The Bush Dynasty: The Unofficial History

The following article was written before George W. Bush actually became President. However, it is probably more pertinent now than when it was written, and it provides some interesting background on the current occupant of the Oval Office. Ed.

In the run up to the US presidential elections it is worth taking another look at the Bush family, because behind the carefully groomed public image there is another side. This other side is largely hidden from public scrutiny but not because it is boring or predictable, far from it; some of it would not have been out of place in a war film or the TV series Miami Vice, and some of it could even have been taken from the movie The Omen.

First though we need a little background and for that we need to go back somewhat, back to the Second World War in fact. Much has been made of George Bush senior and his role as a naval aviator in the Pacific theatre, particularly the fact that he was commander of a three man Avenger that was shot down. Bush himself has presented several different accounts of this. Thus, according to a campaign autobiography published in 1987:

“The flak was the heaviest I’d ever flown into. The Japanese were ready for us and waiting: their antiaircraft guns were set up to nail us as we pushed into our dives…Don Melvin led the way, scoring hits on a radio tower, I followed. . . Suddenly there was a jolt, as if a massive fist had crunched into the belly of the plane. Smoke poured into the cockpit, and I could see flames rippling across the crease of the wing, edging toward the fuel tanks. I stayed with the dive, homed in on the target, unloaded our four 500 pound bombs, and pulled away. . . Once over the water, I levelled off and told Delany and White (his crew subordinates) to bail out . . .”

Stirring stuff and much political capitol was made of it but in 1988 another voice was heard. Chester Mierzejewski was the rear-facing gunner in Don Melvin’s Grumman TBF Avenger when Bush was shot down. Being in the lead attack aircraft that Bush was following when he was hit gave Mierzejewski a clear view of the whole incident. In the run-up to the Republican national convention he grew increasingly concerned as Bush’s wartime exploits were used as a vote catcher.

“That guy is not telling the truth,” he told The New York Post. Mierzejewski, a recipient of the Distinguished Flying Cross, maintained that Bush’s plane “was never on fire” and that “no smoke came out of the cockpit when he opened his canopy to bail out…I was hoping to see some other parachutes. I never did. I saw the plane go down. I knew the guys were in it. It was a helpless feeling.”

Significantly Mierzejewski felt that by bailing out Bush might have cost the lives of William Little and John Delany, a good friend of his. It should be mentioned here that it was a standing order for naval aviators to try and ditch their planes in the sea and only to bail out if there was, as Bush claims, a fire on board. Gunner Lawrence Mueller, who was on the same mission, corroborates Mierzejewski’s account. Mueller had kept a logbook in which he made notes as the squadron was debriefed after each mission. On September 2, 1944, the day Bush was shot down he wrote: “White and Delany presumed to have gone down with plane . . .no parachutes sighted except Bush’s. . .” Mueller was also specific that no one had said anything about a fire on Bush’s plane: £I would have put it in my log book” he told New York Post reporters in 1988.

The next step in Bush’s ascent to power came shortly after Japan surrendered and he entered Yale University. It was here just prior to his final year that George was invited or ‘tapped’ to join the Order of the Skull and Bones. Each year, Skull and Bones members select (or “tap”) 15 other Yale students to replace them in the senior group the following year. Out of the 15 chosen in his year George Bush was the last to be notified, an honour usually reserved for those considered destined for greater things. For the Order of the Skull and Bones is no ordinary campus fraternity club; on one level it is a fraternity finishing school for East Coast establishment notables, a proving ground for the movers and shakers in the Illuminati dominated Anglo-American alliance. Graduate members are given a substantial cash bonus to help them get started in life and many have gone on to play key roles in politics and big business.

On another level the Order of the Skull and Bones has a distinctly sinister side to it. Meetings are held twice weekly throughout the university year at the Orders home on campus, a windowless mausoleum like building known as the “Tomb”. On September 29, 1876, a group of students concerned at the growing power and influence of the Order broke into the Tomb. What they found prompted more questions than answers; rooms were fitted in black velvet, even on the walls. Room 322 was furnished in red velvet, with a pentagram on one of the walls: “On the west wall,” the intruders noted in a campus publication, “hung amongst other pictures, an old engraving representing an open burial vault, in which, on a stone slab, rest four human skulls, a fools cap, a beggar’s scrip and a royal crown.” Written in German: “Who was the fool, who the wise man, beggar or king?” The picture was accompanied by a card, which read “From the German Chapter.” In fact some writers have linked the Order of the Skull and Bones with the Thule society, a German occult group of which Hitler is said to have been a member.

The first night is critically important for each new member, who is called an initiate. On joining the Order the initiate has to spend a Sunday night reviewing his sex life, in a talk known as “connubial bliss”. Survivors of Bush’s group were interviewed for a 1988 Washington Post campaign profile: “The first time you review your sex life . . .We went all the way round the 15,” said Lucius H. Biglow Jr.”That way you get everybody committed to a certain extent. . . It was a gradual way of building confidence.” According to several of those interviewed by the newspaper, these talks helped break down the normal defences:” In Skull and Bones we all stand together” said William J. Connelly. “15 brothers under the skin. It is the greatest allegiance in the world.”

It may go further than that though. Writing in Esquire magazine, September, 1976 Ron Rosenbaum maintained that, (initiates) “lay naked in coffins and tell their deepest and darkest sexual secrets as part of their initiation.” According to Rosenbaum the Order believes that on entering its ranks the initiate “dies to the world and is born again into the Order.”

Thereafter the initiate swears allegiance to the Order, an oath that is said to transcend any oath made later in life. Thus, according to author Bill Cooper: “Members of the Order take an oath that absolves them from any allegiance to any nation or king or government or constitution, and that includes the negating of any subsequent oath which they may be required to take. They swear allegiance to the Order and its goal of a New World Order.” (Cooper, Behold a Pale Horse) Membership of the Order of Skull and Bones has become something of a Bush family tradition; George’s father, Prescott Bush, was a member and is renowned within the Order for raiding the grave of Native American Apache leader, Geronimo. The skull was taken back to the appropriately named ‘Tomb’ where it was used in various rituals and ceremonies. In fact, a 1989 article in The New Yorker recounted that “one Bonesman. . .recalled during the early 70’s seeing perhaps 30 skulls, not all of them human, scattered about the Tomb”.

In essence the Order bears all the hallmarks of a black occult order dedicated to the acquisition and furtherance of worldly power. This should come as no surprise though; after all it was George Bush who announced the ‘New World Order’ against a backdrop of burning oil wells and set into motion a series of events that, at the last count, led to the deaths of nearly a million Iraqi children.

After Yale George Bush continued his ascent until, in 1970, he was appointed US Ambassador to the UN This in turn brought him under the influence of Henry Kissinger who was in constant contact with Sir Eric Roll of S G Warburg in London, Lord Victor Rothschild, Barings Bank and others from the global elite. In effect George Bush was being groomed by the Illuminati for the acquisition of real power.
This really started to happen in late 1975 when Bush took command of the CIA, something of a stomping ground for ‘Bonesmen’ and where many have worked, amongst those responsible for his selection as CIA head were Kissinger and the President Ford appointed ‘Rockerfeller Commission’.

The Vice Presidency was only a short step away and with it came Bush’s much publicized but phoney war-on-drugs. It was at best a PR exercise, a war fought with little more than press releases and lip service. While the whole charade was in full swing the use of substances such as crack and cocaine not only did not decrease but actually increased to record levels.

On January 4, 1984, George delivered one of his famous ‘War on drugs’ speeches at the Omni International Hotel in Miami. Later, that same day Bush met up with Don Aronow; the two shared a mutual interest in boats, Aronow built them and Bush is said to be something of a boating enthusiast. They had other areas of mutual interest too, thus according to one local resident: “everyone in Miami knew that if you needed a favour from Bush you spoke to Aronow”.

More than that, Aronow is alleged to have been involved in drug smuggling, a fact reportedly confirmed by Bill Norris, head of the Major Narcotics Unit at the Miami US Attorneys office. (Thomas Burdick and Charlene Mitchell, Blue Thunder, New York 1990). Perhaps Aronow knew too much or perhaps he was considered too much of a liability, either way on February 3, 1987, he was murdered, reportedly by professional assassins.

President George W. Bush

Like his father and brother George W. Bush, currently a front-runner in the race for the presidency, is also said to be heavily involved in drugs. Author J.H.Hatfeild did some research into George W. recently and the more he looked the more George W’s involvement became apparent. According to a former classmate of George W’s who had partied with him in Houston in the 60’s and 70’s and who had supplied Hatfeild with other information which subsequently proved to be correct: ”George W. was arrested for possession of cocaine in 1972, but due to his father’s connections, the entire record was expunged by a state judge whom the elder Bush helped get elected. It was one of those ‘behind closed doors in the judge’s chambers’ kind of thing between the old man and one of his Texas cronies who owed him a favour. In exchange for successfully completing community service . . .the judge purged George W.’s record.”

“I’ve told you enough already” he told Hatfield when pressed for more details. “There’s only a handful of us that know the truth. I’m not even sure his wife knows about it. . . Just keep digging. But keep looking over your shoulder.” Hatfield continued digging and with every turn he found more and more incriminating evidence. When he phoned George W’s presidential campaign and questioned a spokesman, Scott McAllen, who had previously refused to comment on the allegations, he was given every indication that he was on the right track. Hatfield asked about Bush’s involvement in the community service project in 1972 as a condition to having his cocaine possession charge purged. According to Hatfield: “There was a moment of electric silence, and then McAllen muttered an almost inaudible “Oh s***”, and after hesitating for a moment finally said, ‘No comment’.”

Another source, connected to the Bush family, warned Hatfield: “Be careful and watch your back every step of the way. Without sounding paranoid, I think it would be amiss if I didn’t remind you that George’s old man was once director of the CIA. S***, man, they named the building after the guy not too long ago. Besides, W’s raised a staggering sixty million dollars for his White House run in a matter of only a few months and his corporate sponsors and GOP republican fat cats aren’t going to roll over and play dead when you expose the truth about their investment.”

As if to confirm the above quote, taken from Fortunate Son by J.H.Hatfield, the publishers, Thomas Dunne Books, recently withdrew around 90,000 copies of the book from sale.

Despite these reports, or perhaps even because of them, George W has publicly endorsed tougher sentencing for drugs offenders. Yet this is the man who, according to former LAPD officer Mike Rupert, now flies an aircraft that was at one time used by Barry Seal, a notorious drug smuggler. Indeed Seal was reputed to be the biggest drug smuggler in American history. He had a fleet of planes, which would fly, loaded with weapons, from Mena airstrip in Arkansas to airstrips in the mountains of Colombia and Venezuela. Here they would off load the weapons and pick up parachute equipped duffel bags loaded with cocaine. Then on the return flight these bags would be dropped over farms in Louisiana, which were owned or controlled by Barry Seal. It was an operation that made countless millions for Barry Seal but one that eventually cost him his life. This happened after he began to speak openly about CIA involvement in drugs and drug smuggling; shortly thereafter he was killed, again, it is alleged, by professional hit men.

The plane that was said to be the crown jewel in his drug smuggling fleet, a Beechcraft King Air 200, registration N6308F, is now reported by Texan officials to be a prize of George W.

Coincidence? Hardly. It’s worth noting here that like his father and grandfather before him George W also went to Yale where he was also a member of the Skull and Bones; so perhaps he has the same values and objectives as his forebears. Just remember that in the run up to the Presidential elections for yours truly considers this guy to be . . .SERIOUSLY BAD NEWS.

Sources include:, ‘Fortunate Son’ by JH Hatfield, ‘George Bush: the Unauthorized Biography’ by Webster G. Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin. Esquire magazine, “The Last Secrets of the Skull and Bones.”

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