Goyim are Animals- The Talmudic NWO

henrymakow.com — July 28, 2017

non-jews talmud quoteA constant feature of the New World Order is that human beings are animals and we are defined by our animal desires.
There is a consistent denial of God, or that human beings have a connection to God through our souls. Why is this?
Animals have no rights. 
Our connection to God is what defines us as human, rather than animal. It is the basis for “human” rights.
NWO Communism seeks to dispossess us. It takes away our human identity, (race, religion, gender and nation) our children, and finally, our property.
Now, where else do we find a denial of our humanity?
The Talmud states only Jews partake of God. All non-Jews are animals.  
While the vast majority of Jews don’t know the Talmud and don’t hold this view, it definitely is held by many Israelis toward Palestinians. Furthermore, it is held by the Satanists who govern the NWO. Humanity’s tragic experience has been profoundly influenced by people who hate us.
Rabbi Menachem Schneerson, 1902-1994 who preached Jewish supremacy. Click to enlarge

Rabbi Menachem Schneerson, 1902-1994 who preached Jewish supremacy. Click to enlarge

One of Judaism’s central statements, the Talmud, is Hate Literature. You have to hand it to Jews who are always condemning others for hatred and racism. Their holy manifesto is the worst hate and racism imaginable!!  They accuse others of the crimes they are most guilty of. That’s their camouflage.
I think Jews would be liberated if they accepted the unpleasant fact that collectively the Jewish Enterprise is flawed, to put it mildly.
Based on outcome, (i.e. what they are doing, not what they are saying)  the agenda of Organized Jewry is satanic and ultimately jeopardizes the security of all Jews. 
Needless to say, this agenda has long ago spread throughout the fabric of society via Freemasonry. This is why we have perpetual war; why we’re encouraged to indulge and explore our animal nature, why we’re dumbed down rather than raised up.
Jewish Racism towards Non-Jews as expressed in the Talmud   (Jews always deny the authenticity of quotes like these or say they were taken “out of context.” Make up your own mind.)

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