What is Missing from Our Lives?

henrymakow.com — Sept 3, 2017

Make a list of the things that are missing from your life. I don’t mean material things (like a new car.)  I mean spiritual things like ecstasy or love.
That is God.
Humanity desperately needs to update its conception of God.
Be ye therefore perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect.   Mathew 5:48

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

There is a great spiritual hunger in society because Satanists have banished the word “God” from polite discourse.
Our minds have been trained to shut down at any mention of "God." Our eyes glaze over

Our minds have been trained to shut down at any mention of “God.” Our eyes glaze over

I see this spiritual hunger in terms of a loneliness and isolation which people try to fill with pets and social media and quasi-religious causes such as environmentalism, climate change, food, exercise and hating Donald Trump.
Satanists say they must banish God because Believers are not “inclusive,” which is true. We are not including Satanists.
Think about the absurdity of this situation. Humanity has been taken over by psychopaths. They have banished the Creator from Creation, at least as far as our society is concerned. Of course, the earth is but a postage stamp in the universe. God is still Omnipresent.
Obviously these psychopaths regard God as competition. They want to run things and God is an impediment. They can’t have people saying, “Sorry but God tells me you are evil.”
They are trying to abolish good and evil because God is by definition Good.
Two thousand years ago, Christ affirmed the existence of true God and you know what happened to him.
The denial of God as a universal Moral Order is a hallmark of the NWO. This includes a denial that we have a Divine soul, a conscience, which connects us to God.
The mob is used to listen to us, who pay it for its attention and obedience. By these means we shall create such a blind force that it will never be capable of taking any decision without the guidance of our agents, placed by us for the purpose of leading them. Protocols of Zion 10-9



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