The Tunnel of Light in the Spider’s Web

Visible Origami – December 4, 2010

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 Need I repeat myself in yet one more way to present the same thing? Well, this time, let’s put it this way, these are strange times to be living in. The degree of ubiquitous criminality, coupled with deified ignorance, multiplied against the carnal face of materialism, has given birth to expressions of twisted and mocking countenances beyond count, with no point in counting them.

 Those of us who are operating outside of these time zones are getting hit by mega-waves of negativity, generated from dark inner plane locations, which are actually the ruling and generating coordinates for all of the crime, ignorance and materialism already spoken of. As one adjusts, the assault is altered. It mutates like some form of cosmic HIV. It’s alive but, undead, might be a better term. It appears to feed on the life force, while what it generates is fear. Where fear doesn’t apply, confusion will do. Where confusion isn’t effective, appetite will serve.

 These locations are like the housing, or the webs of massive spiders, which spread them as if they were they were the largest mono-filament nets of all time. They spread them across the ocean of humanity and between humanity and all of the finer things that are the birthright and inheritance of the awakened being. They separate aggregate humanity from the singular attainments of the exceptional. This exceptional status is not prohibitive to the genus ordinarius. We are all made of dirt animated by spirit. It is the determination and one pointed, unrelenting, unswerving press to the goal that makes anyone exceptional and genius and idiot have the same opportunities across the board. Genius often is defeated by its own sense of greater awareness and knowledge, where an idiot possesses neither of these terrible limitations.

 The labyrinthine corridors of the realm of knowledge have been walked by no living being, in anything approaching completeness. The very possession of a large body of knowledge pushes back the parameters of what is contained therein and widens the possibilities of what can be known. Knowledge always generates more from the possibilities of the unknown, born from the impress of the known. That’s just how it is baby.

 In an age of darkness, present time not excepted, the path of knowledge should be avoided at all costs and as a result, winds up as the road most taken. The twin handmaidens of Vanity and Presumption attend knowledge as it expounds upon the ears of those waiting for their turn to speak. No one is listening and no one hears. Certainly no one understands because, if they did, they would be somewhere else, where the important things are taking place.

 The cruel highway of the initiate in an age of darkness is something to see. They are near exclusively free of companions. They are tried in hotter and darker fires, against the possibilities of the redemption of the rest of humanity in their times. They suffer without rhyme or reason just because it pleases the divine to see how far he can push it. Think I’m kidding? I’m not.

 I feel I must once again add that great quote by HPB;

 “There is a road, steep and thorny, beset with perils of every kind, but yet a road, and it leads to the very heart of the Universe: I can tell you how to find those who will show you the secret gateway that opens inward only, and closes fast behind the neophyte for evermore. There is no danger that dauntless courage cannot conquer; there is no trial that spotless purity cannot pass through; there is no difficulty that strong intellect cannot surmount. For those who win onwards there is reward past all telling—the power to bless and save humanity; for those who fail, there are other lives in which success may come.”

 It is exceedingly tiresome to hear the uninformed make so many judgments upon her while they praise Crowley to the rooftops. Crowley considered all of these types to be fools and obscured what wisdom and insight he possessed in the times when that applied. He had precious little of either in the latter part of his life. The attraction of Crowley is like the attraction of Rajneesh. They cater to particular areas of attraction that are resident in the wider body of humanity. On the one hand you have the promise of power to ascend and rule from a personal sphere of enlightened self-interest. On the other hand you have the promise of unrestricted freedom in everything without cost or censure. Figure it out.

 The population figures of those known for attainment, compared with those who are anonymous in their achievements, tends to indicate that anonymous far exceeds those whose names are known to us. In those cases where names are made to be known it is often a burden taken up for the purpose of demonstration and something given to those most in need of making it real. Those known find the blessed anonymity in their surrender of all that their times and history seek to confer on them. Those who are anonymous have their names set in lights for generations beyond count. I direct your attention to the stars of Heaven.

 The tragedy of all great masters- and The Christ would be a particularly strong example- is that their message is so seldom understood by their followers and more likely abused and defiled in the act of worship and testimony. The thundering hypocrisy of the rank and file, along with those who herd them toward the lands in which they seek to rule, must cause the tears of the liberated to fall and feed the secret womb of sorrow that demands yet one more sacrifice of birth again and again.

 Earth and its mysteries and obvious states, are eternal. It moves from light to darkness and back again …but it is generally a land of the temporary and the mortal. It is filled with wonders that are ignored and treated like refuse. It is reduced to servitude and prostitution, as if somehow, everlasting virtue could ever be corrupted or compromised. Those who attempt it only profane themselves.

The Earth sees and feels everything that happens upon her resplendent and reclining form and she is the certain and unavoidable source of punishment and reward in her kingdom. Failure to recognize and revere her cannot be overcome by anything else that you might imagine you could perform. She can be conversed with and grants intimacy to those proven to be of the worth of her company. She is the bower of understanding and all magic of the higher arc in natural exposition, without the need of any stand alone performance. She is protection absolute and the relentless Hell Bitch of all time in the pursuit of those who defame her being, her children, her friends and lovers and her gifts. Mark my words.

 The divine is the active potentiator of every lasting state and every sincere request. It is on the footstool of Earth that the human heart can unite the two and seat them equally within the vast and only ever partially explored reaches of its potential. The appearance of imbalance between two states of equal importance is the cause of much mischief and travail. Not knowing who to see about what can be a real problem. There are many statements and declarations about what is the single most important thing that can be realized in the pursuit of the divine; immortality in the blessed spheres, liberation for all time and the cessation of all personal suffering forever and what I have long believed the most important… the presence of the divine conferred through persistent request. I now believe that to be chosen as a friend of the divine is the greatest accomplishment to be had.

 I have seen some small portion of what is contained in this unspeakably great gift and I would not compare it with anything. I would add that all the rest comes as a reflex addition, to an ever widening whole that cannot be fully explored by the recipient, through all the vastness of the ages. The divine routinely walks in many locations and selects his or her companions for these outings. Those who are so named and known as a friend can attend at any time without invitation. It takes certain particular qualities to be chosen as a friend of the divine and each heart must inquire after the means. Certainly seeking that condition above all others would be the primary step. Certainly loving the divine more than anything and everything else put together would also serve.

 Dark times offer tremendous potential. We weep and bemoan our state and the relentless persistence of our persecutions and difficulties, while failing to acknowledge what is possible and certain for those who combine all of this into a tribute to and a celebration of the divine. We fail consistently by not recognizing what is freely given and by not wanting it enough. This is a time of remarkable potential for those seeking to awaken to their capacity to succeed at the greatest work of all. Take it for what it’s worth.

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