the very first moment of viewing the Las Vegas mass shooting, the entire SOTN staff was really struck by a specific occurrence. We watched many videos of American country music singer Jason Aldean singing his last song — and then quickly and mysteriously disappearing from the stage when the shooting began. Who has not seen this by now?
VIDEO: Jason Aldean runs off stage as gunshots ring out at Route 91 Harvest music festival in Las Vegas
Through it all, we were really bothered about the fact that: Jason did not say a word. Jason did not utter a single warning. Jason ran off stage never to be heard from again.
Here’s his Wikipedia page which corroborates that “Aldean ran off the stage and was unharmed”. Who is Jason Aldean? And what was his role in this false flag psyop? The following article by “50 Shades of Pissed Off” may be short, but it’s loaded with radioactive data and eye-opening info.
 Illuminati Card Game Predicted Vegas Massacre: Did Jason Aldean Have Foreknowledge?  A couple of obvious conclusions can be drawn from this article.
First, that Jason Aldean was in some way used in this [ONGOING] psyop and false flag mass shooting.
Second, that it seems quite unlikely that Jason Aldean is unaware of his participation in this CIA-conducted black operation in Las Vegas.



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