The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Old London Town

Introduction — Aug 3, 2017

In order to begin to begin to understand the scale of the problems facing us, all persons of good intent must revisit and critically re-examine the officially endorsed narratives supporting the events of 9/11, Auschwitz “human gas chambers” and other consciousness-directing assumed realities that are used to define our modern political universe.
The fact that the ‘truth’ regarding these events is not open for debate should, in itself, serve as a red flag for anybody with an eye for historical precedent. It was Hitler who said that it was very hard for a politician to get away with telling a small lie because everybody tells such lies but, “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”
If what we have been told about 9/11, about “human gas chambers”, about London 7/7 and other such ‘events’ is false then the assumptions from which our thinking proceeds will inevitably lead us to FALSE conclusions.
If this is truly the case (and it is) then the situation is surely desperate, however comfortable we feel about reality or, conversely, whatever we think of Donald Trump or any ‘ism’ out there that we look to for salvation.
There can be no salvation for humanity without TRUTH.
TRUTH is primary. Only the truth can begin to set us free.
Our future is at stake. The imposition of taboos and the silencing of fair and open debate on any important issue cannot and must not be tolerated.
“Fair and open debate”, by the way, does not include watching experts on mainstream media outlets disagreeing (or pretending to disagree) with each other. All such broadcasts observed so far have been, at best, exercises in ‘limited hangout’ wherein important questions and genuine anomalies are raised whilst participants carefully avoid the necessary heart of the matter … such as the killing proof that nails a case or the identification of persons and parties responsible for the lies and crimes under discussion.
So, the reader is urged to educate him or herself on the hard scientific facts of each controversy before believing any narrative, official or otherwise, especially if a narrative heavily serves the interest of a particular dominant group.

To Those Who Already Understand The Above

Ordinary people, who rage against the world’s injustice, against the monstrous power and crimes of the ‘deep state’ that direct our collective destiny, are at a great disadvantage when we try to imagine challenging the adversary. Our main problem is this.
The enemy knows what it wants and has a plan, very detailed yet ever-flexible, to achieve it.
We don’t know what we want and consequently can neither formulate a goal nor organise a program to back up its implementation.
The enemy wants total power. One-world government under a single centralised banking system.
There are many documents in the public domain that openly admit this ambition for global dominance and which describe detailed methods and protected mechanisms for achieving it.
…. But what do we want?
Those who oppose the will of the western deep state constitute a broad church. From isolated and despairing individuals battering their keypads or lost in their physical indulgences to those who would blow themselves to smithereens in exchange for eternity in the company of 72 virgins. However, between extremes of mental illness there remain many millions of us who retain our capacity for rational and well-intentioned thought.
Every individual, every family, every community, every nation can recognise self-sufficiency as a desirable goal.
Yet we are signed up by our leaders to a project labelled ‘globalism’ which increasingly destroys society’s ability to sustain itself and makes us ever more enslaved to the international financiers that co-ordinate global systems and to the debt imposed on everybody, including our so-called governments.
Thus it is obvious that the primary objective of our system is to serve the interests of our financial masters. Not only this, but it is designed to lock all societies into permanent enslavement to this same plutocracy.
We have arrived at a stage in history where many millions of us can see this clearly.
And we don’t like it.
But we cannot correct our situation until we, like our enemy, decide on a goal and set about achieving our own aims.
The following suggests the declaration of such a goal and lays out a clear plan for achieving its implementation.
Its presentation is formatted in the style and under the chapter headings of the original and famous ‘Protocols of Zion’ with which many readers will be familiar. Simple inversion of every detail of the original suffices to produce what the author considers a satisfactory narrative towards a future that offers a possibility of collective peace, contentment and enlightened progress towards a genuinely sovereign and self-defined destiny.
God bless you all,
August 2017


Protocol 1     Natural Law, The Basic Doctrine


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