Married to a Mormon Mason — July 16, 2017

A reader, Michael, wrestles with his wife’s desire that he join her Mormon faith.
“Had my wife been involved with the church when we met, I doubt we would have married.”

by Michael B — ( 

An all-seeing eye at a Mormon temple.

An all-seeing eye at a Mormon temple.

Whereas my wife is very active in the LDS church and temple, I am not. I was raised as a Roman Catholic which turned me off to organized religion at a young age.
My wife on the other hand was LDS. When we met, neither of us attended any kind of religious services. However several years into our marriage, a medical emergency prompted my wife to get back into the LDS faith. Despite my dislike of organized religion, I agreed to attend church with my wife. I have always believed in God and have read the Bible but the hypocrisy of many of the Christian denominations has kept me away.
At first, I liked the friendly family oriented message of the LDS. However, as I read more of their literature I became disenchanted. The LDS people I have met and those I am related to are very good, law abiding people. They work hard and think coffee and tea are drugs. For me the end of my participation in the LDS faith was when my wife wanted to “get sealed” in the LDS temple. She gave me some books to read and I realized that there was another side to the LDS. The LDS temples are not open to all Mormons, let alone the public. To go to the temple you must get a temple recommend card and undergo an interview with the stake president who asks questions about your beliefs, coffee, alcohol, drug usage, and tithing.
After reading about the temple and some of symbols, secret handshakes, the temple garments, I saw the Masonic connection. That should not have been a surprise as the founder of the faith – Joseph Smith and his successor Brigham Young were Masons.
brigham youngBrigham Young played a huge role in the development of the faith. Not only did he lead the people across the continent to Utah but he essentially ruled the Mormons as their king. One look his face told me he was not a man to be taken lightly but someone to fear. He had the face of a thug or a gangster.
A lot of good information is available on YouTube. I came across a video from NEWNAMENOAH of the LDS temple in Gilbert, AZ.  The video is 21 minutes long and shows the Celestial Room inside the temple. You can also see the strange attire worn inside the temple. Both men and women wear green aprons which are supposed to represent the fig leaves worn by Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. This is clearly Masonic.


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