Kesha’s Video “Praying” is Said to Be “Liberating” … It is Actually About Her Remaining an Industry Slave

Vigilant Citizen — July 25, 2017

Kesha praying

While Praying is said to be a “liberating” song that addresses Kesha’s painful past with her producer Dr. Luke, the video tells a whole other story. Indeed, through symbolism, the video implies that Kesha is still an industry slave … because that’s what she actually is.
For years, Kesha has been displaying all of the “symptoms” of a music industry slave. At an early age, the singer got locked into an airtight contract with Sony Music, under Dr. Luke’s label Kemosabe. Since then, she’s had little to no control over her professional career and personal life.
Like most industry slaves, Kesha’s work has been replete with elite symbolism and infused with a foul, dehumanizing agenda. For example, her 2012 video Die Young (analyzed in this article), featured the singer repeating “We’re gonna die young” as satanic images flashed on screen. The entire thing was so blatant that even mainstream magazines such as Billboard had to admit that the video was all about Illuminati symbolism:
“According to Billboard, the video is a shout-out to the  Illuminati. Occult  symbols ubiquitously associated with the secret society such as the all-seeing eye of Horus, inverted crosses, pentagrams, and  triangles pervade the video.”
– Wikipedia, Die Young
As if to confirm the bad omen of the song, Die Young was released only days prior to the Sandy Hook shooting, causing the song to become the most inappropriate thing to play on radio at that time. Shortly after the generalized ban of the song, Kesha posted an extremely revealing tweet (which was deleted shortly after):

ke$ha tweet

Kesha wrote in capital letters that she was FORCED TO sing those lyrics. She was also forced to appear in that video.
This single tweet was a prelude to a massive battle that ensued between Kesha and Dr. Luke – the man who literally owns her.

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