Don’t Feel Sorry For American Blacks — Sept 27, 2017

To destroy Western society, the Illuminati (Communist) strategy is to identify fissures and then to widen them. This is what “victimhood” and championing “minorities” is all about. But as Lanny Goodman points out, American blacks are among the most privileged and organized minorities in America and don’t require special consideration.

by Lanny Goodman — (

US Black sports starsThere is no greater and more unified power, aside from American Jews, than organized American blacks.
African-Americans are not only one of the wealthiest blocs in America, but they are also one of the most powerful as they populate the majority of the federal and state law enforcement agencies, the judiciary, the legislative branches, as well as the executive branch.
They dominate certain segments of the ultra secret society the Freemasons and even have their own exclusively racist Masonic Lodges bestowed with money, power and authority from the United Grand Lodge of England, itself.
They are armed to the teeth with various “special protected class” status and federal/state/local laws and regulations, so even sneering at one of them on the street could theoretically land you in prison for a “hate crime.”
African-Americans dominate the highest grossing industries in the world and enjoy celebrity status in Hollywood, organized sports, entertainment, nightlife, mainstream media, and other lucrative areas of American business.
All of the criticisms being foisted upon American Jews could equally apply to the American Blacks, but they are even more united and more dangerous because they are so singularly focused on impressing upon everyone who will listen, of their supposed “victim status,” when they have literally populated the Americas since the 1500s, and they have nearly 100 times more organizations devoted to supporting their own race than even the American Jewish lobby.
600 years later, they are still complaining, while newer immigrant classes, such as the Chinese, Japanese, Indians, and Vietnamese continue to shoot past them in achievement in science, technology, business, industry, and other areas.


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