Dykes versus kikes: When victims fall out

Irish Savant — July 29, 2017

Did you see where some Jewish lesbians were ejected from Chicago’s Dyke March for brandishing Stars of David/‘Pride’ flags? One report (in I think the Jerusalem Post) juxtaposed a picture of the ejected and dejected dykes with a group of concentration camp inmates. I quite literally laughed out loud. And have you heard the story of Professor Brett Weinstein of Evergreen University in Washington? He’s the guy who objected to being excluded from campus by minorities because he’s White. ‘But I’m not White!’ he protests, ‘I’m Jewish, an oppressed minority like you’. Too bad, the other oppressed minorities didn’t appreciate the distinction and the Prof was metaphorically thrown under the bus by both students and administration. He’s now suing the university for nearly $4 million.
truth at havard harvardOy vey, the sufferink! What’s happening to the Most Oppressed People Ever (MOPE)? What’s happening is that the brilliant Jewish wheeze whereby they played both sides of ‘being White’ has run out of road. But what a wheeze it was. Best of both worlds. Playing the White card enabled them to get away with being vastly over-represented in finance, media, universities and politics. For instance Jews are over-represented by a factor of about 10 in Harvard but disguise this by appearing in the White cohort. Then, cuckoo-like, pushing out actual Whites who are under-represented by a similar ratio. In addition playing White enables them to pass self-serving and anti-White legislation (‘hate’, human rights, immigration) under the guise of universal altruistic principles and to infiltrate and subvert genuinely pro-White organisations.
It’s history repeating itself. They had a good thing going but pushed and pushed until they generated blow-back. Their scheming has created an America where blacks, Hispanics and Asians are displacing Whites at a stunning rate. Which was the whole idea. The problem is that their Frankenstein monsters have no sympathy for or affinity with Jews. They don’t – unlike Whites – buy into their bogus victim narrative ….in fact they see them as representing the worst aspects of White privilege. As the self-proclaimed progressive and Cultural Marxist Prof. Weinstein will now ruefully testify. In any event there are so many vibrants in the West now – thanks to immigration ‘reform’ – that they feel free to put ‘people who look like them’ in power. And Jews don’t look lie them.
Hostile Indians (feather) are coming over the hill from the other side as well. The ‘all Whites as evil oppressors’ meme has become too successful and is now leading to blow-back from Whites, fed up with the vilification and ever-increasing demands of  non-White victim groups. Trump’s election is but one symptom, in part reflecting the increasing White understanding of the treachery visited upon them by their hostile elites.
It’s an exquisite irony that Jews are now impaled on a hook of their own making. They should have learned that apparatchiks were the first victims of the Red Revolution. How will they respond? Well one response will be to increasingly identify as White. We can see this already with the likes of Michael Savage, Milo whats-his-name, Stefan Molyneux and an awful lot more. Whites should welcome loose tactical alliances but must be aware of the infiltrate and subvert strategy which could see us lose control of our movement the way Jews are now losing control of theirs.
Unlike them make sure that we actually do learn from history.



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