Religion is a Carnival Mask set Upon the Ever Changing Features of Mystery

Smoking Mirrors — Sept 28, 2017

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The fashion industry is a world unto itself while permeating the world entire, basically saturating it. It’s run by men who hate women and men who like children for recreational sex and as a part of one of the essential tenets of Satanism, which is the despoliation of innocence. That is a really big feature of Satanic practice. Pizzagate is one of the biggest revelations to come around. In reading the article one is filled with a sense of wonderment as to why the Clintons bought so many pizzas from Comet Ping Pong; or maybe not.
I often wondered why Mick Jagger and so many rock gods were always present at the fashion shows. Here we have one of the latest taking place inside a Catholic Church in London. Could it possibly be more blatant? Except for the recorded performance of a full blown orgy, I suspect not.
If you travel to any of the big time celebrity websites you see very little of real musicians. You see exclusively rap performers, though the larger majority of us are not listening to it. It is what I call weaponized culture, where what is not music, not art and not literature and all the rest of similar perversities are celebrated and mainstreamed. One of the most effective tools of brainwashing and negative mind programming, is constant repetition; constant presentation before the senses, both obviously and subliminally. It comes in orchestrated waves of influence. All of what had previously been censured is now being remarkably rehabilitated before our eyes. It is not only being rehabilitated but celebrated as well and where normal behavior is a threat to any of it, normal behavior is now censured.
What we need to understand is that this is a war …but it is not a war where the important feature is that the war is won. The important feature is the souls that are lost, or won, depending on how you measure such things, or from which side of the war you are on. You’re on one side or the other, if only by default, due to that ancient axiom of jurisprudence; ignorantia legis neminem excusat. I thought putting it in the original Latin would give it a more archaic or timeworn provenance (grin). What it means is that just because you don’t know what is going on doesn’t mean that your not knowing what is going on excuses you from an appointed position in the mix.
Once again, it is not about winning this war. This war goes on and on, for so long as there are souls in trial in the material realm. It is no accident that we are composed of warring elements. Therefore it should come as no surprise that this world is a theater of perpetual conflict. The mind is the seat of reason, should reason be present and the heart is the seat of passion. The finest expression of passion is Love. The mind has several tools and one of its best is logic, where reason is seated in true judgment. I say this because it is possible to reason anything if one’s judgment is corrupt and logic can be employed to any end that a perverted judgment and reason chooses to employ it. One need look no further than lawyers in this regard. We’ve heard the phrase, “first we kill all the lawyers”. Actually, the full phrase is, “the first thing we do let’s kill all the lawyers.” We have also heard, “Man will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest.” These are all fruits of the observations of poisoned reason and logic in action, when they are applied to the affairs of social order and most especially the religious needs and aspirations of the people. I say ‘needs’ because deep in the heart of all is a yearning for our eternal home. However our needs are not for religious panoply. Our needs are for spiritual truth and succor. This, religion does not supply. Religion is the carnival mask put on the ever shifting features of mystery constructed for the commerce of those self appointed to the task of deciphering it.
The one vested with the power of revelation is not a religious charlatan. This I do not say to imply that everyone who works for a religious organization is a charlatan. The majority are simply uninformed. One can pour over volumes of purported teachings and philosophies and become very knowledgeable but it won’t do a lick of good, beyond informing one that knowledge is critically limited when it comes to the ineffable. Not a word has ever been written to accurately define the supreme being, except where it has been said that it is unknown and beyond the comprehension of mortals. To my understanding, Lao Tzu said it best when it relates to the mind’s capacity and the nature of the world. Jesus Christ said it best when it came to the heart’s capacity and best direction.
When a culture is in decline it always shows the same trends, whether it be the fading glory of Rome or modern day America. Eventually the society is owned and controlled by the worst of us and bread and circuses becomes the necessary distractions to keep the population in line. Of all the examples I can give, certainly the Lingerie Football League qualifies as one.
I have no real qualifications in respect of what I do. I’m well read. That much is true, but I never even finished the 11th grade and I’ve certainly never been a respected member of society but I do love the ineffable and I have found that that is enough. So I will tell you as clearly and simply as I know how to do. No… let Lao Tzu say it. He is far more accomplished than I;
“Leave off fine learning! End the nuisance
Of saying yes to this and perhaps to that,
Distinctions with how little difference!
Categorical this, categorical that,
What slightest use are they!
If one man leads, another must follow,
How silly that is and how false!
Yet conventional men lead an easy life
With all their days feast days,
A constant spring visit to the Tall Tower,
While I am a simpleton, a do-nothing,
Not big enough yet to raise a hand,
Not grown enough to smile,
A homeless, worthless waif.
Men of the world have a surplus of goods,
While I am left out, owning nothing.
What a booby I must be
Not to know my way round,
What a fool!
The average man is so crisp and so confident
That I ought to be miserable
Going on and on like the sea,
Drifting nowhere.
All these people are making their mark in the world,
While I, pig-headed, awkward,
Different from the rest,
Am only a glorious infant still nursing at the breast.”
Mind the elegant beauty of it. Consider the inarguable truth of it. There is nothing more for one to learn than that which was put forth by the master all these centuries ago, “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbor as thyself.” If you can accomplish this and stand guard at the gateway of your mind, you will have no concerns for the moment you are in, nor the future that appears to lie ahead but which you will see nothing of except in the moment you are in.
It is a wonder to me; the compassion of the almighty. The divine sees with a vision, vaster than I will ever comprehend and knows with a certitude so far beyond my own that I cannot imagine it. Knowing that what lies beyond my knowing is real. Knowing that it is, though I will never understand or grasp it, is all that I will ever need. Though it lies forever upon the further horizon, I will strive after it, simply because there is nothing else to strive for. Once one has felt, however briefly, the majesty of the everlasting ineffable, there is nothing that can satisfy the hunger of an awakened heart. One can never return to the follies of the past.
God is real and… given that, what else remains except to draw as close as one can manage, or be permitted to come? We are promised salvation. That promise remains throughout the ages, regardless of our circumstances at any time. We have only to set our feet upon the way back and we will be guided every step of the way.
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