US Presidents Bushes had ‘call boys,’ gay male prostitutes at White House.

UK Prime Minister Ted Heath pedophile-raped at least one boy among 42 similar criminal complaints

Carl Herman — Washington’s Blog Oct 1, 2017

The UK’s second-leading selling newspaper claims an official report to be released this week will confirm former Prime Minister Ted Heath was a pedophile-rapist suspect of at least one boy, with six other confirmed credible criminal complaints among a total of 42 criminal complaints from families. This said the report will likely go “down the public memory hole” similar to the UK Chilcot report that all 27 Foreign Affairs Department (similar to US Department of State) lawyers warned Prime Minister Blair that armed attack on Iraq would be a lie-started illegal War of Aggression. The cause of public confusion is ongoing corporate media propaganda to “cover” these crimes from public recognition to prevent .01% arrests for ongoing neocolonial rogue state empires.

US Presidents Bushes at White House with call boys, gay male prostitutes

As I reported in 2015, another topic almost all Americans have forgotten: 3-minute video from Invisible Empire with President Bush, Jr. kissing, fondling and embracing gay male prostitute, Jeff Gannon, who “acted” as a journalist lying for ongoing and expanding US illegal Wars of Aggression:

2-minute video: connecting both presidents Bush to Jeff Gannon:

10-minute 2005 Countdown segment on Jeff Gannon acting as a reporter to toss only softball questions:

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