What Happens in Vegas will not Stay in Vegas

Reflections in a Petri Dish — Oct 2, 2017

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Last night while trying to fall asleep, I went into a trance state and was under attack. It was brutal and I did not know that I was asleep and kept trying to get up but could not. Then I did… finally. For some reason, as terrifying as these experiences can be, I wasn’t affected much. Thank god for that. I went into the living room and sat for awhile, then I laid down on the couch and slept for a few hours, got up again, it was still dark, went back into the bedroom and everything was fine. Woke up this morning and everything wasn’t fine; at least it wasn’t fine in Las Vegas. What a thing to happen…
As I have been saying, though this has probably occurred to all of you, people are going to start going insane, individually… collectively and, let us not forget they will also go insane because they are being programmed to. Whether this was the case with our most recent madman I do not know. I can say what I think someone once said, “the world is too much with us.” It was probably Wordsworth. He’s usually the guy who says the things I can’t remember were said by someone.
Whether they are now taking totally unpredictable people and setting them into motion or… if the system itself, which is contrary to human welfare, is setting it off, or… if as is more likely, the ineffable has let it take place for reasons of his own because everyone, the good the bad, the ignorant and brilliant, the powerful and the powerless, the those and the these and the all of them, are players in a moving tapestry of events on the one hand and experiences on the other. We all have a similarity of events that differ in intensity by degrees. The complexity ensures because we all have different experiences of them. Some are crushed by events that others shrug off and even forget about. Some never recover. If you endure you survive and maybe that explains why sometimes people you wouldn’t imagine possess the skills to make it in this world, get by simply because they keep going.
I didn’t think anything about what happened today. I wasn’t surprised. I wasn’t sad. I had no reaction at all. It’s not far from here and that’s why I wrote what I did in the first paragraph because it made me wonder if something dark wasn’t coming down or up and I caught a portion of it as it went by. I spent the time fighting it off; literally fighting it off, until I was able to wake up and leave the room. Maybe this fellow wasn’t able to fight it off but no… he’d been planning it. It seems that way, given all the guns he had to carry up to his room. His father was a bank robber who the authorities called a psychopath. Let’s keep in mind that a great many of our overseers are also psychopaths and that crimes are less likely to be actionable where the criminals are also those making and enforcing the laws.
I am not at all unsympathetic about what happened in Vegas. It’s just that at the moment I saw what had happened, I was instantly affirmed in my awareness that this was very much to be expected and that what happens in Vegas is not going to stay in Vegas. On the face of it, with what little we know at the moment, it is very, very odd; as odd as some of our recent events have been, this one is even odder. The person who did this is like the poster guy for people who don’t do this. I don’t know if that is a red flag or it just looks like one. The world is full of coincidence and anomaly, which (metaphorically scratching my head) seems to conflict with the meaning of anomaly. That’s how it is though isn’t it? We are awash in anomalies. The unpredictable is becoming the commonplace. In case it’s not readily apparent I should say, that’s not a good thing. It’s kind of like someone wishing you live in interesting times. You do. No one has to wish that on you now.
It’s tragic I suppose, that I wasn’t shocked. It didn’t even startle me afterwards when it occurred to me that I wasn’t shocked. I recognize that not much shocks me anyway because I’m one of those people who got shocked so often that I guess I’m kind of shell shocked …but it happened so often that the shell has been shaken into fragments, so the only real injury is to a shell that is no longer there. I think it’s a little like Schrodinger’s Cat or one of those cosmic conundrum like black holes and all the other inexplicables where constantly repeated theory and speculation become fact and which is a process used by the one’s who deceive us and which results, eventually in everything we have been taught to believe being bullshit. That…
is the nature of the world when the world has been turned to unnatural things. In order to convince us to participate in these unnatural things it becomes imperative to convince us that what we are doing is natural when it is not and this is not exceptionally difficult when you control the education system and all the other systems that systematize us according to their template of perdition. You can put a square peg into a round hole if you force it hard enough. In the end the peg may likely no longer be a true square and the hole no longer precisely round. What is it that the Israelis say? “If it doesn’t work, use force and if that doesn’t work, use more force.” Of course the other option is that if you can’t slither in, use more slither. It seems to me that both of these are employed full time. It seems equally as clear to me that all too few people are aware of this. What is more tragic still is the amount of people who are entertained and engrossed with its by-products. They never see the ‘it’ itself. They only see the by-products. Maybe that is why. For some reason it reminds me of the tale about Perseus killing the Medusa with a mirror. We don’t see how ugly the monster is because it is holding a mirror out of which pours an endless stream of ever so attractive magnetized dust creations… you can’t eat just one but everyone of them can eat you. Of course, on reflection (pun intended) there’s no real connection to Perseus and the Medusa there, except that in both cases the monster is very ugly. In the one case however, being turned to stone would be preferable.
Las Vegas is an interesting place for this to have happened in. If you combine that with the inexplicable reality of the one who is supposed to have done it… well… it’s a conspiracy theorist wet dream. which leads one… one who retains an objective and intuitive capacity, to speculate. Rumors and speculations will abound. There’s an army of rumormongers and speculators out there. It’s as if someone dumped a truckload of honey in front of a community of hungry bears. There will be a feeding frenzy and if those were sharks I used in the illustration (instead of bears) there would be an army of professionals chumming the waters.
It’s going to be beyond strange. Sooner or later you know that ‘they’ are going to step in it, in front of the whole world. I don’t know, as I have said, whether ‘they’ have anything to do with it or not. What I do know is that sooner or later, Mr. Apocalypse is going to raise his staff in the air and bring it down hard upon the Earth and then… well,
we’ll see won’t we?
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