Truck Driver’s Astute Response to the NWO — Sept 10, 2017

Not Brian

Not Brian

Brian, age 45: “I was honored that you took the time to read my email. Even more so when you asked me to expand on my ideas. I am not a scholar; I do not even work in an office. I’m just a Public Worker, that basically picks up trash and drives a truck. I tried to write something that expresses how I cope with the evil in the world like you suggested. So I did try to do that.  It is rough because I worked on it during breaks and it was on my I Phone.”
“Most people are oblivious to the spiritual warfare that attacks us and our way of life.”

by Brian — (

Expanding on my email, here is how I cope with our current state of perceived darkness and despair. The main stream media, which is our gateway to thinking, for the masses, has become nothing more than NWO propaganda.
Hearings from the 70s, I watched on YouTube, confirmed that the news is shaped and even delivered by CIA actors. It is not even a hidden secret! Today’s barrage of news shows and articles are meant to erode the traditional family and American values on a daily basis while normalizing everything that is contrary to what most perceive to be normal.
Attacks on Christian values by degenerate comedians and news anchors are just pathetic and do not deserve our attention. Ignore them, they will go away. Do not give them your attention because they deserve none. I make it a rule to only listen to people who are smarter than myself. Those people who preach their nonsensical scripted news commentary are merely horrible actors.
I have heard that Satan’s greatest deception is to make us believe he does not exist, and I fear that most people are oblivious to the spiritual warfare that attacks us and our way of life.

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