Australia — Masonic Bankers Use Aboriginals to Guilt Whites — Aug 25, 2017

aboriginals2While Zionists persecute Palestinians, Jewish central bankers and their Masonic minions shackle Australians with guilt about the social conditions of aboriginals. 
This is also going on in Canada and New  Zealand as well, part of the long-term
Communist agenda to subjugate white people who Masonic Jews perceive as rivals.
Below, Matt who lives in Melbourne explains why he is sick of it. 

By Matt — (

Melbourne — In Australia, we have something called “reconciliation” which really means “division”. The aboriginal movement is part of the left, and like the left as a whole, it is destructive, never satisfied, and never forgives. Reconciliation manifests in many forms, but the end-goal is to weaken the people that founded and built up the nation of Australia, and also to create effectively an aboriginal nation.
The aboriginal rights movement has long been associated with radical politics. Ex-Communist Jeff McDonald, in his 1982 book Red Over Black said there was a link between (((Communism))) and the aboriginal rights movement, with the end goal of creating a separate nation.
Our current narrative reads – aborigines were living peacefully in paradise Australia as one people; then white people invaded and did nothing but evil. Every problem since in the aboriginal community, including epidemics of assaults, domestic violence, child abuse, alcoholism, laziness, illiteracy, bad health, etc, are completely, 100% the fault of whites. White people must eternally compensate and never stop apologizing in the hopes that reconciliation might appease aboriginal whingeing.
So the aboriginal people in alliance with smug leftists present us with a barrage of assaults. They keep pushing — affirmative action every corner – constitutional change – change Australia Day – impose Sorry Day – establish sacred sites (normally on mining sites) – change our education – change place names – take down our own monuments – and the aboriginal elders perform welcome to country‘  Through propaganda and falsified history the left feed us with all kinds of guilt, such as in regards to the Stolen Generation (child protection policy.) Here is the give-away that was narrowly averted in 1988.



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