Masonic Central Bankers Engineer all Wars — Sept 7, 2017

War is a racket.
In his 1912 book, Philip Dru, Administrator, Colonel Edward Mandell House has a character say of the US Civil War: “Cynical Europe said that the North would have it appear that a war had been fought for human freedom, whereas it was fought for money.”
It was fought “for money” but not in the sense of accumulating it. Like the US Civil War, many wars are fought to force all nations to accept the Rothschild credit monopoly.
“Money” is virtual, a mental concept, an accounting system. Our currency is like a coupon. Money is a medium of exchange. The Central Banking Cartel creates it out of thin air, as a debt to itself, something our government could do interest and debt-free. But our government belongs to them, not us. The aim of the New World Order is to expand this racket into a total political, cultural and economic monopoly. This is the real meaning of Communism. This is why our national, racial, religious and gender identities will always be under occult assault.
Both Trump and Kim Jung-Un are Freemasons.

Both Trump and Kim Jung-Un are Freemasons.

In this excerpt from The Unseen Hand (1985) Ralph Epperson described how the bankers started the American Civil War to force the US to accept their bank. Our society is being consumed by a cancer. A faction of every religion, nation or people has been infected. They have gone over to Satan and assumed the identity of their group. They are Freemasons, i.e. opportunists and traitors willing to enslave us for personal advancement. We have been unwittingly inducted into their multifaceted satanic cult, i.e. Freemasonry, Jewish Cabalism, and are becoming their mental slaves.
In 1909, Paul Copin Albancelli wrote: “Masons repeat what they have heard from the preachers of the Occult Powers: the journalist ..the publisher..the pornographer…the professor…The state of mind created and filled in the the profane medium met everywhere and the mind is altered by it. And as Freemasons perform this duty as propagandists without revealing themselves as Masons, the activity which they exert is not recognized as Masonic.” (“The Jewish Conspiracy Against the Christian World”  pp.173-174)
But this knowledge should be liberating. They cannot dupe us when we understand the true nature of our predicament.

by Ralph Epperson — The Unseen Hand p.155ff

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“According to John Reeves, in an authorized biography entitled The Rothschilds, the Financial Rulers of Nations, a pivotal meeting took place in London, in 1857. It was at this meeting that the International Banking Syndicate decided that (in America) the North was to be pitted against the South under the old principle of ‘divide and conquer.’ This amazing agreement was corroborated by MacKenzie in his historical research entitled The Nineteenth Century.


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