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Kevin Boyle – No One To Vote For December 8, 2010

Bridget Dunne, whose J7 site collates and analyses all the evidence that arises related to the 7/7 London bombings, has carried out some sterling work in exposing anomalies that arise from this evidence.

However, she also expends a great deal of energy attacking those who should naturally be allies by making a case for government/intelligence services involvement in this great crime.

Muad ‘Dib

Dunne has lambasted Muad’Dib (Anthony John Hill) on a regular basis.

This is the man who produced the most convincing 7/7 narrative (7/7 ‘The Ripple Effect’) for what really happened on that day.

He posted DVD copies of his film to the judge and jury foreman at the 2007 trial in Kingston Crown Court of a group who were being charged as ‘accomplices’ to the ‘7/7 bombers’. The film was never watched by the judge or jurors. The Three accused were found ‘not guilty’ by the jury anyway.

For postng the DVD’s Muad ‘Dib was extradited from the Irish Republic at a hearing held last month on 11/11 (at 11am, for what it’s worth) and is currently languishing in Wandsworth prison awaiting trial in the U.K.

It is difficult to fancy his chances of getting a fair hearing.

Nick Kollerstrom

Nick has the www.terroronthetube.co.uk website. Many of his articles, such as here, here, here and here, have been put up on sites around the world. He has written the book ‘Terror On The Tube’ which makes an overwhelming case that 7/7 was a ‘false flag’ event. He has also written articles about the chemical evidence relating to the Auschwitz ‘gas chambers’, evidence that seemingly proves that there were no such human gas chambers in Auschwitz, only a hygenic gas chamber for delousing clothes.

J7 persistently rubbishes NK’s work on 7/7 and labels him a ‘Nazi’. I know Nick Kollerstrom. He is a quietly-spoken and slightly unworldly academic, a man with a deep sense of duty to truth and right morality, a science historian who has always ‘gone with the evidence’. His revisionism has cost him his job. Like ‘Dib he is paying a price for his integrity.
By attempting to defend Nick and his work against a wall of vile abuse, I too have been a ‘bigot’ and a ‘Nazi’ for quite some time.

Tony Gosling

Tony Gosling, who runs the ‘9/11 Truth UK’ forum has expressed his belief that 7/7 is an ‘inside job’. Tony is big on ‘anti-semitism’ and will not have any ‘holocaust revisionism’ on his site so he does not qualify as ‘a Nazi’. However, he is routinely addressed with absolute contempt by the ‘keeper of the 7/7 secrets’. I have no idea why he tolerates this treatment from the abusive and ironically-named ‘Prole’ (who might well be a Communist but will surely be of the managerial rather than the ‘proletariat’ class)


Dunne started her J7 research shortly after the event itself and seems to be able to devote herself full-time to this work.

Because of her determined use of the usual Zionist demonology to bend all issues to serve the dominant societal lies…….

……because of her respectful demeanour towards power and her failure to assertively condemn government, police and intelligence services lies…….

…..because of her failure to draw the obvious conclusion (or even faintly suggest its possibility) from the mass of circumstantial evidence……

……because of her determined attempts to denigrate all persons who ‘out’ 7/7 as the false-flag event it certainly was (and thereby offer real, vigourous and powerful opposition to the fraudulent government narrative)…..

…..there comes a moment when a suspicion becomes a conviction.

Bridget Dunne’s actions are those of ‘controlled oppostion’.

She has been placed where she is by the intelligence services to lead the opposition to the government narrative in order to destroy the effectiveness of real opposition.

Do not expect J7 to declare 7/7 an ‘inside job’ any time soon.

We know the theory.

Here is the practice.

It can sometimes look a pretty bleak world out there.