The Olaf Palme “Murder” – Cover for Elite Depravity? — July 22, 2017

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Olaf Palme was Prime Minister of Sweden from 1982 until his assassination in 1986.  As a steadfast supporter of numerous third world liberation movements including Cuba and Palestine, there were many people who wanted him dead. However the key to his assassination, if there actually was one, may have been the corruption and decadence of Sweden’s Masonic elite.
“The family members are covering up the real truth about the murder; they have been amply rewarded by the Swedish state in terms of jobs and honors.”

by Swedish Patriot — (

One of the greatest deceptions against the Swedish people was the “Palme murder” in 1986. According to the official story, he was shot in the back by a lone drug addict walking home from a cinema with his wife, Lisbeth.
Anyone a bit versed in the cover ups by the world rulers know that murders of Prime Ministers are orchestrated.
For instance, all bodyguards were sent home by Palme himself hours before the murder. In Sweden, the secret police and the normal police seem to be utterly corrupt and those not corrupted seem to disappear.
Just to give you a few examples, the Swedish Ambassador to France Carl Lidbom who was asked to head the investigation stated: “It is best for all involved if the murder of Olof Palme is never solved.”
The chief police investigator of the Palme murder, Hans Holmén, stated: “If the truth of the Palme murder came out, it would shake Sweden in its foundations.”



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