Donald Trump Acts Presidential while Social Justice Warriors run Amok

Reflections in a Petri Dish — Aug 16, 2017

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Finally Trump did something courageously presidential; something that went contrary to all the efforts of the deep state forces that are trying to paint everyone that disagrees with the ever increasing pressure of the historical revisionists, the sexually dysfunctional, the color coding Nazis, the gender bending lunatics and the aggregate tiny splinter of population, whose needs triumph over those of the much greater majority …because the Satanist say that they should because they represent the destruction of the family unit and all of the core values of a functioning society that stands in the way of bat shit crazy and howling chaos.
He said that both sides represented at Charlottesville were equally wrong and that they were equally responsible for the violence that ensured and oh! Oh the faux, staged and fabricated outrage!!! The self righteous ringing of hands and sanctimonious holier than thou, offended parties, who are Hell Bent on tearing away the underpinning of society that holds us together! It may not have been the best we could collectively come up with but it is nowhere near as bad as those seeking to destroy it say it is, or intend to replace it with.
I’m guessing they are really going to come after him now. I’m guessing he has to have something up his sleeve as well, if he had the stones to come out and say what he did. At the moment, all reasonable voices are silenced. The shrill screeching of the sold out loons and talking heads is deafening. The posturing politicians are working like fevered baboons to outdo one another in their genuflections before the twerking ass of the infernal one. They line up to kiss it every one and there is not a shred of dignity, honor or integrity among them. Little Chuckie Schumer is Lizard King of the Left. There is page after page of him here. I’m guessing you can read to your hearts discontent. Looking at and into the man’s face, I see such extremes of depravity that I can only imagine what I would rather not imagine.
The corruptions stream down from the places of power. They slip into the legislations and the nine preening vultures, perched on the dead branches at the highest court, cackle among themselves as they rubber stamp the death certificate for The Constitution. The government has been hijacked and is sailing for the rocks. The media trumpets and cheerleads for the degradation of humanity. Sanity has completely left the building. What is around the corner? What is around the corner? Where I live there is no sign of the madness I hear about. At any moment a mass awakening may come, or not. It presently slumbers in the hearts of everyone.
Beneath the surface of the earth an incipient trembling shudders in uneasy dreams. The Earth is not pleased with its share of the reverie that comes to it from its contact with the forms that walk upon it. The Earth is a living thing. It knows. The eyes of the residents are fixed upon insubstantial hallucinations and cannot see the invisible forms that have come to feed on their hunger and to inflame it to impossible levels and to hollow them out from within. The fruits of these hungers are rage and despair. The anger goes inward and then the anger comes out. People feel like they have been cheated and old enmities and distorted myths from the past emerge to enrage them. They have been cheated. They thought there was some satisfaction to be gained from certain pursuits but there is none to be had. Guilt is rampant. How did I get in here? How do I get out?
I tell myself that it is all a movie and there have surely been more desperate times. I have read in some detail about the horrors of war and the proliferation of rats among the carrion. The rats always come. During the Iraq-Iranian War the rats grew to be 26 pounds, more or less. Our country was neck deep in that one, as it has been in so many conflicts abroad. The sheer scale of death and torment in any one of them, much less the totality, is beyond the comprehension of any one of us to imagine it. There’s no way to explain war to anyone who hasn’t seen it. Some people are able to compartmentalize the experience. Many cannot. The idea that men in suits, with fountain pens in their hands, orchestrate these conflicts for the purpose of profit is also a difficult image to grasp. How is it possible that they can be like this? What terrible darkness lives in their souls that makes it possible for them to do these things? It is a mystery.
They are not our problem, you and I. Our problem is ourselves. We need to have the faith and certitude to walk through these times, come what may and not sacrifice the important parts that make us human and capable of more than that. What we carry within us is our passport to the worlds beyond. One must understand what this world is, especially in the time that we find ourselves in. It has not always been as it is but what it was is irrelevant unless we are in a position to return it to its former beauty. We’ve had our share of visionaries, Utopians and social reformers who have tried their hand at it and more people have died at the hands of social reformers than just about anyone else.
Too many people are trying to change the world while also seeking to make it in their own image. The problem with that is that they don’t even know who they are in the first place, so the image is, well… rather blurred. This is what we have at the present, a rowdy mob of unbalanced individuals who have no comprehension of the meaning of the word. They lumber about with clubs and swords too heavy to wield, screaming at one another and everyone else about how unfair the world is. They’re not wrong about that… unless fairness means we should all be reduced to the level of incompetent morons; a feat they are determined to pull off and presently appearing, against all reason and rhyme to be on the verge of accomplishing. It’s not going to happen but they are nonetheless inspired by small victories of a certain timely tyranny over everything that is sane and sensible. It makes you wonder at what has made the whole process possible. Enter the ineffable. If you can see the whole of it as something of a joke, it makes it easier to digest. Otherwise it is just horror piled upon horror and makes no sense. However, if you see it as a form of amusement for the ineffable, it begins to make a great deal of sense because it doesn’t make sense in any other way that I have encountered and anyway, that’s what I have been told is happening so I have to go with it.
I’ve been told more than that and it isn’t going to be amusing for some/many, only for those of us who are going to witness it and who aren’t a part of it. That doesn’t make us altogether innocent. It just means that one can only get the humor at a certain distance from the spectacle. Up close it’s not funny at all. So… for whatever the reason that you are at the proper distance it should be worth the experience of seeing it.
Yes… we’ve got some real entertainment on the menu and it is not to be confused with the fare we’ve been subjected to for far too long. It’s also real street theater coming to a sidewalk near you soon. It’s already playing in the more dense urban locations and the hijinks are coming at a relentless pace in the cloistered sections, where the high and mighty engage in their special couplings with what… well, the less we know the better. Here is where tragedy and comedy meet in a special dance or resolution, also called, on occasion, the purpose of demonstration.
It is my wish that you learn to take it all lightly. What possible good will it do to become fearful or depressed, much less angry and hostile? Believe me, at one time or another I have entertained them all to no great advantage or good result. They are no longer welcome where I am. I’ve evicted them all. They were bad house guests is the truth of it. My recommendation is to not let them in.
We’re up for a time of it my friends. The best I can say is that we must let the best of us out and trust that that will be sufficient to the needs of the moment, whatever those needs may be. Surely, the chance of a positive outcome is more likely when the best of us is being expressed than the worst. We’ve only to look around to see what that accomplishes.
Way to go, Donald Trump!!! Gee… I guess the dual nationals and that great big Middle Eastern Crime Syndicate are not going to be happy. I’m guessing the Golda Meir Library in Milwaukee will continue to be named after a mass murderer. It was supposed to be named after the USS Liberty, which Israel sunk, in hopes that it would cause the US to attack Egypt, or just because they could, or some reason even worse. I’m guessing that with no right wing, except in revolutionary settings, back in some rural hill community, where they huddle out of sight from insidious, prying eyes, mention of God will still be made and patriots will speak about a nation they once knew. There are no left wing patriots; only communists and atheists. It’s going be hard for the nation to fly very far in any direction with only one wing. Informed scientific minds tell me it will be flying in circles.
The right wingers won’t be deep in the hills. They will still be able to hear the sounds of the month long, interstate Gay Pride Bacchanal, as it marches from Washington D.C. To LA. There’s talk of a Mathew Perry statue to replace the one of General Lee but there’s also a strong and vocal lobby for John Wayne Gayce, a misunderstood, social justice, trailblazer. I’ve heard that some have suggested a sculpture of Gacy and Richard Dalmer with their arms round one another, symbolizing true social justice warriorhood. Some have said that a group sculpture of them with Randy Kraft (check out the intro just below the title!!!) and Dean Corll with musical instruments and the inscribed tag, “getting the band back together in Hell” would be nice too.
Well… now you know who is running things, as if there was ever a doubt. First look into who is funding the political arms of all these alternative lifestyles and race war efforts. I’m surprised they have the time, what with the War on Christmas and the Christian religion and the Palestinian Genocide; not to mention all those other banker engineered and financed wars everywhere else. The Avatar is coming. Sooner or later, what we could not accomplish for ourselves will be taken care of by one who takes care of such things. In the meantime, live right and keep your inner eye open, there are limits to what the devil’s own can accomplish. Everyone needs permission. You might not think so, given how some stomp around the place with seeming impunity but everyone needs permission, which is something they find out if they mess around where they shouldn’t mess around. “Greater is that which is in you than that which is in the world.” “If God is for me then who can be against me?”
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