These Times are Shit Brushed with Rainbows in the Ghost Light of a Neon Nightmare

Reflections in a Petri Dish — July 21, 2017

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I’ve been in a kind of isolated and confused state; not isolated from what I care about and not confused about anything that has any lasting meaning to me, just isolated from the world around me and confused at what I see taking place. As is usually the case in my life, I get leadings that I may not recognize as such until I’ve taken the necessary steps and am involved in what I got led into and the reason for it surfaces. Sometimes I think that I came up with something on my own, or there was some kind of accidental serendipity that came to pass when I know there are no accidents but the mind is a funny thing and it serves a dual purpose so long as we are divided against ourselves for whatever the reason may be and sometimes the reason is divinely scripted for the results that are yet to come to pass so… sometimes we are limited and in situations we would not have put ourselves in because we didn’t put ourselves in that situation. We got put in that situation because of what is meant to come out of it and because we will always be limited by comparison with what is leading us… depending on what is leading us. If it is the ineffable then… yeah. If it is not then we are in trouble sooner or later.
So… I’ve been watching the world go by and seeing the level of ignorance and depravity, sycophancy, celebrity worship… bad movies, bad music, so many features of the present manifest world that have degenerated to such a degree that I am stunned and amazed that it is still holding together …in Stage 4 of course but the sense of limbo has gone on for so long now, I had no idea that the fall could go on and on and on like it has and simply hover over the abyss as if it were waiting for some command to drop out of sight… Right… of course.
That leading led me to Manly Palmer Hall’s “The Secret Teachings of All Ages.” I’ve read portions over the years but never read the book comprehensively. It’s a big book and it is extremely dense. I picked it and opened it to around Page 173 and a lot of it comprised some of the denser portions of the book but I just kept on reading and got to Page 205 (was it 205?) and the chapter on Pythagoras and his theories on Music and Color. The profundity of Pythagoras never dawned on me before. I knew about him but he was labeled and filed in my mind with ‘the music of the spheres’. I hadn’t known what a giant he was in the minds of all the deep thinkers who came after. I hadn’t known so many details and incidents in his teachings and his life.
I learned that the music and movies of the times are no accident and I learned how deeply the state and composition of the music of the times affects the minds and behavior of the people who occupy it. I learned that architecture is crystallized music as Goethe once said. I see the world formed out of the affecting elements of the culture. I can see this so clearly now and not being able to see it is what was responsible for isolating and confusing me. I’m still isolated by choice but I am no longer confused. The amusing thing is that I already knew these things but not from a workable perspective. I knew them but yet I did not.
So many truths and perspectives flowed into my mind out of the images that were born out of this leading. What I learned about the ancient cultures in just a few days is astounding to me. We are really in a dark age and that might come across as depressing but I suspect it is not. It is in times of darkness that the light appears and that is what I thirst after more than anything else. It is horribly depressing for those who are so caught up in the thralls of the Satanic press for dominance but there is yet the possibility of light for all who will avail themselves of it.
I hesitate to attempt to write about what Pythagoras and his imitators and interpreters have said. The beauty and complexity of it is so great that I am quite sure I would fall short, certainly at this moment without a further absorption and distillation of what I have read so far and not even read yet.
For years I studied in the occult and metaphysical fields, actually it has been decades. It used to be my whole world. When I fell into the realms of matter because I made a few bad life choices, much of what I lived by and pursued with a tremendous passion, fell by the wayside. It dropped out of view. I still had these following along with me in the back seat but they were no longer riding shotgun. I’ve blamed myself for a long time for certain departures in thought and behavior, never realizing it was all set up to happen for good reason; reasons I wasn’t privy to because I wouldn’t have suffered as I did or learned what I needed to learn. I would have skated on the knowledge that I was covered all along and that what I was passing through was not orchestrated by me but is all part of the story that is roadmap left in the passage, just as is the case with each of us. The only difference in my case is that years ago someone took responsibility for me. I don’t know the details and I have yet to put a name to the persona, except that it was most assuredly an expression of divinity. As good as that may be in an eternal and cosmic sense, it came with a lifetime of suffering to a calculated end. Be careful what you ask for.
It is perhaps the most difficult thing I have ever attempted; what I am attempting now; to explain something without further confusing the issue because certain things are becoming crystal clear to me and they were already clear and that is what makes it so difficult. I could say it was only a simple adjustment in perspective and that would be correct but it is much more than that.
A couple of weeks ago the ineffable came into my mind, or it was an agent of the ineffable? It doesn’t matter, a clear channel is a direct line. The ineffable said, “I want to tell you ahead of time that I am going to be coming more fully into you and that is going to mean a lot of change and I want you to be aware of this ahead of time.” I thought this was wonderful because it has been the single condition I have after all my life. There have been any number of things wrong with me. My unpredictable behavior comes to mind as does my massive intake of comestibles to create circumstances of contact that I hadn’t yet earned and which I would only get a temporary taste of anyway but I am a junkie in that regard, even a taste for me is like water in the desert. This may be hard for many to understand but it made perfect sense to me. When a thirst for God is awakened in the human heart it becomes unquenchable. It becomes a fire that consumes everything until nothing but the flame is left. I should have been more disciplined but something tells me certain features of my undisciplined behavior are appreciated if not approved at the highest level.
In the time that followed my being told what was going to happen, a sense of great unease descended upon me. Everything in my heart and mind went sideways. I could not believe how difficult the simple act of every day life could become. I went through it. This was all internal shit. Nothing was happening in my outer life. That is important to say. For whatever the reason, probably divine interference, I didn’t go to the ineffable about it. I just went through it. Then the ineffable came to me yesterday and said, “How is it that my telling you I was moving in more fully meant that everything was now going to start coming up roses for you? If I am moving in then things that have been long in residence must be evicted or consumed. Even things you wish were not in residence or seemingly a part of you will cause pain on their departure because of attachment. Your life gets turned upside down. Yes, after this has happened, everything gets better than it has ever been but there is no easy way on the way.” Since this happened, the looming dread has gone away. I can’t communicate how scary and uncertain this had made things and I don’t usually experience fear. I went through so many stages of paranoia that it’s pointless for me to go into it now. In the past, most of my unease and discomfort has come from the world outside me. Within it’s been mostly good because of the constant reassurance within. During the transition period that got removed and I suppose that is the point that was being made.
I’m not sure why I’m even telling you any of this except that human lives bear remarkable similarities in makeup and experience but differ widely in the way they respond to them. I learn from my own experiences, hopefully and from the experiences of others.
We’re still astounded at what we are learning about ancient cultures and how advanced some of the souls of that period were. The technologies they came up with are fascinating. I can see now the impact of the Satanic on everything going on these days. It’s in the infrastructure everywhere and the populations are enthralled by it. It’s all shit brushed with rainbows in the ghost light of a neon nightmare.
It is easy to be dismayed and depressed in these times and to be led into despair, which is the intention of those who have the appearance of power in these times. We MUST REMEMBER this is all a play. This is God’s Lila. This is a movie with ONE DIRECTOR. This director controls the plot and the actors and even their re-act-ions. You might say this steps on Free Will but… free will involves limited choices and all of those are programmed and even when the unpredictable occurs, one situation follows another and inexorably leads right back into the original intention. It’s all under control. Take heart and faith from that and put yourself in the way of the one and the one will make your way.
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