Hand grenade attacks have increased sharply

Jimmy Kirvesmäki — Translated with Google translate from SVT Sweden Aug 3, 2017

The number of attacks using a hand grenade as a weapon has increased significantly in Sweden in three years. In 2014, the police had eight reported cases. By 2016, the figure was almost sevenfold.

“It is an entirely unacceptable situation for Sweden, which is also different from other countries in Europe,” says an expert at the National Police Department, Noa.

Using a hand grenade like weapons is becoming more common in Sweden. Last night a grenade was detonated in a parking lot in the middle of a residential area in Halmstad.

Police figures show that there were eight reported cases pertaining to hand grenade attacks in 2014, but according to statistics none of them detonated. Last year the figure was 52, of which more than half of them, 27, detonated.

“Of course, we are serious about it. It is an entirely unacceptable situation for Sweden, which also differs from other countries in Europe when it comes to hand grenade attacks by criminals, says an expert at the National Police Department, Noa, who wants to be anonymous.

Does it mean there are more hand grenades here?

– It is not possible to say that there are more here than in other countries in Europe. But you can find that they are used here in a way that you do not see in any other country in Europe. We distinguish ourselves extremely.

“Children have found hand grenades”

In the first place, the attacks have been directed against cars or homes that are somehow linked to a criminal or relative. But in 2015, the police saw that criminals began to turn to targets that had no direct connection to gang conflicts.

“Something we’re looking at as very worrying is that in 2015 we saw that we started throwing grenades against both social offices, police stations and police officers. Then they began to care for the state and society.

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As the hand grenade attacks have increased, it has also been seen how innocent people suffered.

– An address may have been mistaken for innocent families where there are children and you have hidden hand grenades at playgrounds. We have examples of where children have found grenades. It’s rather surprising that no more have died, says the expert at Noa.

Available throughout the country

The police also find out that it is not a big city problem, but criminal networks across the country may have access to hand grenades. A picture shared by the police in Halmstad where the latest grenade attack in the country occurred.

– Yes. Even if the supply is not as good as in the big cities, this is also clear, says Peter Hejdström, Head of the Investigation Division in Halmstad.

Unstable grenades

According to the police, all of the hand grenades seized or detonated in recent years came from former Yugoslavia and most were models called M75 and M52.

“Most grenades are old. They can be stable, but you do not know because you have no idea how they were stored. The bomb guard has found that they are unstable.

Holding a hand grenade means the police can therefore be associated with life danger.

“Must get a better grip”

The increase believes the police have five main factors to do. It is both about availability, the cheap price and a “john john” effect.

“When someone dares take that step, other criminals dare to dare to do otherwise.

How should you get the numbers pointing down?

“It’s about collaborative things from different parts of society. Of course, we need to get a better grip on the availability of reducing access, and we must do that with other countries, “said the expert at the Police National Operations Department. (Or, rather than the official double-talk, Sweden could simply try controlling the influx of migrants into the country, as the problem only arose after its borders were opened. Ed.).

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