Tranny Activist Blames Christian Activist for Election Loss — Aug 4, 2017

Omorgane Oger.

Omorgane Oger.

In the May provincial election in British Columbia, Morgane Oger, left, almost became the first transsexual to win elected office. 
Oger lost by only 400 votes to Sam Sullivan, a former Mayor of Vancouver
During the campaign, Bill Whatcott issued a pamphlet that challenged the transgender rights movement and the notion that people can change genders. 
Oger has complained to the BC Human Rights Tribunal that Whatcott  undermined his campaign and is guilty of “hate.” 
Makow comment– Compelling people by law to recognize and accept someone’s “sex change” or genderless state is destined to become a hot issue.
Homosexuality is now actively promoted in the media as normal and a “human right.” Transsexuality will follow the same route. This is not a fad. Transsexuals may become as common as gays. People who can’t make it as one gender will be encouraged to try another. Children are already given sex changing hormones.
A satanic cult controls and exploits its members by making them sick. In a society ruled by a satanic cult, mental illness  (gender dysphoria) is treated as healthy and normal.
Psychiatrist- Transgenderism is Mental Illness
Pediatrician- Transgender Ideology is Child Abuse

by Bill Whatcott — ( 

Ronan Oger (birth name) but now calling himself “Morgane” Oger after he allegedly “came out” as a woman, takes to Twitter whining about my election flyers and is using state organs such as the BC Human Rights Tribunal to punish me for calling him a biological male during the last provincial election and for publicly saying God does not approve of his lifestyle and did not want Vancouver – False Creek voters to vote for him.
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