Eustace Mullins: Communism is Jewish Cabalism — Nov 27, 2019

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A plank in the Communist Manifesto was the establishment of a private central bank. Every country with one will gradually become Communist because the Cabalist Jewish central bankers must protect their fraudulent monopoly over the national credit by extending it to a total political, economic and cultural monopoly i.e. Communist tyranny. 
Communism is Cabalism, a Satanic cult which inverts reality and morality. It dehumanizes and degrades Jew and non-Jew alike. We have been inducted into this cult. Just look at the hysterical cult-like reaction to Trump by mainstream media, politicians and corporate CEOs who are all central bankers lackeys. There is very little independent thought or investigation. Say goodbye to Western civilization and hello to the NWO.  Ezra Mullins (1923-2010) was a pioneer in exposing the subversion of humanity by Cabalist bankers. 
Disclaimer- I disagree with Mullins’ assertion that the “parasitism” of the bankers represents all Jews.  I am not a parasite nor is my family nor are many Jews. They work as hard as anyone else. Nor do they know anything about their “religion” or the bankers’ pernicious agenda. I realize that Jews are at the forefront of the NWO but most other Jews are dupes like everyone else. Mullins was a racist in that he imputed certain characteristics to all Jews regardless of their actual beliefs and individual behavior. People who feel aggrieved are the first to victimize other innocent parties. 
from Aug 19, 2017


Mullins’ New History of the Jews 

by Eustace Mullins — (Excerpt by

With their usual talent for confusing the issues, the Jews have created a number of smokescreens to hide their latest gift to the world, the philosophy of Communism. What is Communism? In some millions of words written on this subject in thousands of books published by the Jews, you will not find the one sentence which will explain Communism — Communism is the modern form of the Jewish collective state.
What are the principles of Communism?
First of all, Communism is international in scope. It denies the principles of nationalism.
Second, Communism denies Jesus Christ and His love for the individual. It also denies the principle of the salvation of the soul, which is the basis of all Christian beliefs.
Third, Communism denies to the individual all human rights, such as private property, a voice in the government, or the right to question the authority of the collective state.
These, then, are the fundamental principles of Communism. Oddly enough, these are also the fundamental principles of the Jews. Internationalism, hatred of Jesus Christ, hatred of the individual, the denial of human rights, the dictatorship of the collective state. These are equally basic to both Jewish political movements and Communist political movements. One should not be surprised, then, to find that a Jew, Karl Marx, is the father of the philosophy of Communism.  (Below, Jewish insider confirms most of what Mullins is saying.) 

We have already discussed the iron discipline under which the individual Jew lives, the dictatorship exercised by the Elders of Zion over every aspect of Jewish life. This Jewish dictatorship, extended over the gentiles, is then called Communism.



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5 responses to “Eustace Mullins: Communism is Jewish Cabalism”

  1. So it is . Mullins must be one of the greatest Thinkers of the 20th century . He and only he has seen and anderstood what Communism really is .
    Americans have never understoot that He is Gigant in thinking.

  2. Despite Henry’s claim, how many of the “innocent” get the basic program because, after all, intelligence includes the ability to recognize PATTERNS?

  3. Nope, man! Communism / socialism is the distorted MERITOcrasy of the HUNs.

  4. To understand the puzzlements Eustace Mullins presented to us — e.g., see comments on Henry Makow’s site — one might consider reading Miles Mathis’ essay, “Eustace Mullins Was an Anti”. MM continues at the start:
    Before my readers go ballistic, let me lead by saying that much of what Mullins said was true. That is the curious thing about an Anti. You really have to understand what an Anti is to understand my thesis here.
    I first used the term Anti when outing Ezra Pound, which is apropos since Pound was Mullins’ mentor. In that paper, I described an Anti as someone who blackwashes the truth. They tell you the truth and then make it unpalatable to you, making sure you won’t or can’t accept it. Pound was an Intel asset back to college, at first assigned to the fake literature project. But after about 1925 he was reassigned, his job then being to attack Jews, bankers, and the US military. However, his method of attack was curious in that he was instructed to mainly tell the truth. He would be the created opposition, and all those who knew or suspected these truths would gather round him. Only after they had gathered round him would he be brought down. He would be shown to be crazy in any number of ways, and his fall would thereby blackwash the truth. After that, anyone who attacked Jews, bankers, or the US military could be lumped in with Pound, who was by then in a mental Institution rambling on about what a great guy Hitler was.