Satanist “Color Revolution” Terrorizes America — Sept 2, 2017

Reminds me of Zombie TV show "Walking Dead" --"Even as establishment-guided mobs intimidate and commit violence, their victims are blamed for violence and hate crimes." Click to enlarge

Reminds me of Zombie TV show “Walking Dead” –“Even as establishment-guided mobs intimidate and commit violence, their victims are blamed for violence and hate crimes.” Click to enlarge

It’s hard for good people to conceive but Soros, Obama, Clinton and Co. are Satanists and they brazenly seek to do evil. This article by Larry Chin is the most realistic appraisal I’ve seen of the struggle for America’s soul, one which has cosmic significance.
“What is taking place is not simple protests from supporters of a losing political faction, but a domestic terrorism operation planned and executed by the establishment majority-supported by neo-liberals as well as neoconservative Republicans–in defense of their system against perceived existential threat from anti-establishment movements. Mob violence has always been a weapon of the oligarchy. It was inaccurate and tactically stupid for Trump to call this insurrection “Alt-Left”. It is in fact a mainstream establishment operation, which uses “left”, “progressive” and antifa symbols to pursue its political objectives.”  Larry Chin

by Larry Chin — (Excerpts by 

The ultimate objective is to create social divisions which prevent the development of a real and independent mass protest movement against the seats of corporate power.
This “chaos agenda”is a “color revolution”. The elites and Deep State figures behind today’s American anarchy are the same ones that funded and orchestrated “color revolutions” around the world, the toppling of Ukraine and the installation of the Ukrainian neo-Nazi Svoboda regime, unrest in Turkey, the destabilization of Syria, the European refugee crisis, and the Arab Spring. What worked overseas is now being applied within US borders.
The Purple Revolution began the night Trump won the presidential election that foiled the installation of Hillary Clinton. This warfare has escalated and intensified in the months ever since, culminating with Charlottesville.
The increasingly failing Trump/Russian hack narrative is being replaced by a variation on an old theme: Nazis. “Trump is a Nazi”. Nazis must die.
Trump’s repeated denials and long history of standing against Nazis, the KKK and white supremacists, and having nothing to do with them, are to no avail.



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