Advaita Junkies, A Curse in Miracles and It Came from Beneath the Valley of the Waking Dead

Smoking Mirrors — July 19, 2017

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Thank god Justice is being done; backwards and forwards and with some ropes and pulleys. Here is what passes for training wheels in Justice Discipline School. There really is quite a selection. The problem with Justice is that it doesn’t want to behave and so it must be made to behave. Justice is all screwed up in the head and has these archaic beliefs about fair play. Here is justice as we used to see her and here she is these days. I never used to understand why Justice was blindfolded. Now I figure it is so she can’t identify who is sexually assaulting her.
There’s a lot of pushback these days about running roughshod over the sexual mores of the majority. You can still get the real story from Russia Today. I posted this article purely because of the comments that follow. You can see where most of the world is at. It’s an interesting dichotomy, what is taking place in the world. A huge majority of the public does not approve of what has been happening. The ones dictating the perception of how things look in the world are the same people behind this epidemic. They are behind pretty much anything that most of us do not like or approve of.
What is surprising is not that it is happening. What is surprising is not that we don’t approve of or like it. What is surprising is that we see it, we acknowledge that its bullshit …and then we swallow it without chewing; fletcherizing is one of the keys to good health. Have you ever wondered why there are so many zombie movies and why a redundant, murderously retarded compilation of the same limping retards we have seen since “Night of the Living Dead”, called “The Walking Dead” is so popular? It’s popular because ‘they’ tell you it is popular; just like they tell you the Kardashians are entertaining. That entire family is a fabrication and every plot development has been constructed ahead of time. This same thing is taking place at every level of what they package and then microwave and then serve to you, just like the walking dead, because from the sun-drenched shores of Walmart to the star studded nights of culinary ecstasies at the Golden Corral, it’s all designer debris and haute (gag) cuisine, even when it is you, being delivered on a platter to the walking dead. I’ve been told that the walking dead eat there on a regular basis. I have never been. I see the signs on the highway, announcing the exits where these establishments can be found. They are not usually future exits. They aren’t exits at all. They are cul de sacs. They are sweeping, circling, looping repetitions of dead seagulls held up by thermals or modern day technology… or aliens? Yeah… maybe aliens.
Look, my friends… I’ve been a little under the water lately. I’ve been trying to dog paddle in a riptide. Those of who have experienced this, usually unwillingly know that it is not unlike trying to body surf in a washing machine. Of course there is a big difference between the wash and spin cycles. You would not need to experience this to know it.
So … and I seem never to remember how it started or ended. One day I am on the other side of it and now it’s receding, thank God. It’s a tough line of work. I’m not sure it’s supposed to be like this generally but then I hear that it often is. I don’t know what the percentages are of those who have more of a cruise experience. Maybe what it is is, ‘no pain, no gain.’ It could be that this is just one of those occasional reminders of things that were and places we have been; a reminder of the costs that were paid to get beyond the need to continue suffering. Maybe it’s something like a cross between an echo and a memory, if that makes any sense.
I’ve been trying to understand how it is that enough of the world cooperates in regular catastrophe, like the sinking of Atlantis, if that’s what happened, the flood that Noah allegedly survived; whatever Armageddons have come and gone outside the reach of recorded history. We’re referring to them as regular events, even though there is a considerable distance between them. In the Hindu tradition it is said that civilization routinely gets ended at intervals and that the universe moves into a state of quiescence. This goes on for a long time, as do the periods of animated life, in between the periods of sleep. Apparently it’s all programmed and life is some combination of a dream and a joke and other things I’ve yet to identify but it all combines as some kind of gestalt.
Certain periods are collectively blissful and others are quite the opposite. It seems as if those who are fortunate, for whatever the reason may be, have managed to migrate to better regions during the times that this plane is in one of those less pleasant conditions; like now.
From what I can see, having studied the trends that came and went during my brief residence, it appears that humanity is being herded, very much like livestock but… not toward a location as much as toward a state of being and there is more than one direction being taken. It looks like some mass of humanity is being herded into a place of collective insanity, by increments so that one can’t tell what they are progressing into until the insanity has taken over.
There are obvious relationships than can be identified and the zodiac is a key. For instance we are at the entry way of the Aquarian Age and this is where all the gender fluid /gender confusion is coming from and all the people who are reacting materially to spiritual forces and so they are acting out sexually when they should be responding spiritually and …instead of walking through the right portals when they appear… they are in the throes of a devolutionary force acting out in the directions set by a reversed Kundalini. This is one of the primary themes of the insanity that is moving toward a tragic end and it is being manipulated by a particular group of Satanists, under the guidance and orders of the arch-demons who serve the core intelligence of the darkness. They consider themselves as a kind of liberated entrepreneur but they are completely possessed while remaining unaware of it.
I do not know if certain souls are doomed out of the long ago. I do not know how much of this is programmed as well. I do not think it would matter to me. I would continue to strive. I have had people tell me there is no difference between the light and darkness. These are the Advaita Junkies. I’m not at war with those who want to drink the Kool Aid. It’s something the New Age Operators have latched on to along with the latest evolutions of MKUltra and Tavistock. This is all programming too. I’ve made my choice and I am being programmed as well, by the ineffable.
What I do think is that I know the difference between those who talk this game but are nowhere near a deep and abiding awareness of it. If you are it, then you live it and you don’t have to say much and you don’t argue with people about it. It radiates off of you with an undeniable presence.
In reverse——————————————-
It’s like the people who push “A Curse of Miracles” on me and never bothered to look into who the authors were or what happened to them or… especially, most especially, the backgrounds they came out of. The thing I notice most prominently about every major expression of the New Age… every variation on the theme, each new packaged, instant pop up, Pop Tart (‘it’s the same thing, only different.’) is some version of us telling ourselves we are God. I am not in dispute with this either because there is a particular way that this happens to be true but NOT in the way these people are promoting it. Surely God is indwelling. Surely we are (can be) the direct extension of the ineffable. However, God can only be experienced in humility and through surrender, not by gliding around through life in a white outfit and imagining and trying to act like you are The Be All and End All.
Marianne Williamson (an old article) was preaching A Curse of Miracles on Oprah Radio by way of the false Sirius network (grin). I don’t know if she’s still doing it. I know she ran for office in one of the richest Jewish enclaves and didn’t win. Somehow when you are God there are no limits on your behavior or how you project yourself. One thing I do know is, if it is real and you are real then character defines you; not flash and hype and lots of word dancing around the rich and their money.
I know there are people completely convinced about certain means and methods and I am not here to argue with them. Time will tell and we shall see, of that I am certain. I can only hope and pray that a sweeping awakening will come and that it will come in time for each of us who are struggling after the light to be discovered by it. I know that everyone who truly seeks after the light within will be ‘found by it.” It will not come to those who parade around as if it were already in their possession.
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Thanks for sticking with me people. It’s not easy being me sometimes and I suppose the same is true for you as well. It’s better today and will be much better tomorrow, God willing



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