Pedos and Necros and Zombies Oh My!!! …and Total Eclipse

Visible Origami — Aug 20, 2017

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{this is an important posting and I hope that you will give serious attention to it. One portion will address a specific agenda and the other the pending eclipse. Of course, what I am saying and concluding is the result of personal observations and a powerful intuitional input but my sense of it is that I am very close to spot on in many regards and a lot of it is backed up by historical/astrological symmetries and traditions. What you make of it is up to you.}
Remember when all this sexual nonsense was peripheral? You could hear the Village People singing off in the background somewhere and those of alternative sexual persuasions were pressing for legislation to legitimize what every religion and stable social order used to prohibit or caution against? Mind! This is not my POV in the genesis. I am merely presenting what’s been the general mindset on the planet according to the more long lasting traditions of iconic and archetypal infrastructure, which is fluid within particular parameters. For literal evidence of what happens when certain behaviors operate without constraint, I refer you to Rome and the despotic bacchanalia of the times; Babylon, the aptly named Sodom and… (drum roll) Gomorrah. For modern parallels, I direct your attention to Las Vegas, Tel Aviv and… sundry. Argue if you want to. Dispute it if you want to and keep in mind I could give page after page of reference.
Remember all the outrage about associating homosexuality with pedophilia and how one thing leads to another? Well, there’s Ginsberg and Bukowski and the rest of the filthy leftist crew that insist Liberty is License. Then there is NAMBLA. What was supposed to be a recognition of differently aspected people; a general expression of tolerance and inclusiveness that celebrates our humanity toward one another led through permissiveness to this sort of thing and people in gimp (Pulp fiction reference) outfits waving erections and corporations financing it and politician trampling one another to get to the microphone to defend it all. THEN came the tranny bathroom meme, which directly feeds out of the former and coming. I mean guaranteed coming, is a relentless and powerful push toward legitimizing Pedophilia, Bestiality, Necrophilia and some form of a Zombie Apocalypse. It’s simple math! One and one is still two, so far as I know, regardless of debates about it in the halls of academe. It is not unlike the hockey stick math used for proving global warming.
You’ve seen the odd article about being more understanding of Pedophilia and you have to be brain dead not to see the connection between the ruling junta and Pizzagate. If that seemingly isolated construct isn’t enough, I refer you to the huge body of reportage that deals with international pedophile rings around the world and which involves high ranking politicians, police officials, judges, entertainers; people like Jeffrey Epstein and his associations with the Clintons and all kinds of people. I refer you to reports about the Royal Family, London society, Portugal, France and the Dutroux affair. It goes on and on and on. It’s there alright and it all has to do with the debasement of innocence per the orders of his Satanic Majesty and the reversal of Kundalini, individually and culturally. There is the external evidence of a condition and there is the originating force that brings about the external evidence and what the evidence tells you is only a part of the whole affair. Things progress and an astute consciousness can see the progression from points A to D and everything in between and beyond. If you can’t see it, you are blind or have your eyes closed.
Alright… enough of that! Let us move on to the eclipse. There are two important features at work. Let us move to the first of these which is the amazing similarity to the eclipse just prior to the French Revolution and the one coming tomorrow (or today, depending on when you are reading this). Seven of the nine planets are in the exact same positions!!!


There are no accidents or coincidences in Nature. The impact of an eclipse is a bit more than what is presumed by the layman-woman or ‘it variant’. The effects of an eclipse, spiritually and materially are more long lasting and are said to continue for several months or much longer. This first feature includes the reality of Trump being president, the emergence of Antifa and the alt-right. I think Bannon being fired is a blind and he is being freed to report on things he could not say in his position at the White House. Look at all the players and trends at work in the moment and give it some thought.
Let is move to the second feature. Tomorrow, all the Navajos in this state are skipping school and staying indoors. I will be too. A large part of the population is going to be outdoors starring at the eclipse through allegedly safe glasses, except for those using knockoffs that offer no protection at all. There will be blindness. There already is. Animals behave unpredictably during and after an eclipse. People and cultures can be dramatically affected, depending on the placement of the planets at the time. As is the case with the one in 1791, which is near identical to the one coming tomorrow.
There are many potential results to the effect of this coming eclipse. In some cases, the result is going to be negative, depending on the state of consciousness of those being affected. It all depends on your level of awareness and also the position you put yourself in regarding the eclipse. Some are going to be highly energized in a positive fashion by this event. Some are going to be driven to darker expressions of mindsets, burbling below the level of self conscious awareness. My birthday occurs on the 22nd so I am about one degree away from the event as far as my sun sign goes and less than 2 degrees away with my rising sign. I’m guessing I notice something. We will all have various levels of exposure, depending on how our particular makeup is arranged in respect of the timing of this affair.
I will be in my study/office with the blinds drawn through the whole procedure and will be reflecting on the shadow passing across the face of the sun, which is the source of all manifest life on this planet. I will be regarding that shadow of the moon, as a representative of my own personal darkness, that has stood between me and a total unity with the ineffable. I will observe it obscuring and then passing away, which I will look at as both a metaphorical and literal occurrence. I will simply be sitting there, or standing and with the whole of my heart and mind focused upon the archetypal meaning of what is taking place. I will not be outdoors in my comic sunglasses, or engaged in strange rituals (these will be happening), committing crimes (these will be happening), or any other folly or vain pursuit. I am going to be taking this seriously and I advise that you do the same.
Though I do not like to pretend I am a Native American and engage in cultural appropriation (I never thought I would ever even use that term-grin) of their lifestyle, or the aboriginals, or Hawaiians, or any other (so-called) primitive culture, I do pay attention to their traditions and how they look at life and how they behave. I study them because they are connected to an atavistic awareness of existence. Psychedelics have shown me the importance of paying attention to ancient traditions and teachings.
Nothing manifest is of greater importance than the sun, which is the physical representation of a spiritual sun that is the source of all life everywhere on every level it may exist on. Nothing in existence manifest or unmanifest, visible or invisible, is of more importance than the ineffable, though for reason obvious, obscure and ironic, most people do not get this. I do get this but I am still inconsistent in respect of it, which is subject to change. I and you are light in extension. We are literally frozen sunlight in our material being. The real purpose of manifest existence is to ignite and animate our solar bodies. The trends of the time are pressing human consciousness deeper into matter. That is the result of acquiescence to the force of Materialism. The more one is pressed into materialism, the greater the heat generated. This would be a kind of explanation for Hell. Give it some thought.
In any case, I leave it to the reader to explore the implications of the pending eclipse and how this may affect you and I ask you to consider all of it in a sane and sober fashion, once you have familiarized yourself with possibilities real and imagined and hopefully you then err (grin) on the side of caution and things go well for you …because… there are so many directions one can go in and for myself, I am going to stick with the advice and behavior of those who are traditionally linked in a more direct way with ‘Lady Nature’ and the ‘natural’ evolution of ‘natural things’.
May the ineffable guide and protect you in these times of transition.
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