UN Refugee Agency Says They Want at Least 380,000 Migrants in Europe Per Year

Introduction — Sept 1, 2017

Libya has just shown that the migrant problem can be easily resolved. After its Coast Guard threatened to open fire on “migrant rescue services” that were picking up migrants adrift in Libyan coastal water and taking them, not to Libya, but to refugee reception centres in southern Europe.
The various “charities” that were conducting this operation were in effect running a ferry service between Libya and southern Europe. After the Libyan Coast Guard threatened to open fire on their boats they suspended operations. Whereupon the number of migrant drownings dropped dramatically: from nearly 2,400 since the beginning of the year to zero in the past three weeks.
The numbers of migrants arriving from North Africa also dropped dramatically. So the problem can be speedily resolved.
However, it is doubtful that the powers that be want the migrant crisis resolved so speedily. Leaked memos from George Soros’s Open Society Foundation speak of the “opportunities” the crisis is presenting.
Moreover, as the following reveals, France and Germany are in discussions with countries in North Africa to set up “migrant reception centres” there. So while Libya has shown that the problem can be resolved almost overnight, the powers that be don’t want a solution. They want to “manage”  and exploit the crisis for their own purposes. Ed.

Chris Tomlinson — Breibart.com Sept 1, 2017

African migrants

The United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) has said there are at least 380,000 people that are seeking refuge in Europe every year, and the European Union should work to take in more migrants.

Currently, the EU is increasing the number of asylum seekers it takes in through legal channels at a rate of 20,000 per year, but the UNHCR said the increase is not enough. The group has called for a double-digit increase in numbers and said the new proposal to accept migrants in Africa could facilitate a growth in numbers, Austrian newspaper Kurier reports.

Ruth Schöffl, a spokesman for the UNHCR, said: “We welcome these new ideas as we expect the number of resettlements to increase.”

“The possibility of resettlement is naturally linked to the fact that the illegal migration is stopped,” she added.

Schöffl touted the “stability” of Europe compared to other parts of the world saying: “Europe is very stable compared to other continents, there are more than one million refugees in Uganda alone.”

Not everyone is happy with the new plan to have asylum seekers in Africa make their claims in Africa before coming to Europe.

Pro-migrant activist group ProAsyl slammed the policy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel saying: “It is inconceivable that the Chancellor has betrayed European values in such a way and then talked nicely pretending that it does not exist.”

The plan to have migrant reception areas in North Africa or on islands in the Mediterranean is not a new idea having initially been put forward on numerous occasions by politicians like Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz.

Earlier this week, the German government signed a new agreement with the Egyptians to open an asylum reception centre in the North African country. The French have also been in discussions with Chad and Niger to open similar reception facilities.

Niger, according to a report from the EU border agency Frontex, is one of the main hubs of West African migration to Europe.


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