Eustace Mullins: Communism is Jewish Cabalism — Aug 19, 2017

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A plank in the Communist Manifesto was the establishment of a private central bank. Every country with one will gradually become Communist because the Cabalist Jewish central bankers must extend their fraudulent monopoly over national credit to a total political, economic and cultural monopoly i.e. Communist tyranny. 
Communism is Cabalism, a Satanic cult which inverts reality and morality. It dehumanizes and degrades Jew and non-Jew alike. We have been inducted into this cult. . Just look at the hysterical cult-like reaction to Trump by mainstream media, politicians and corporate CEOs who are all central bankers lackeys. There is very little independent thought or investigation. Say good bye to Western civilization and hello to the NWO.  
Disclaimer- I disagree with Mullins’ assertion that the “parasitism” of the bankers represents all Jews.  I am not a parasite nor is my family nor are many Jews. They work as hard as anyone else. Nor do they know anything about their “religion” or the bankers’ pernicious agenda. I realize that Jews are at the forefront of the NWO but most other Jews are dupes like everyone else. Mullins was a racist in that he imputed certain characteristics to all Jews regardless of their actual beliefs and individual behavior. Amazing how people who feel aggrieved are the first to victimize other innocent parties. 


Mullins’ New History of the Jews 

by Eustace Mullins — (Excerpt by 

With their usual talent for confusing the issues, the Jews have created a number of smokescreens to hide their latest gift to the world, the philosophy of Communism. What is Communism? In some millions of words written on this subject in thousands of books published by the Jews, you will not find the one sentence which will explain Communism — Communism is the modern form of the Jewish collective state.
What are the principles of Communism?
First of all, Communism is international in scope. It denies the principles of national- ism.
Second, Communism denies Jesus Christ and His love for the individual. It also denies the principle of salvation of the soul, which is the basis of all Christian belief.


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