Tweedledum and Tweedledee Have Become Incontinent and can no Longer Hear or See

Smoking Mirrors — Oct 5, 2017

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Regardless of what is or is not true about the Vegas mass murder, there is no doubt it is a false flag carried out by psychopaths. From information coming out it is apparent that Paddock and the scenario set up around him was in the works for at least a year. Unwashed Tribe Toilet Bowl website, TMZ is reporting that Paddock was scanning a number of musical festivals such as Lollapalooza and others a good while ago. This means the people who actually carried out the attack were in the planning stages for quite awhile. There is no doubt they are convinced the American public is fantastically stupid as articles like this indicate. Details and speculations abound and in some cases, as in the information covered in this article, it leaves you with a ‘so what?’ perspective; like who cares if there was a suicide note or not? Who cares if the Crass Media is talking about this and not talking about that? Who cares if the killer who was not the killer was on antidepressants? Sometimes I have to wonder what some people are thinking, or even if they are.
By now there can be no question that the attack was carried out by an organized team of demonically possessed monsters. Obviously the guns identified as the guns used could not have caused such carnage. Obviously the observations given in the first link show how absurd the official line is but that was also the case during the Israeli-dual national orchestrated attacks on 9/11. To this day the official public response is, “I don’t want to hear about it.” They move through life with emojis dancing over their heads, texting in traffic, visiting Tinder and eating foods designed to make them suffer through the latter part of their life before it painfully and ignominiously puts them to death; as if they were ever alive in the first place. As hard as it is to say and as difficult as it is to accept it, they deserve what they get.
Bigger questions are; when is Trump going to give any indication that he knows the tale being told about what happened is ridiculous? When are ranking law enforcement personnel going to publicly decry the fantastic claims that have been made about the fabricated actions of the dead patsy taking the fall? When is Breitbart and others, allegedly engaged in exposing the Tribe engineered domestic Communist insurgency going to even ask questions about the inconsistencies that are so wide of anything remotely approaching the truth that you could drive a LeTourneau’s L-2350 loader between the two most logical inconsistencies and close your eyes during the process while not hitting anything. What a load of stinking, reeking hyena shit!
Okay… let’s say that the Satanic, near completely Tribe owned media, is managing to control the flow of information to the extent that no one is able to offer a conflicting perspective, opinion or eye witness evidence. Sure, there was the Australian fellow with a few things to say and included his hearing machine gun(s) and the strange couple at the festival who were shouting that everyone is going to die and a few other tidbits; like the 4channel warning from anonymous John, who cautioned the readers to stay away from Vegas and Henderson, wherever Henderson is. Anyway… let’s say they have mostly managed to shut down any contrary information up to this point but there are all sorts of ways that like minded sorts can stage enough collective outrage where the media has to respond. Maybe it’s too early but it seems to me that the larger mass of the population gives the impression of being so moronically credulous as to stun the casual observer standing apart from them and not under the influence of whatever toxic gas they have been exposed to.
I wasn’t in Vegas but I can see from several of the videos taken during the chaos that gunfire was coming from several locations. Nothing has been said about this at all. I know, when you are involved in full time deception, sometimes it makes sense not to bring certain elements up; rather than taking the trouble to construct some unreasonable argument that couldn’t possibly do an end run around what can’t be explained away whatsoever, it’s best not to bring it up at all. I can see the logic in that but there have to have been dozens, hundreds of law enforcement and emergency personnel who could see the guns firing from different locations. How is it possible that there are not any number of people who are asking questions and won’t go away?
They can’t all be fucking cowards and as stupid as they appear because they would not have lived to adulthood if that is the case. No… we are being separated out according to awareness by some mysterious means and I am CERTAIN this is all part of setting the stage for a sudden awkening meant to be a serious life changing shock at the moment it occurs.
How is it possible that news of the inarguable presence of multiple shooters is not being mentioned by someone in government, local or national somewhere? This is what perplexes me. I’m talking about it. Other bloggers and writers and commentators that few people read or hear are talking about it. Surely there are conversations taking place in diners and gyms and workplaces all over but… I don’t know. How is it possible that all those people who work in the media are silent in the face of incontrovertible evidence? I am moving through a world of sleepwalkers. Of course I have known this for awhile but the level it has come to now is so very hard to believe. I am looking right at it and can’t believe it but there it is. There it is.
Yeah… some part of it is cowardice, not wanting to call attention to yourself. Some part of it is indifference, not really giving a shit; “Hey, I wasn’t there.” Some part of it is bone deep stupidity and the ability to believe ANYTHING you are told because, “they’re on TV. They wouldn’t lie to me!” How come Tucker Carlson hasn’t said anything? Where’s Cynthia McKinney? Where’s Jessie Ventura? Where’s Ron Paul? Where is anyone in any position of influence who can see without any difficulty whatsoever that this is a freight train load of bullshit?
They managed to arrange it in conjunction with the release of O.J. Simpson from prison so that all the media would be in Nevada but no one is saying anything contrary that I can see. How can Trump be unaware that something is wrong and not say something about it? Why is he not saying, “something is very wrong with the details of this affair. I don’t know, as yet, what the truth is but something is off about the whole story and I am launching an independent inquiry into the matter right now.” Nothing… Nothing…
How can ‘they’ exercise such vast and encompassing control in the manner that it seems? I am completely immune to it and have been for some time. I am certainly not alone. I have come to believe that there is a force that is practically everywhere and which is in the human mind and either it has command of the mind or it does not. No one has any power here or anywhere that is not conferred upon them by the ineffable, one way or the other. It’s all done for the purpose of demonstration. None of them, the rich and powerful, the poor and powerless, the physicially beautiful and the ones who hit every branch on the ugly tree on their way down, none of them are immune to the changes of fortune, aging and death. There are exceptions but such things are not advertised except for the purpose of demonstration.
I am so grateful that I know there is one power that rules all things. Sometimes, in times of greater light, the impression of that authority is more benign. In times of material darkness that impression can change as Fear and Desire war for preeminence in the hearts and minds of the populace.
I came indoors to screen the first game of the ALDS series for Major League Baseball as I worked on this post. I caught the opening act where they paraded law enforcement and military personnel. I heard the announcer ask for that inevitable moment of silence for the government Deep State’s latest attack on the citzenry, though it wasn’t called that. Then some multi-platinum recording artist that I never heard of was introduced and he sang the anthem as a tame eagle soared above the witless heads of those comatose parishioners in the First, Second or Third Church of our Slut Walking Lady of Material Torpor. Thousands of thumbs hammered on cellphones or held them up to record an event they are present at but somehow apart from. They need to record it for some reason and I am left wondering why anyone would want to archive memories of a life with no real or lasting meaning.
The eagle soared by again and then the game began and I was left thinking how a buzzard would have been a far more appropriate symbol of the country and these times.
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A final note; some very unusual events are taking place at sporting events of late. Something is up with the players and the referees. Something is going on with those attending. I can’t say for sure what I think I am seeing but I can say it is going to become apparent shortly. There is something in the atmosphere that I have not seen or felt before, something large and… for the moment, indeterminate is on the wing.



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