Why I Call God, The Ineffable … and other Considerations

Visible Origami — Sept 21, 2017

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Hurricane Maria has now knocked out all of the power in Puerto Rico. They say it is not coming to America. Of course, there are things coming to America. Possibly the gravest danger America faces is already in America. Let’s change ‘possibly’ to ‘very likely’. Of course. These are the times that have always been spoken about. September 23rd is coming on Saturday. I don’t know if that means anything. The general trend of Fundie prophets has been in the direction of nothing whatsoever so… yes, they are batting about as well as the New Age prophets. The Harmonica Virgins are still virgins. Y2K has resulted only in LBGTQiA. They keep adding initials. I expect P to be added soon, as well as N for Necros. B of course will be added too for the real pet lovers. 2012 was a big bust. I’m probably leaving some out. I’m not up on everything but… everything isn’t up on me either and that brings me to today’s essay which would be an extrapolation of sorts of the last posting, if we bypass the prediction aspect of the word. I’m not going to be predicting, just stating.
Why do I use the word, ‘ineffable’? Hmmm. I believe I have very sound reasons and I think once you hear what they are, you are going to agree with me. The wisest minds that have ever been, all believe in a supreme being. I do not include the merely intelligent among the wise. You can be very smart and still a complete fool, which is how I view them; how I view those who insist there is no supreme being. The problem with most very smart people is that they use the history and behavior of organized religions as proof that there is no supreme being. What has organized religion got to do with God? Organized religion seeks to define God. That is impossible. God is incomprehensible and indefinable. Here is the definition of ineffable; “indescribable, inexpressible, beyond words, beyond description, begging description;” Does it not seem that I am using the most accurate of terms to reference God? It does to me.
I do not use the term ‘father’ because the ineffable is also mother and child lover and friend. I do not use ‘indwelling’ because the ineffable is what everything is composed of as well as being within everything and everyone, after one fashion or another as well as being uniquely apart and dwelling in a cloud of unknowing. Now… I don’t actually know any of this but I use reason and logic… as well as experience to come to the ever refining conclusions that I have come to. I do use the term indwelling, it is not meant in an absolute manner, even if that is the end result, given that when the truth takes off its clothes the world disappears.
I sincerely mean no harm to anyone who believes other that do I, nor do I believe I am wiser or more well informed than anyone else, because I have had it proven to me that I am not. For whatever the reason is, I come into conflict with others where it is never my intention to. I have discovered that some people get very angry with me and sometimes hate me because I cannot be coerced into being what they want me to be, nor has anyone, so far, been able to force me into agreeing with them. It doesn’t take force to get me to agree with them. One can easily achieve this by being sane and reasonable. When I say ‘sane’, I mean really sane, not what passes for sane these days.
I’ve been giving serious thought to how I handle things. On the one hand I want everyone who comes here to be aware of what goes on because of the state of resonance that takes place here; for whatever the reason that may be. At the same time when I share these things it can upset people and… in one case I didn’t have to, because what got said was brought to my attention by a reader, since I don’t go to Facebook very often at all, just to post and possibly check in, which likely will happen if someone contacts me. So… try as I might I can’t avoid conflict, especially since there are a great deal more atheists these days than there ever was. Of course, there are a great many more people than there ever was before but… it is the nature of Materialism to sweep up the attention and devotion of as many as possible whose attention and devotion is upon Materialism and deposit them in the coffers of Mammon. Human souls are, after all, a form of currency, ergo- coffers. Mammon is one of Satan’s lieutenants.
Atheists, be they conscious and committed atheists, or simply atheists by default, are still atheists.
Here’s a tricky conundrum. What defines an atheist? You would think that it would simply be one who does not believe in God but… Buddhists and Hindus are also considered atheists by Christians and Muslims. The later call them infidels, which is probably a kind of atheist, except in some cases and locations, infidels would be an endangered species, whereas atheists are corporation heads. It’s important to remember that many religious types, lip service and face time individuals, are also atheists. They don’t really believe in the ineffable, it’s just good politics in many places.
This is why at the conclusion of all of my radio broadcasts I honor as many spiritual founders of enduring traditions as I can remember because I don’t consider them atheists. I also do not seek to define God, which is why I call God, the ineffable. Calling him the indefinable, or the unknowable doesn’t have the same ring to it.
Here’s a thing about transforming times and certainly the times we are in qualify as transforming. They are uncertain times. They can be dangerous times, especially if you are not paying attention and most especially if you do not have an informed guide. You can’t be an atheist and have an informed guide. If you are an atheist then the course you are on is irrevocably set to lead you to an awareness of the ineffable. It may come at the end of a wasted life, or at the beginning of a new one. It may come some further distance down the line but… come it will.
I don’t want to be in conflict with anyone and I don’t want to be on the outs with anyone but if I let people bully me into doing things I don’t want to do or coerce me into accepting points of view that I don’t share, I’ll be a poor imitation of them. It’s not going to happen and if that results in conflict well, so be it. I don’t live by anyone else’s standards. I am engaged in developing my standards according to the manner and means by which the ineffable dictates that I shall.
It would be nice if we could move through life without conflict but those accomplishing it are probably not involved in it. Jesus Christ had conflicts and I’m not Jesus Christ, not even close, though the ineffable could turn me into a nine year old Hindu boy (apologies to Tom Waits), if he wanted to, on the spot. We can’t control the appearance of conflicts but we can control whether our behavior pleases the ineffable or not. This is a world of conflict and we will not resolve them until we resolve our own internal conflicts and only the ineffable can do that, which leads me back to something or other about atheists but I forget what it was now.
It seems to me, from what I have been able to observe in my life that I am going to run into conflicts with people so, let me apologize ahead of time for that. I’m going to run into conflicts about more subjects than I can list. I’ll do my best to be agreeable and when I’m wrong as it may become apparent to me I will admit it. On some matters this will prove impossible because the truth of it may not be apparent. In some cases there is more than one truth, certainly in a relative sense.
Certain world changing events are going to take place in the near future. They will affect all of us. They will certainly affect the world we live in. For those of us in whose lives the ineffable has gained a foothold, there is a chance we will not tremble. We should only tremble before and because of the ineffable and that is the goal. At least it is my goal.
I’ll be as honest as I can be and maybe it will help someone who reads these words. I am not a very good devotee. I wish I was. I wish with all my heart that I was better at serving the ineffable than I am. Sometimes it seems that I do more harm than good, then again, I don’t think much of myself anyway. That is actually a good thing, given the alternatives which I have seen examples of more often than I wish. As it so happens, when we go through life we make errors in judgment and the past can dog us. We need to remember that the ineffable is not just a bigger expression of us. The ineffable is infinitely more forgiving and we need to accept that and we need to accept that the ineffable is just that; ineffable, incomprehensible, unknowable but we can know the ineffable to the extent that it is possible. We can know the ineffable through Love. The more we express love, the more love we possess and the more love we express, the more refined our love becomes and the more refined our love… the closer we come to the ineffable.
As I said, I’m not a very good devotee but I am determined. I do not give up and that has to count for something. In fact, I know it counts for something. If you do not give up, you cannot fail, eventually the ineffable will have mercy on you and you will find that all those qualities that you lacked have miraculously been conferred upon you. Our shortcomings are there for a reason and the purpose of demonstration does not mean only for others. It means for us as well. If I can get where I am with all the flaws I have then all of you have a really good shot at doing a whole lot better. It takes less than you think if you never stop doing it.
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