Germany’s Spirit Has Been Broken — Aug 23, 2017

weimar-germanyIn America, there is a semblance of cohesive resistance to Marxist influence that Western Europe lacks entirely.
“The spirit of this country has been destroyed by the bludgeoning of its youth with the sins of its ancestors.”

“I spent One-Month at the Epicenter of Cultural Degeneracy”

by Frederick Barbarossa — (abridged by 

Before my month in Dresden, I often told my American compatriots who spoke of the certain demise of Europe that they failed to see the more pressing situation unfolding in America, where the white population was closer to being an outright minority. Once I witnessed first-hand how degenerate German society had become, I had to retract my statement entirely.
While “American values” are often defined to suit the audience, there is nevertheless a semblance of cohesive resistance to Marxist influence in America that Western Europe lacks entirely. It could be the greater religious presence in America in which God acts as a shield against the nefarious influences of post-modern culture. The only God left in Germany is environmentalism, where recycling is substituted for weekly sacraments, perfectly pruning one’s garden is a form of prayer, and fields of sacred windmills are erected like shrines.
anti-nazi grafittiDresden lies in the Free State of Saxony, and has been noted for its rallies for organizations such as PEGIDA and the Alternativ für Deutschland political party. One shouldn’t be fooled, though – this city is still dominated by Marxists. There is graffiti everywhere, and the theme is uniform. “FCK NZIS,” “FCK PEGIDA,” “FCK AFD,” “No people are illegal,” among other pro-Antifa slogans are plastered on nearly every street.
Germans don’t just have a taste for putting graffiti on their streets, either, as a large portion of the German youth are covered in tattoos (sometimes extending to their jaw-lines), and disturbing lobe-gauging earrings are another popular practice. The number of women with dyed hair is obnoxious as well, and it seems there is a general consensus that once a woman has eclipsed the age of 35, she must sport a short haircut suited only for punk rockers and bull dykes


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