Unshakable Assurance; one of The Greatest Gifts Anyone Can Possess

Smoking Mirrors — Sept 18, 2017

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
I had told myself I would not return to the dis-United States. My first efforts at avoiding that were a disaster resulting in a broken hip and a loss of most of my revenue, stashed at odd moments in anticipation of what I had been told was coming and then I was shown you can’t rely on any plans you may have made yourself; as has been the case through my life… and from what I understand, the lives of many of you as well.
Then I thought, perhaps Hawaii, which lured at me like a siren’s song backed by a Brazilian jazz trio; the promise of old friendships and creative collaborations That ended badly as well and… for some reason, thefts… this time stripped me of nearly everything I had left. Then the ineffable stepped in and said, “all of these conditions are now past and you will not suffer them again. A new chapter is begun.” So it came to pass and has continued to this point. What’s the message in all of this? The message is what I should have learned a long time ago and it was what I had been being told for several years already, “Rely on me.” IF a person who is told this… or IF there is a person who KNOWS this then… one’s concerns cease the moment this has been sincerely set in motion. If a person hears this and does not advantage themselves of it, then circumstances will be initiated to bring that person into a fuller awareness of the inevitability of it taking place and… those circumstances can be onerous, depending on how hard headed one is… or whatever the reasons may be. I speak from direct experience in this regard.
It is only later… unfortunately… when we realize that we were being guided and that we had strayed. Oh… it could have been with the best of intentions and it could have been free of any selfish intent but… it was not what would have happened if we had left it in the care of the one who is at the beginning and end of everything. I was once told… and not that long ago… “do not concern yourself with good and evil anymore. These are arbitrary at best and exist at the whim of those setting the general parameters for the public cooperation in the fulfilling of their agenda. The real nature and essence of good and evil are only known to the ineffable and for those who reside beneath the shelter of his protection they are of no concern.”
You are going to find at these blogs that they will be increasingly more and more about the divine and how he has chosen to inform the writer and what he has chosen to inform him of, within the limitations of what the writer is able to understand. When commentary about the world and its doings appear in these blogs, it will be only to illustrate them through the ever adjusting lens of perception, concerning what the ineffable has chosen to reveal to the writer. We can make no claim to being correct about anything. We just do the best we can and if you have come this far with us then you trust us to some degree. I recommend that you do not trust us or anyone, completely. If you are human, the capacity for error is always present. This is why the ancient wise have always admonished us to test the integrity of everything we choose to believe. Accept nothing without inquiry. You are a fool if you do.
I encourage the readers to seek for the ineffable within, with an intensity greater than their passion for, or curiosity about, anything else. Perhaps you are aware of the reason for this, perhaps not. We will seek to clear that up now; anything you seek… anything you wish for… anything you desire and so much that there is, which you are, as yet, unaware of, are in the possession of the ineffable AND none of them can be appreciated or enjoyed without the consent of the ineffable. Lacking that… it would be better that you had never acquired any of it at all. Depending on how badly you wanted it, that is how great the disappointment will be.
Not only are these statements true about the ineffable but it is important to note that the ineffable is intimately aware of you in a way greater than you are or may ever be. Because of this, the ineffable knows what is best for you, personally (as opposed to what the case may be for anyone else… and it is different in every case), so… why would anyone, so informed, take any other action except to place their life and destiny and fate in the hands of the ineffable, if it is true that the ineffable knows all (and he does) and has limitless power (and he does) and means well on our behalf (which he does) and can and will act in our interest to the degree that we place our interests in the competent hands of the ineffable? And… this is true. This is true.
One would have to be insane or deluded (and most of us are) to do anything other than to commit ourselves to the far greater wisdom and intelligence of the ineffable on our behalf. If one were motivated to read the statements made by Jesus Christ as an avatar, Lord Krishna as the Supreme Personality of God, of any mystic or poet from Lao Tzu to Rumi, or any philosopher from Soren Kierkegaard to Ralph Waldo Emerson and so many from the ancient times, they all, in one fashion or another, speak to the greatness of the ineffable and the wisdom of surrender to the ineffable.
Speaking only for myself, I will state unequivocally that among those just named are some number of men who were and perhaps always will be wiser than I. I have discovered the truth of this; the greatness of the ineffable and the wisdom of surrender to the ineffable. Imagine the more extreme clarity of these other minds in respect of the ineffable. Since I have found to be true what all of them proclaimed to be true… well, I also consider ‘these truths to be self evident’ depending on what your ‘self’ is so… there’s no hesitation on my part, not now. I wonder why there ever was? There are forces loose in this world and… in us, should they find access and they do find access. It is all a part of ‘innocence lost’. This, it seems, we could not evade but… innocence regained… regenerated innocence, then becomes the goal of one’s existence, unless it is not and sadly, far too often these days, it is not.
Did I discover something earthshaking and new? NO… I did not, except as regards myself. Otherwise, I have simply had what I already knew in the way that I knew it, made clear to me in a way it had not been previously. I have also had the affirmations of all those great minds brought to my attention in a unique and powerful way. How could I have been so stupid and confused? This is what I ask myself. How is it that I persisted in traveling on a course with no fixed destination, when the greatest architect of all had offered to chart my course? There are forces loose in the world around us and within us, when they have access and that accounts for all that we are when we are not ourselves. Herein is the problem with the world we live in and those who live in the world. They are not themselves, although the world is exactly what it is; the perpetuating mask that obscures the light of the ineffable and that is why we must seek it’s shining within. It is not in the world. It is not in some deep cavern, at the bottom of the sea, or anywhere else but within you and it is hidden within, as well as if it were hidden somewhere in the world and we did not know where it was.
The light within has a homing device that begins to operate the moment our attention is turned toward the discovery of it. There is a way that is certain and direct but… we are neither certain, nor direct, except in very special cases and so we are led… in part by the compassionate heart of the ineffable and in part via our own fumbling presumptions on where it may lie and what we have told ourselves it is composed of. In both cases we are destined to be proven wrong and the sooner we make ourselves aware of that or allow ourselves to be made aware of it, the sooner we find ourselves on the direct and certain way, while becoming one of those special cases.
Our minds are the playground of a monkey and our desires are the hungers of a dog. Neither the monkey nor the dog are capable of comprehending what needs to be understood. The dog is capable of absolute loyalty and it is here where the dog can prove fortunate by having the right master. The monkey, were it capable of becoming still, would no longer be a monkey.
I hope this departure from what you might usually expect at Smoking Mirrors has not proven to be a disappointment. I look forward with the keenest hope that the practice of the presence of the ineffable and the love of the ineffable will consume your heart and mind and grant you that unshakable assurance which is one of the most priceless possessions anyone can acquire.
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