In Times of Universal Deceit, People Too Often can no Longer Tell if they are Lying or Not

Visible Origami — July 30, 2017

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In these times of material darkness, on the lip of the fall into a nova force transitioning of The Apocalypse, I’d like to do a reversal on that singular quote by the inimitable George Orwell; “in a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” Let us say also, “in a time of universal deceit, people can often no longer tell if they are lying or not.”
There is a reason why so many people live in deceiving mindsets and on deceptive terms. I could link together trends of generational change from one to the next but… one example should serve and if it doesn’t then we will add more. Let’s look at the 80’s when the ‘me factor’ came into full bloom. This was the age of Wall Street excess. This was the time when traders went to the Four Seasons and other places and snorted coke off their table and ordered $2000.00 bottles of wine for lunch, just because they could. Conspicuous Excess was the name of the game. That is where it began to surface in visible form. Sure, the bankers and their parasite associates have been at it for a long while; the Federal Reserve act of 1913 comes to mind. Then there was the banker orchestrated Great Depression of 1929. These two events are directly linked.
Mark Taibbi who is one of the better writers on the subject has had a lot to say. This is a more recent example of the continuing and ongoing corruptions of the type.
But I digress… it was during the aforementioned time of the 80’s. The ensuing generations became indoctrinated into the ‘me first, you later maybe’ mindset. In a way you could say that the size of the population has a lot to do with it. The more people there are the harder it is to know who you are and to stand out as an individual in any significant way. It accounts for the billions of tattoos that turn people into graffiti billboards so they look like the other millions of human billboards. I know it is subjective but these tattoos look terrible and now they are tattooing their faces. It accounts for the millions of piercings and ever and ever more bizarre sexual expressions because the undeveloped human ego has no way to present itself as itself, never even bothering to look inward and find itself where it actually is. It accounts for all the angry people waving signs under the direction of their paymaster George Soros and his demonic kin. The future does not look good for a large number of people. The fierce magnetism of material attraction is like moths to a candle flame. It is a suicidal insanity. It is prima facie evident. The first impression is right. It may lack in details but those come upon reflection.
Recently I have been under attack by one of the multitude of New Age types who never have a problem talking about something they have no familiarity with at all. The comments section here shows the progression of our interaction. Right off the bat I will admit that I probably didn’t handle it as well as I could have. Then it went into personal attack mode on her part because she thought I was attacking her blog which I did not do but people don’t read very carefully. I had only seen her blog briefly (winding up there by accident) so I went by to take a deeper look. Maybe I could understand what it is that motivates someone to launch this kind of diatribe where nothing has anything to do with the original subject and that was the presumption that all of professional football was fixed, which I disagreed with. Then I was accused of something that, like everything else in the exchange, is never made clear, about Zen Gardner. Then I got an email saying she has confused me with someone else. It’s been painful to watch and experience. You know how it is when you get into a back and forth with someone and the truth proves to be unimportant to the exchange? It becomes utterly futile. Anyway, I went to her site and at the top of the page on the right is a “quote” from, ‘higher self’. Then you go to the bottom on the right and you see some kind of channeled Q&A; it isn’t clear who is involved in the exchange and then you go to the bottom and you see the About Me section and it all becomes clear.
Like thousands before her in the New Age Matrix she has now created something that will save us all; “To answer this need I developed EmoAlchemy – a variation of the ancient mystery school teachings. Like the alchemy of old which involved the transmutation of base metals into gold, taking full advantage of the current Ascension offerings requires the turning of base emotional states into (the gold of) higher frequency ones. It means constantly reviewing, releasing and integrating imbalanced parts of yourself in order to have a physically-successful effect on your biology, subsequently ‘awakening’ your dormant DNA. And part of what we’re needing to survive Earth’s rising frequencies at this time.” From this I intuited that it was going to develop into ‘business as usual’. Sadly I was right, cause I then found this in the profile, “Because I can’t help Self alone, I’m offering a range of services to this effect. This includes one-on-one counsellings, readings and group work. My spare time is spent: Developing my two decades long unfinished novel, improving my photographic skills and escaping on travel assignments. Still waiting to be commissioned on interplanetary/Inner Earth assignments, though 🙂 My motto of the moment: ‘I’m considered perfectly sane – on my home planet of Sirius B’!” Yes, there’s a map of the hollow Earth at the bottom of the page too.
At the top of the page you find the term, “Weekly Pearl of Wisdom” referring to her own statements. On the whole it paints a pretty clear impression of what has become ubiquitous in this field of endeavor. Here is the whole problem with the new age. They remove God from the equation and replace God with themselves. This has never worked and it never will work and it brings me full circle to the 80’s and the viral madness of the time and how it has continued to go on and on and there can be no good end to all of this. It can make one despair for what seems to lie ahead. Today I saw a fake news poll by the Zionist owned and run Reuters news service. That’s absurd, especially because one of the reasons that Trump did what he did in the first place is because in the military services and in the general public, there is an overwhelming support for taking the tranny-thing out of the military.
Personally I am not selling some latest version of New Age Coca Cola. I’m not selling anything. I’m giving it away like I always do, except for novels (new one due this fall) and music and I give those away too, to anyone who can’t afford them through PDF’s and thumbdrives, which I either have to take the time for or pay for and put in the mail. I don’t mind and I hope I will always have the means to continue in this regard. I’ve got my flaws and I’m working on them. One of the reasons I publicize things that happen like this latest, is in the hope that some clarity will evolve and maybe people will get a clue about what they are really up to. The chances are slim because people have become so programmed in defense of their self interest that anything which throws a light on their enterprises pushes them into full false self defense mode. It is becoming increasingly clear to me that it is pointless to reason with certain people and even more pointless to argue with them. No matter how precisely you delineate to people the fallacies in their position and their lack of facts, they just weasel off in another direction and never address the actual issue that is under discussion. How do you make sense to someone who claims to channel one of the hardest working men in invisible show bidness, The Count De St. Germain?
To get someone to see what they are up to you have to be able to bypass their investment in the false self they have constructed to give themselves validity. The problem is that the majority of their investment is in this segment of fabricated self. If it gets removed they don’t know who they are and if it gets bypassed they think you are talking to someone else. I went looking for channeling St Germain for a fee. Man! Where does he find the time? Here is a problem I have and it is a real problem. I haven’t been able to find or fake the patience and tolerance necessary for me to be understanding of these people. I have a real problem with defrauding people for money under spiritual pretenses. I wish I were wiser or more evolved and the fact is that I am not.
I’m thinking maybe I should stop writing these blog entries for awhile. I’ve been putting up one a day now for awhile, with the occasional lapse and I’m thinking they are less appreciated in volume. It looks that way anyway. If I just put up something every couple of weeks or once a month, maybe that is better all around. This way I can finish my other project a great deal quicker too. I’m mentioning this in case you don’t see me for awhile. If I don’t measure what I do against the level of interest involved then I am a fool.
Perhaps this is the right time to make a general announcement, if you are a proponent of the new age it is probably a good idea for us not to have anything to do with each other, our values, ideas and aspirations are far too dissimilar to result in anything useful between us. In this location the emphasis is on the ineffable, not on ourselves. In this location we believe that we are mere servants and have no interest in being anything else. In this location we would prefer to keep the focus on the one who makes it all possible in the first place. We’re not interested in much else except in passing; like a curiosity held up to the light and considered for a brief space of time with the caveat, “isn’t that interesting.” after which we put it down where we found it and forget about it. Only the ineffable holds any importance for us here. Temporary things like football season are just that; occasional amusements that have their moment and then fade into a deserved obscurity. We mean no censure and no ill toward any other living thing. We are just trying to find our way in this world on our way to another. Nothing that goes on here has any meaning for us unless it has to do with that process. There’s no getting around talking about everything under the sun at one point or another here but to presume that any of it have more than a transitory or relative importance would be a mistake. It’s all a dream. One day we will awaken, some of us sooner than others.
At some point the ineffable will gather all creation back into itself and go into a state of rest until the time comes to expand forth into another series of dramas in which the separate pieces pursue their author and are pursued by their author for the purpose of experience and… ultimately, realization. It’s all a strange love affair that spans very impressive lengths of time. May good fortune attend you all on your way.
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