Are Jews White?

Kevin Boyle — No One To Vote For Aug 17, 2017

Trump at 2016 AIPAC conferenceThere is a palpable frenzy in the mainstream news media around the Trump Presidency. Reports have morphed from being merely biased into outright and direct abuse against every word he utters. There is a terror abroad and it isn’t a fear of nasty Muslims or Russians or demented North Korean leaders. One can only conclude that these media people are terrified that Trump might be winning the war in which they are directly and frantically engaged.
The forces of (let’s call them) the establishment don’t seem to understand that Trump is merely a symptom of a problem THAT IS NEVER GOING TO GO AWAY now that the public at large is waking up to the nature of our fraudulent ‘Democracy’. Impeach Trump and they will get something more powerful, more plain-speaking and, possibly, much more horrible.
The usual suspects are very busy creating the conflicts that serve them so well. The ‘Alt Right’ protest in Charlottesville was organised by one Jason Kessler, on record as a supporter of Obama and Clinton and also an ex-member of the ‘leftist’ ‘radical’ Occupy movement….. i.e. the ‘Nazi White Supremacist’ protest was led by an establishment phoney. He has a Jewish-sounding name but hey, maybe the man a Mexican.
What Trump called “The Alt-Left”, the Antifa and other assorted leftists are famously funded by Communist Statist (i.e. globalist) NGOs owned by the likes of George Soros.
Therefore both sides of the Charlottesville confrontation were led by the same people.

The protest and the tragic death that ensued has been UNIVERSALLY used by the media to screech abuse at Trump. CNN is a comical spectacle of wall-to-wall Trump hatred. The presentation gets doubly hysterical when the orange demon steps forward and speaks obvious truth.
Trump said, “We should wait until we know the facts”. The Charlotteville argument looks like one that, in the end, he might win if this report is correct.
The enemy is the finance parasite that ALWAYS attacks its host. It cares nothing for the indigenous people of any country. no more than the blood-thirsty anti-Christian Bolsheviks cared for the peoples of the old Soviet Union that they slaughtered in their tens of millions. It cares nothing for the ethnic minorities whose causes it espouses in order to destroy any coherence in the core population. It hates white culture in the USA and Europe and black culture in Africa. It invades, occupies and steals the loot. It goes by the name of AngloZionism, International Finance, The Military/Industrial Complex, Globalism, Imperialism.
Spiritually, it is Luciferianism.
The leaders of this satanic racket appear to be the faction condemned by Jesus Christ 2000 years ago….the Sanhedrin, the Scribes and the Moneylenders against whom He so severely warned the Jewish people.
At the time some Jews listened, thank God, and built the foundations of western civilisation for the following 1600 years or so.
In the context of the politics of power, which is the struggle for ascendancy between competing interest groups, one thing is pretty clear about Jewish tribal behaviour.
It appears that Jews are not white in any sense other than that is the colour of their skin.
Or are they? Sort it out people. Whose side are you really on? Is this path you allow your leaders to tread going to work out for you guys in the end.
The Soviet Bolshevik hegemony was accurately seen by everybody at the time as a Jewish victory (and a Jewish horror). How did that work out for innocent Jews caught up in Nazi-occupied territories after the Soviet slaughter of the indigenous middle classes? During the weeks after the Soviets were driven out of those territories by the German army they took the blame for everything and suffered revenge on a most horrific scale?
Luciferianism is manned by the cunning moral scum of all nations. They stick Jews out front and centre whether they are its leaders or not. The truth is that we do not know who the real leaders of the enemy forces are. They remain hidden. Most likely they are from all creeds and colours.
Here’s the Question: Is the overt (apparently) Jewish drive for power a sign of Jewish superior intelligence or more likely, perhaps, a sign that the ‘Tribe’ is a collection of spiritually captured idiots?
Today there are Jewish voices in the wilderness … Atzmon, Shamir and others. It is about time they got a wider and fair hearing from their own people. It is getting dangerous for everybody … already.



Teacher (physics/maths), would-be Christian, pro-community, anti-hierarchy.