Las Vegas; the False Flag Waving and the Gonfalon of the Everlasting

Visible Origami — Oct 3, 2017

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Good day my friends. We will suspend the usual interests in the ineffable in the usual manner today; not forgetting the mention because it will come but… information is rapidly coming in as proof that yesterday’s attack in Las Vegas was a false flag. Here is some information and speculation. Of course there is the twisted evil of those who celebrate what happened because they imagine it happened to people on the opposite side of their ideology. That she is a full blown member of The Tribe should come as no surprise. In passing let us note this telling tidbit from Breitbart and the source of the commentary as well. It is obvious at this close point to the event that it was an orchestrated false flag. It gets more and more amazing as I watch Mr Apocalypse dance, this information in this article is riveting. Speculation follows speculation but it is fairly obvious if you know anything about physics and guns that a lot of the speculation seems more accurate than what we are being awkwardly fed. Follow that last link with this one and it becomes more and more clear.
My apologies for so much information from so many locations but one must set the stage, just as they did.
Now they are trying to cover their tracks. It won’t happen. Here is the latest from that Tribe Sleaze Fest at TMZ. The head guy at this sewer pipe production formerly operated as the shit fly reporter from the “Meet the Feebles” movie, who spent most of his time buzzing an unflushed toilet. This stars Muppets like you have never seen them before. I was telling a friend about how outrageous this film was and I guess he wasn’t paying attention cause he went home and put it on and started watching it with his 12 year old daughters. Yes, you are correct. I burst out laughing. After a decent pause he laughed too. “Well, you could have warned me.” “I did warn you, you just weren’t paying attention when I was describing the contents.”
There is a distinct pause that has extended from shortly after the event until now. The Crass Media is attempting to cobble together something credible and it just isn’t credible. It is incredible. There is no way that they spin this tale past a very large body of the public who may have been on the fence about events over recent decades. They won’t be any longer. This is the moment when they stepped in it. All you have to do is follow the tracks of their feet.
Trump is now faced with one of those presidential moments that will most surely define him. Until now he has been a ping pong ball, his features are a blur as he moves from one concern to the other; talk about living in interesting times! Suddenly I feel the need to suspend this commentary for a bit. I don’t know why that is and you won’t even know it happened (grin) until you read it here and it will seem as if it is all a part of the same flow but it won’t be… sort of like that pause that is going on now with the tale weavers being undone in the tangles of their own lies.
Well… I’m back and I wasn’t gone long. Fact is that I can’t think of anything else to do. A guy is laying tile in one of the rooms in the house and using some kind of disc grinder/sander. It sounds like that scene from Marathon Man when the mad German Nazi doctor is drilling into Dustin Hoffman’s good teeth and asking, “Is it safe? Is it safe?” I tried doing the same thing but no one could hear me. That suddenly reminded me of the Cheech and Chong skitch where one of them is a torturer and one of them is an elderly man. The torturer is saying, “Sign ze papers old man. Sign ze papers.” He replies, “I cannot sign ze paper.” This goes on back and forth for awhile and finally one last time. “Old man sign ze papers!” He responds, “I cannot sign ze papers.” “Why not is?” the answer and the old man says, “because you have cut off my hands.” Yikes!
Does it sound like I am doing everything but getting to the point, as if there were one? How perceptive of you. I honestly don’t know what to say. It’s clear to me just the day after the Las Vegas attack that ‘they’ did it. That’s a new record by a big margin. They’ve been clumsy before but relentless lies and total control of the media won out; that and the mindless comfort seeking impulse of the comatose public but now… no way they spin this, no way.
Who is ‘they’? They is a cabal of malefactors joined together in the pursuit of self interest. The thing about self interest is that eventually it turns into every man and demon for himself and that will be coming along. Who they are is long term Deep State operatives, Zionist hegemonists, committed Satanists and various Materialists who are along for the ride in a relentless snatch and grab and of course, the military industrialists and ranking uniformed members who are actually part of the Deep State in any case but I wanted to mention them. They have an army of supporters who by default are in common interest bound; meaning, the social justice warriors and other Antifa monsters, programmed and programming, the sexual predators and culture morphers, members of the Academe, celebrities from all sorts of venues, the media and the various puppets that operate in the political theaters and every other enterprise that people rely on for one thing or another.
The manipulators are few in number but their influence becomes considerable when you add in all of these others, who assist in the proliferation of their ideology for personal profit. One of the most critical features of the war on humanity is the numbers of those who consciously and unconsciously support the awful progression of events taking place. Like canon fodder, they don’t draft the game plans or give the orders. They just follow them. This does not make them any less dangerous and it is so much more likely that you will run across one of them rather than the ones who have brain washed or employed them. You pass them in the street all the time. They’re sitting in the pubs, should you frequent such places and shopping in the super markets and malls. They’re wearing Bermuda shorts and Levi’s. Sometimes they wear uniforms; everything from a waitress to a police officer and sometimes you find a human being. God knows, I am always looking. I find them more often than I used to, since I am more human than I used to be. They are as big a problem as the psychopaths that manipulate them through Fear and Desire. Losing that base of influence is, would be …and will be a death blow for them. I don’t know if this is the straw that broke the camels back but it sure looks like it could be.
This is either an act of outrageous overconfidence, or Mr. Apocalypse having herded them stage center for that wonderful denouement. I don’t know much. I don’t know if I ever will. Perhaps the more you know the less you understand. Hopefully, if that works in reverse, I’m better off than I imagine sometimes. I thank the ineffable every day that I am not one of those who recklessly and with a sense of arrogant impunity, ride roughshod over all and sundry (something might be wrong with that sentence. Just let it go, visible, let it go.). I have so much to be thankful for ‘what isn’t’, as much as for ‘what is’.
For the last couple of weeks I have been watching people at work in their professions; in sports, in ancillary associations, in the arts and pretty much whatever is similar that has appeared before my eyes and found myself thinking, “thank you Lord that I am not doing that.” It’s odd… because there were times in my life, earlier times, when I was seriously ambitious in the effort to get somewhere in my fields of enterprise. The amount of opposition I ran into and serious energy (followed by defeat) that went into each of these efforts was something, I assure you. I could not understand why I was being denied over and over and over. Now I am as grateful as can be with the result. I simply did not understand what was involved and what the cost would have been. God is as merciful, as he is great, as he is wise, as he is all things in their supreme presence and power. Oh… words fail and they will always fail. They fail everyone and they fail me and I am grateful for that too.
How much better is it to be honored in the eyes of the ineffable than in the transitory affections of a fickle world? The ineffable tells me that in good time all efforts are recognized for what they were and failing that they are recognized in the secret chambers where no good or inspired deed goes overlooked. In a whimsical world one has no hope of sustained and never ending appreciation and what does it mean then when it turns on you, as is so often the case, or you forfeit all you ever really loved in the pursuit of it and found you didn’t even enjoy it and it was taken from you anyway?
Ah… the follies I entertained on my way. How grateful I am for being spared those accomplishments. It’s a big world that grows infinitely smaller by comparison with what lies beyond and yet it is a vast area for those of us made smaller by comparison with it and all our greatness is a mere fantasy of the imagination, never seeing what really small fish we are, who were only impressive in the narrow parameters of our own mind. The intoxication of the self is a heady brew indeed. I am content to wait and rely on the ineffable who sees all, hears all and knows all and who loves me and calls me friend.
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