US orders all American passport holders out of North Korea by September 1

Steve Robson — The Daily Mirror Aug 2, 2017

Dees test

The US has ordered all US passport holders to leave North Korea by September 1.

Americans who want to travel to the secretive state will have to obtain special validation from now on.

And they will only be granted in “limited circumstances”, US authorities said.

It comes as US relations with North Korea have deteriorated since the election of Donald Trump.

Tensions between the two countries have been growing and the US recently tested its ballistic missile intercept system in Alaska.

In response leader Kim Jong-un warned the US it would not be safe from destruction if it tries to attack.

One Republican said Donald Trump has told him there will be a war with North Korea if the rogue nation does not end its missile programme.

“He has told me that. I believe him,” Senator Lindsey Graham told TODAY.

“If I were China, I would believe him, too, and do something about it.”


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