Shrink Wrapped and Processed Formica Life

Reflections in a Petri Dish – December 2, 2010

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 It seems that the most important thing we can do these days is to let go of our apprehensions. This has been especially difficult for me because on Sunday my house and car keys disappeared while, on the same day, Susanne’s car keys disappeared. This was followed by a few more striking coincidences and several days of distressing internal uproar with no locatable cause. It’s backed off now so let’s hope it stays that way. It’s more than passing odd that such a similar event would affect two connected people 1500 kilometers apart.

 For some years, maybe around five of them, I’ve been expecting war on Iran; a major or series of major false flag events, assassinations, world upheaval, earthquakes, super storms, tidal waves and any and all of the collection of possibilities that are bandied about in the alternative press. If these things were supposed to happen, something is holding them back. There is a degree of uproar going on around the world and all of that is connected to the psychopathic behavior of bankers and we are hoping they get their just reward sooner rather than later.

 I don’t know what to think anymore and have decided not to pay too much attention to anything I read because its track record up to this point has been terrible. Some few have been right about a few things and the larger majority has been wrong about most things.

 I’ve been thinking off and on about where I would be and what I would do on the day it all cut loose. I realize I have adjusted my plans and actions to accommodate this feature as an inevitable; a matter of ‘when’, not ‘if’. I’ve let the internet get inside my head instead of Nature, whom I prefer across the board. She never lies to me and she’s always looking out for me. The internet doesn’t possess either of the characteristics. It’s entertaining but it’s mostly fiction. If it weren’t fiction we would all know what is really happening when and whenever it is happening. We don’t. We don’t know shit.

 The bad guys are now obvious and there are two kinds of bad guys. There are the genuine black hat bad guys, who do evil for the sheer joy of accomplishing it and there are their minions, at incremental degrees of stupidity, which enable and support their actions. A lot of them support their actions without even being aware of it. Many religious people pray to a god supposedly opposed to this kind of behavior, in order to petition him to act in favor of this kind of behavior. Because, in a dark age, the bad guys out number the good guys by as much as 3 to 1, it also stands that the criminally stupid also far outnumber the wise and well meaning. That percentage might actually go up a lot more. It certainly doesn’t go down.

 During times like this, wiser souls retreat into the bush. I’ve got the testimony of a number of them to that effect. I consider myself more likely wise than stupid so I’ve taken the steps necessary to place me out of the mainstream, I’m just not sure it’s far enough . In hindsight I realize I should have left for the Himalayas 20 years ago if not before. Mongolia and Australia-New Zealand-Tasmania beckoned too. I’m in one of the oldest cradles of civilization so maybe that’s okay. It’s a sure thing you can’t find me unless I show you how. Ergo, the name, Les Visible.

 But life goes on in some form, no matter what goes on around it. Anticipation and apprehension are both a waste of time. One should not have to worry for or expect anything if they were in tune with themselves and their surroundings. That’s not the case though. People are not in tune. They are not even in tune with their false front surroundings in the Formica Life. Their degree of imbalance has slowly driven them insane. Neurotic twitches, compulsive urges, obsessive needs and passive aggressive behavior compose the dimensions of this reality TV life. It’s a processed existence. It’s shrink wrapped in limitations and shot full of preservatives to extend the shelf life but it’s still a shelf life and it doesn’t extend anything except time of suffering and it’s stale on delivery.

 Those of us who have our eyes open are mourning the loss of the last traces of an acceptable existence. Fitting in isn’t going to happen and succor and support are not a byproduct of a culture of self interest. The new Shangri La was supposed to create an area for discussion of what to do and where to do it, in hope that people would link up with those in their environs. A sense of community is one of the chief generators of personal joy and content.

 Some of us flourish while being alone, in the understanding that alone is an impossible concept. Most people could not bear isolation. When I was in solitary confinement it was an opportunity to get really high and so I did. In one case I got so high that they came in and walked me through the jail and out to the street. I still haven’t figured that one out.

 What’s truly gone missing from life is its magic. There’s no magic in this processed, shrink wrapped world. The magic is all at a distance in the movies, on TV and the various little masturbation devices that you see the youth messing with as they go down the street at any hour of the day. I saw a kid about six years old on a cellphone a couple of months ago. I can only imagine what it’s like in the US where every form of excess is cutting edge. The whole test messaging/cellphone thing is about separation as a communications aid. The whole point of the culture is personal isolation and uncertainty as an approach to the unknown. Those of us familiar with the unknown know how tragic this can be.

 Insanity is an inescapable component of disposable culture and the celebration of ephemeral and superficial existence. This is why you have German education manuals for primary school which encourage fathers to play with their children’s genitals so they won’t be hung up about it. It’s why you’ve got TSA goons patting down young children and telling them it’s a game. The true ruler of this whole scheme is getting ready to announce himself apparently and we’ll see where it goes from there. Any realized soul has nothing to fear from the most powerful terrestrial force in existence; not so for those who cannot interpret either darkness or light.

 Like I’ve said many times, this is all under control. There is a magical war going on and everything that you see in the external is being manipulated by forces on the internal for the purpose of the capture of your being. It’s a time of cosmic harvest and it looks like a whole lot of chaff this season. In a back is forth, up is down world, it looks like the homeless are better off that the gated community hunting reserves or the all too vulnerable underground protection vaults for the powerful and rich. It only takes finding the oxygen ports. You can only store so much of that for so long to accommodate so much space. I shouldn’t have to mention that they have invited death to be their guest in any case. The one thing I’ve learned is that no plans are going to realize themselves according to any perfection of design. Maybe with buildings and electrical circuits you get something close but, in human affairs it is generally not going to happen and if it does it will cost a lot in realization as to the value of it.

 The whole reason that so many people believe they are here for no reason is that it lets them have their way with whatever they want. The idea that there is no hierarchy invisibly when there most certainly is one here is absurd. The symmetry of things alone should tell a profound tale, as should the evidence of sages and saints; though real saints are in a great minority and not usually to be found among those trotted out and historically revised for your enslavement.

 It’s past time to stop being apprehensive and paranoid about the future just because so much crazy shit is going down. This is the last gasp in the destruction of a doomed empire of bankers and knaves. You’re having your noses rubbed in it so you won’t forget but you haven’t seen the most dramatic of it yet, not by a long shot. Appearances and transformations beyond the containment barriers of your walled in existence are going to become commonplace. It’s all part of the reality play, on the stage of present time, determining the value of what you have set your heart upon. If you don’t know what that is, I suppose you’ll find out. The good news is that you get what you are after and the bad news is that you get what you are after too.

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