Adrian Arcand – “Canadian Fuhrer” Found Widespread Support — Sept 24, 2017

Adrien Arcand was a “Nazi” leader in Canada during the 1930’s, a time when the West tried to shake off the Cabalist Jewish (Communist) thrall. He was supported discreetly by Prime Minister R.B. Bennett and the governing Conservative Party.


arcandAdrien Arcand (October 3, 1899 – August 1, 1967) was a Montreal journalist who led a series of “fascist” political movements between 1929 and his death in 1967. During his political career he proclaimed himself the “Canadian Führer.”
He was detained by the federal government for the duration of the Second World War under the Defence of Canada Regulations.[1]
Arcand published and edited several allegedly anti-Semitic newspapers during this period, most notably Le Goglu, Le Miroir, Le Chameau, Le Patriote, Le Fasciste Canadien and Le Combat National. It is alleged [2] that he received covert funds from the Conservative Party, to operate his newspapers and campaign for Bennett in the 1930 Dominion general election.[3] Relations became increasingly strained afterwards as R. B. Bennett had little use for Arcand following the election. Despite desperate pleas from Arcand and his comrades to get more money to make up for their expenses, the subsidy they were receiving from the Tories was both sporadic and insufficient.[4]
In 1935 the desperate Bennett ministry again turned to Arcand, who was appointed at the urging of Senator Rainville to the post of Tory publicity director in Quebec. However, many of Arcand’s friends were more sympathetic to the Reconstruction Party, so Le Patriote supported H. H. Stevens while its editor was campaigning for Bennett.[5]
Postcard used by Arcand movement

Postcard used by Arcand movement

In 1934, Arcand established the Parti National Social Chrétien (Christian National Social Party), which advocated anti-communism and the deportation of Canadian Jews to Hudson Bay. The latter idea was inspired by his friend, noted British Rhodesian fascist Henry Hamilton Beamish, who suggested sending the Jews to Madagascar. Bennett secretly hired Arcand as his chief electoral organizer in Quebec for the 1935 federal election.
In 1938, Arcand was chosen leader of the fascist National Unity Party of Canada, born of the fusion of his Parti National Social Chrétien with the Prairie provinces’ Canadian Nationalist Party and Ontario’s Nationalist Party, which had grown out of the Toronto Swastika Clubs of the early 1930s.



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