Madame Dufarge Rides the Jabberwocky, Naked through the Streets of Virtual Coventry

Reflections in a Petri Dish — Aug 26, 2017

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The faceless ones move through the gathering darkness. They twist the elements of logic and reason. They distort the mirror in which we see ourselves. Is that me? Who is that who looks back at me? The face in the mirror is speaking but I am not speaking. I am watching. In tens of millions of mirrors the face on the other side is speaking but few are watching with any awareness… drones hover in the air. Virtual reality coils out of the cellphones and holographic maidens dance in timeless writhing, as if touched by invisible flames. Their bodies shift away from the flames but there are flames unseen all around them. This is the painful inspiration of the dance.
Across the country, the very young are herded into understandings that reshape them into something Nature never intended. It is an incremental passage. The space between any two points seems reasonable, as if the place they departed from, the space they are moving through and the place they arrive at are all a logical sequence. There is nothing alarming to be seen or experienced but… when one draws back and further back, so that a multitude of points and spaces can be seen, a pattern emerges and natural order appears to be bent in unnatural ways toward some lasting perdition. The landscape becomes torturous and there is no stable place for one to stand on and view the entire from a sane perspective. The points of view that permit a sane perspective have either been roped off or transformed into pits, over the lip of which one can see nothing but walls and obstructions.
The offspring of Madame Dufarge, cavort among the burning buildings and twisted frames of blackened cars. In the land of those who once imagined themselves to be free, these offspring are lauded and praised for their courage in standing up to those having the temerity to demand the defense of free speech, which these offspring term ‘hate speech’ because it exposes their Khmer Rouge inspired politics where the tyranny of tiny fringe demographics are permitted to rule over the dreams and wishes of a much greater majority. Revolutions, like sausage making and law making are not pretty. We are told that they are the glorious means to a necessary end. In other countries, steps are being taken to reign in these bloodstained Bolsheviks. Is any of it real, or just a screen capture out of some mysterious sequence of problem, reaction, solution? I can hear Hegel crying out of the ruined countryside of an animated painting by Hieronymus Bosch. One more damned Marxist who camouflaged his evil intentions with airbrushed and flyblown rhetoric, rousing enough to inspire the unshakably loyally ignorant to unconsciously raise their right hands and place the palm across their hearts, while pointing with their left and screaming, ‘J’accuse! J’accuse!’
The coprophagic Crass Media tells us that these ravening canaille, with their clubs and pepper spray are the fearless protectors of the life and liberty of us all. What is actually so, departs significantly from what they tell us. I pray in this moment where I am… passing into one moment following another, becoming the same moment, eternally refreshed but… like an optical illusion or elusive phantasm… there but not there, real and unreal, never the same and always the same, simultaneously… I pray for an awakening. I pray that a world wide, world shaking epiphany will tremble and shake and descend upon us one and all, before the fire and the blood join inevitably together in horrific conflagration.
Perhaps we are all deceived; the good and the noble, the evil and venal, those believing in the enduring true and eternal light and those believing nothing but what they can eat and fuck. Perhaps we are all deceived. We know about the road paved with good intentions. We can clearly see where the crowds have massed like flies on a steak taken from some grill outside of Alice Springs. The flies can completely cover the meat before it is set on the table to eat.
Perhaps we are all deceived, if only in part; some being deeply and completely deceived and some deceived by the cloud of unknowing that conceals that which cannot be seen by mortal eyes. That cloud of unknowing is our own ignorance. It is the veil of mortality, which brims with the ever changing forms of magnetized dust, a whirling kaleidoscope of colors, shaping and reshaping the ubiquitous substance, out of which all things are made and only some of which the breath of life is breathed into and wasted in the main; so many vain and futile lives. We see it only in part. We see some small portion of the whole that came out of somewhere far back in the long ago and stretches beyond the reach of even the most imaginative and prescient eyes. Within our short terms it can make no sense at all. It is only in the totality of its extension that meaning can be found. The question is; do we want to do the same thing over and over and over again? If we do… should it not be something that we truly desire to do over and over and over again?
There was a time when the newness of phenomena that emerged out of newly opened eyes and the magic of ancient understandings captivated me. I might have known little of the real meaning of any of it but it did intrigue me. It was like watching previously unseen wonders, pouring forth out of a cornucopia, filled with an endless procession of beautiful forms. I found myself saturated with a sense of being that I had not thought to be possible but there it was. It seemed to last forever and then it was gone, leaving behind only a sense of loss at its departure and I never even knew what it was. It took some time to recognize that it was love as I had never experienced it before and only love that gave a lasting meaning to anything. I discovered a love that was so far beyond my former interpretations of love that I could not identify any of it as anything… so much of what we know we know by comparison with other forms to which they bear a recognizable similarity. This was not similar to anything previously known to me. I realize now that one can explore the dimensions of love and never reach a boundary, that love exists within immeasurable parameters and that one could willingly be lost in it for all eternity and desire nothing else ever again. That suits me just fine.
Whatever it is that these enraged and twisted creatures chase after is of no interest to me. I see only a terrible conclusion awaiting them at every turn, no matter where they might turn. This is the curse of selfishness… nothing… nothing of any value can be realized out of selfishness. There is no place of safety to be found in a world created by selfish beings, in the pursuit of selfish ends, where no means are excluded so long as they reach their desired ends. These ends cannot and will not ever be reached. It is best for those who are still objective and sane to stay away from these theaters of performance, unless, for reasons inexplicable to me, they imagine they can be useful. Maybe they can. Perhaps they know something I do not know. Perhaps we each know that which is necessary for us alone. I believe we serve as we go along, whether that involves selfless service or self service. It is for each of us to make our determinations based on what is most valuable to us.
We all have voices in our heads. Some of us think these are our own voices, speaking from another part of ourselves and… in a certain sense this is true. Some of us think these voices originate elsewhere. Sometimes these voices urge us toward speech and actions that we would never consider on our own. Sometimes they urge us to higher states of expression and sometimes the opposite is true. Our judgment is colored by what we desire. Our desire can justify anything. Later, upon reflection we might well wonder how we could have possibly done what we did. The most tragic aspect of this is that there was so little joy or satisfaction to be found and all we are left with is the taste of ashes in our mouths.
There is no question that very well funded and powerful forces are at work, seeking to shape the world in ways that no good and moral heart could countenance. They are after the hearts and minds of the very young. They want a form of libertine, atheistic Marxism that is far worse even than what they accomplished in Soviet Russia. They are rewriting history and science and every textbook to justify and affirm that which is both absurd and evil in equal measure and if you don’t like it, you are a hateful extremist. It reminds me of “The Invasion of the Body Snatchers”, or “The Day of the Triffids” or a shapeshifting evil as personified in “The Thing.” I realize that if you go according to appearances, it can seem overwhelming. Appearances are transitory and ephemeral things. The ineffable is everlasting and all powerful. It really depends on where you place your loyalty and faith. “Where a man’s treasure is, there his heart is also.” One might say, ‘his ass’ as well.
I am not amused or frightened at this plodding Jabberwocky. We spend our lives making our bed and preparing to sleep in it. One could look at the truth of how we live our lives in the creation of the lives to follow and be ahead of the game, or otherwise nothing more than a piece that gets moved around the board. Those of us in a certain service are no less pieces to be moved than any other but we do have the assurance of the player who decides how we are moved and used and even sacrificed as well; should it come to that.
I’m thinking some number of you have a certain grasp of the situation that is coming and going around us. It is my fervent prayer and the entirety of my hopes that you have come to some arrangement with the ineffable to be taught and to serve as opportunity presents itself to us. God bless and protect you, one and all.
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