Jews Taking the Heat for Jesuits? — Sept 1, 2017

William Boot: “All your writing is sensational and circular between Freemasonry, Illuminati, Communism and the Jews.
jesuit conspiracyYou delicately skirt the issue of the Catholic Church and the Jesuits implying the Jesuits are crypto-Jews.
I can assure you, they are NOT!
The Jesuits are CHAMELEONS transforming/morphing themselves into ANYTHING they need to be in order to DECEIVE including JEWS, COMMUNISTS, FREEMASONS, ILLUMINATI or PROTESTANT CHRISTIANS!
I believe you are either in the know or self-deceived and riding the popular JEW conspiracy meme!
I’m not sure who you really are but as a fellow Canadian i’m disappointed! The JESUITS have infiltrated EVERYTHING already and the ROME NWO will RULE the world. It is very clear to me that the Jews are NOTHING but pawns in the bigger scheme of things. I pray you read “Behind The Dictators” by L.H. Lehman publ 1942 and reconsider your standpoint. Rome IS the only International AUTHORITY in the world today that has the power to take control.”
Makow Comment- Like other Freemasons, Cabalists & Satanists, Jesuits no doubt are a subset of the Masonic Jewish Conspiracy but I am sceptical they have a leadership role. That’s why I have never investigated them. I don’t see Jesuits controlling the central banks, universities, and mass media. Bernard Baruch and Col. Edward House were not Jesuits. When William accused me of suppressing the Jesuit role, I invited him to make his case.

The Jesuits: Unholy Order Of Evil  

by William M Boot — (

The Roman Catholic Church today is in fact, nothing less than a resurgent “old” Roman Empire described as the feet of iron mixed with clay in Daniel 2:32-33 and prophetically, the last empire in human history.
If so, how has Rome managed to keep her devious machinations, her “corporatization” of the world undetected, so to speak, in order to accomplish her documented, “repeatedly expressed desire” over 1700 years for world domination? The answer is; incremental and finally total control over all education and politics, media and publishing; print and electronic and the “power pyramid” employed to stratify “round table” power groups into layers and to “compartmentalize” them revealing the “master plan” and final “agenda” to only a few at the head of some groups. The papacy working with the Italian “Black Nobility” families are at the top, with the phantom Jesuits; the MEN IN BLACK, behind them, hidden, like the Wizard of OZ, with their hands on the controls.


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