Patriot Jim Fetzer Continues to Expose Sandy Hoax — Aug 12, 2017

Prof James Fetzer. Click to enlarge

Prof James Fetzer. Click to enlarge

You’ve got to give the Illuminati credit for continuing to drive home fake news like the Sandy Hook “shooting” five years ago. 
That’s why we owe Prof Jim Fetzer, 76, a vote of gratitude for continuing to challenge their lies. 
To Fetzer’s surprise, when CBS recently revisited this psy op, they did not remove his comments from their website.  He has reiterated his belief that Sandy Hook was a FEMA drill to ban guns and has demanded equal time to reply in full. 
Additional proof that these mass casualty shootings were psy-ops is that there haven’t been any since the election of Donald Trump.

CBS’s 60 Minutes Sandy Hook Sob Story 

by Jim Fetzer — ( 

On Sunday, 6 August 2017, “60 Minutes” rebroadcast a story from last year interviewing parents who claim to have lost children during the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School, which is alleged to have taken place on 14 December 2012 in the Sandy Hook subdivision of Newtown, Connecticut.
My surmise is that they ran the story again in response to the statistical analysis by Carl Herman, which shows that the improbability of having 20 Sandy Hook parents who gave birth at the average age of 36 was about 109.4 quadrillion to 1. Here’s a video about Sandy Hook’s elderly parents:

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