Six US Troops Killed in Iraq

Coalition casualties continue to mount inexorably, with a total of six US troops having been killed this Tuesday

Three U.S. troops were killed and three others wounded late Tuesday when a roadside bomb exploded south of Baghdad, the U.S. military said.

The attack occurred about 8 p.m. near Iskandariyah, about 27 miles south of the Iraqi capital, a statement said.

In addition on the same day two men working for CNN were also shot and killed.

The media giant reported the pair was killed returning from an assignment in a two-car convoy that came under attack. It identified the two men as translator-producer Duraid Isa Mohammed and driver Yasser Khatab, both Iraqi citizens.

The same day, three other U.S. soldiers were killed in a bombing near Khaldiyah west of Baghdad.

Pictured below: smoke billows from the scene of the first explosion near Khaldiyah, Iraq as U.S. troops secure the area.

A roadside bomb exploded next to a passing U.S. military convoy west of Baghdad Tuesday followed by a second bomb when reinforcements arrived, witnesses said.

(AP Photo/Hadi Mizban)