Stupid, Vain, Celebrity-Crazed and the Rest of The Ugly Dwarfs are Gunning for Normal.

Smoking Mirrors — Sept 2, 2017

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Of course it is top of the virtual fold on NBC news. It is even in the ‘recommended’ section. It is about how an obviously programmed little boy’s mother who has been programming her son, threw a shit fit about her 3 year old son not be allowed to be Princess for a Day at Disneyland in Paris. The mother is from England and the news medium you are seeing it on is American. It is an article and also a mainstream video offering. Both of these are featured at the top of the page. They are really gunning for Normal and they are going to use Stupid, Vain, Celebrity-Crazed and the rest of the Seven Ugly Dwarfs to get Normal. Normal is in deep shit.
What they are hoping for; the parents, is that the very wealthy gay industry will produce a fully funded childhood for the kid and perhaps a scholarship to the Tel Aviv Preparatory Academy for Witless Gentiles in Sexual Transition. Why would I suggest the possibility that such a school exists in that location? Maybe this short listing of organizations exclusively for The Chosen might explain it. And perhaps looking at the ‘religion’ listing here might explain further, keeping in mind the disparity in numbers in actual population. It gets weirder and weirder but you ain’t seen weird yet.
Whether its dangerous migrants or sexual mores that they are ‘pushing’ on the rest of the world, Israel isn’t taking them and Israel isn’t legitimizing it.
The power and force of a particular cabal of Associated Atheists is strong indeed. You might ask why there is not at the very least an equal number of representatives from the 99% plus of everyone else. They don’t permit it. Everything that is geared to become viral and profitable is either co-opted by them or filtered out and replaced by an unreasonable facsimile. What happened with Facebook; who really put it together and who then stole it speaks volumes. Sooner or later Push and Shove are going to wind up in a steel cage match. Mr Apocalypse will be the referee. Otherwise… and as is usual, whichever member of the tag team not in the ring does the officiating, unless it is the other guys, then there is no referee. I think the appropriate phrase is, ‘screwed if you do and screwed if you don’t but… look on the bright side, at least you get screwed and don’t have to worry about a date for Saturday night ♫looking for the heart of Saturday night♫
You really need to get your head properly attached, lest certain someones unscrew it and dance on the wires. If you are capable of this then you can see some part of the big picture and intuit the rest. The predators have put themselves front row and center. They’ve done this, motivated by the usual arrogance that attends the mindset of those who think they have all their bases covered but… as pride does indeed go before a fall, there are mysterious (to some) cosmic verities eternally at work and they apply to one and all and most especially to those who think they are above any sort of justice whatsoever and believe they can act more and more outrageously with impunity.
Of course, it is possible they might take a large number of the, formerly, human race down with them but that’s the meaning of collateral damage when you don’t have the right collateral. My plan is to trust the one running the whole show, regardless of whether he comes descending out of the heavens more light intensive than the sun, or whether he sits behind the dark lord and puppeteers him through his paces. Of course, I am more partial to the ineffable rising in my heart, as opposed to manifesting in some outward fashion, which is usually the province of the one being puppeted. Two things make the puppet seem autonomous; Fear and Desire. One might glean a great deal of wisdom from the inquiry into just what kind of Fear and what kind of Desire gives one that impression of autonomy.
In ancient wisdom schools one was brought face to face with certain archetypal realities. In some cases, failure resulted in death. In these times of darkness, the esoteric brotherhoods have retreated into the far reaches of the planet. It’s dangerous and unpredictable all over and almost no one is listening or interested in what they have to offer these days. I suspect that is the relevant feature of their retreat.
The world is now a swirling morass of toxic influences. Millions are thumbhumping cellphones through every waking moment; if you could call those periods ‘waking moments’, given the amount of cluelessness, resulting in hundreds of thousands of accidents. I scrolled down for quite awhile but the page never ended. They are saying one in four car accidents are caused by cellphone fixation. The statistics are off the charts and these are just the accidents caused inside a car. Imagine how many other casualties and injuries are taking place by other means; all related to the cellphone obsession.
The larger portion of internet traffic is porn. Meanwhile, sexual dysfunction has transformed into a true holocaust and it is being whipped into a frenzy by the usual suspects. It is palpably insane that people would be arguing about transsexuals in the military. The idea of it is a cartoon. If you don’t like the movement to redo the Statue of Liberty into a dominitrix lesbian, Hell’s Angel Leather Nun with chest hair, then the Tim Cook funded, Apple Pederasts for for Ipad Buggery and Satanic Rothschild run, J.P. Morgan’s, ‘6 Fags over Kiddie Diddler Nation’ are going to unleash their cross dressing pitbull, The Southern Poverty Law Center on your ass; literally.
Dropping out of sight like a stone, or never even registered at all are the amazing videos of masked and armored Antifa thugs at Berkeley and other locations, savagely beating everyone in reach. It was so bad that even Nancy Pelosi had to come out of the backroom betting gallery’ where her husband and his cronies loot the state of its resources, to say “mumble mumble (disingenuously dissembling)… ah… ah… (snort) it looks like unidentified bad guys have inserted themselves among these peace loving social justice muckers… ah… ah… has anyone got a Haldol?” Of course the videos show a seriously large collection of, all in black and masked modern day Jacobins with clubs, wailing away with no other types in sight. You can find a lot of examples of this at youtube, or Fox News.
It’s true that a significant number of these violent lunatics are hired at 25 dollars an hour off of Craig’s List’ or paid out of one of the many funds set up by George Soros for this purpose but… a good portion are college students from the militant wings of LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ organizations, campus Communist Comrade fellowships and Atheist, anti-ineffable collectives… all of which are heavily financed by deep pockets Zionist Chess Clubs; enforcement arms of the Protocols of Zion, White Gentile, Genocide for Dummies playbook, whose motto is, “If it ain’t broke, break it.” This is a companion ground rule to the tried and tested, ‘wage war by deception’ meme.
Here is what puzzles me, though it shouldn’t, given the Goldman Sachs, Tribe takeover of the Trump-cigarette boat, casinoland administration. You would think that with all the law enforcement we have in this country that they would have identified who and what is behind this suddenly wide spread, free range zombie holocaust that is Antifa. We should know who it is that is financing this and promoting it; who the professors and blood stained intellectuals are who are fomenting the violence. It should be being made public… oh right… I forgot that who it is that controls the press is also who it is that is behind it in the first place. So the obvious intention of those orchestrating it and those permitting it is to create a state of social crisis, where those invested in the terrible event can make a buck. That’s what it’s all about in these times of degenerate materialism… making a buck. I’d look for the usual bankers to generate a serious financial crisis in the next month or so. It’s kind of what they do when they’re not having sex with a dead girl, a live boy, or some Occulus viewed hologram of a creature from outer space.
Here we have been, taking aim at the screen captured moment we find ourselves in, on the verge of almost anything being possible, in concert with, “Houston, we have a problem” and the horrific reality that all too few homeowners who have lost everything are not in possession of flood insurance, so the pitiful displays of Ellen Degenerate, waving a million dollar check that she got from Walmart but somehow, like a magicians trick, giving the impression of pulling it out of her own pocket, along with 500,000 from Twerk Central Cyrus and a million from Jerry Jones, who has 5 billion dollars net and every grandstander, donating amounts smaller than a penny, in relation to their net worth, aren’t going to make a dent in this awful human tragedy.
As we have long maintained here and continue to believe, what is going to bring these raging insanities of runaway materialism to a screeching halt and a long, stunned silent moment, which seems to go on for a hundred times longer than it actually lasts; a moment of deep and profound reflection and introspection, is a perfect storm of natural and manufactured catastrophes, in tandem with large groups of people all losing their minds at the same time, with the ineffable sitting at that impossibly large and complex mixing board, tweaking dials and waving his hands in the air, as he conducts the eternal and invisible symphony through the transitional denouement of every instrument doing that windup section from the Beatles, “Revolution Number 9” on steroids in turbo mode and 90% of the world reflexively imitates the central character in Edvard Munch’s, painting, “The Scream”.
Somewhere off to the side, all around the world, is that other 10%… singly and in small groups, their hearts and minds flooded with love and light, in simultaneous intercourse; a speechless, interior lovemaking of self and self awareness in a perfect;y integrated counterpointing of the infinite moment, with both past and future suspended, rivers of bliss and rivers of joy, intersecting and running wild, banks overflowing… air… finally released from so deep inside, where it has been held through the extended tension of warring appearances, finally stilled for once and carrying with it those beautiful words, in concert, every one in unison harmonies of… “Hallelujah! There really is a God after all!” It is my sincere and abiding prayer that the whole of you find yourselves in this group of the blessed, where all sorrow has been swallowed up in joy, every loss forgotten… there to dance upon the shore of something that is nothing like anything that ever came before.
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