The Transgender Endgame is Transhumanism — Aug 8, 2017

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The ‘Gay’ Agenda is Not Finished

The goal of transhumanism is to use technology to release mankind from the “confines” of nature. It sounds good but, really, it is re-engineering humanity to be slaves. 
Scott Lively relates the history of the homosexual agenda and explains that the goal of transgenderism is to break the natural mold. 
Scott Lively is the co-author with Kevin Abrams of The Pink Swastika, (1995) the definitive account of role of homosexuality in the Nazi Party.

by Dr. Scott Lively — ( 

The ultimate goal of the “gay” movement has always been the elimination of the restrictions on sexual “freedom” imposed by Judeo-Christian civilization.
Others have desired this result, but homosexuals have always pursued it hardest because their sexual appetites deviate furthest from the Biblical “one flesh” norm of lifetime heterosexual monogamy.  For example, male homosexuality was a capital offence under the Mosaic Law, while a limited form of polygamy was discouraged but tolerated. In other words, “gays” have the most to lose under a Biblically-influenced legal and social system and thus the greatest motivation to overthrow it.
The Marquis de Sade, for whom sadism is named, articulated the goal of the gay movement.  Sade’s Philosophy in the Boudoir (1795) called for the decriminalization of sexual crimes, including specifically pederasty (man/boy sex) and sodomy, on the grounds that they were not actually “against nature” as the common law asserted.
Sade was an extreme libertine whose sexual practices included torture and murder. He was sentenced to death (in absentia) in 1772 for sodomizing his manservant and for poisoning prostitutes.  In his time, he was considered a reprobate driven by insanity and/or demonic possession. But today his concept of “sexual freedom” thrives in popular culture throughout the west, thanks primarily to the “gay rights” movement.



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