British MP Sacked for Pro-Palestinian Remarks

Days after expressing an understanding for what motivates Palestinian suicide bombers, Jenny Tonge, the British Member of Parliament has been sacked.

The Liberal Democrat leader bowed to international anger and sacked his spokeswoman for children yesterday after she said that she would consider being a suicide bomber if she were a Palestinian.
In a brief telephone conversation he dismissed Jenny Tonge, the former Liberal Democrat spokeswoman for international development, after the Israeli Government condemned her comments as “deeply immoral”.

Dr Tonge, 62, who is to stand down as MP for Richmond Park at the next election, provoked outrage from the Conservatives and Labour Friends of Israel after telling a pro-Palestinian lobby on Wednesday that she could sympathise with terrorists.

If nothing else it is a measure of Zionist control over the political process, in a constitution allegedly founded on the principle of “free speech”.