The Feminist Formula for Killing Love — July 26, 2017

curefeminismA woman’s love for a man is expressed as trust. By attacking this trust, feminists kill love. 
Masculinity is defined by Power. Femininity is defined by Love. Heterosexual marriage involves the exchange of female worldly power for male power expressed as love. This requires “trust.”
I have written on this subject  for 15 years but periodically the truth resounds again with greater clarity. If our culture wasn’t controlled by Communists (Satanist bankers), my book Cruel Hoax: Feminism and the NWO would be a bestseller. We are being deliberately subverted.
Woman loves a man by surrendering her worldly power and putting her trust in him. Female love is epitomized by trust. If she doesn’t trust him, she doesn’t love him. This is how two people become one in marriage. A husband “possesses” his wife; this is symbolized and consecrated by the sex act.
Communist bankers use feminism to destroy love, marriage and family. They teach women to seek power instead of surrendering it. This is lesbian since masculinity is defined by power. Women get love by surrendering power. Instead of becoming one, man and woman compete for power.
A constant drumbeat of propaganda (infidelity, domestic violence, sexual harassment etc.) disparages men and teach women NOT to trust them. Women are taught to be self-seeking, and promiscuous. By killing trust, they have killed love. This is the feminist formula for purging the world of love.
Communism is Satanism, and until we realize we are under daily occult attack, we will be helpless to defend ourselves.
The difference between an alpha and beta man is that an Alpha Male convinces a woman to do what he wants. He makes her want to be his. A Beta Male hopes she’ll love him if he does what she wants. A Beta Male can never satisfy a woman.
But a woman must choose to belong (surrender) to her husband. And, of course, a husband must first earn her trust (through courtship) and keep it.
Feminism cries out for “equality.”  Equality does not mean the same. Men and woman have different needs. Men need power; women need love. Heterosexual love is the exchange of the two.
Below are excerpts from a 2013 essay by a man who accurately describes the damage done in the real world by feminism.

How Feminism Destroys Femininity in Women and Love

“Woman is a violent and uncontrolled animal… If you allow them to achieve complete equality with men, do you think they will be easier to live with? Not at all. Once they have achieved equality, they will be your masters.”
– Cato the Elder


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