Some Reflections on an Extended Departure from the Usual Presumption of what Passes for Reality

Visible Origami — July 12, 2017

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There was an evening, a few years ago, during my six week break from material reality when an assemblage of Gods and sundry appeared on the back lawn of our house in Italy. The deity part of the equation was arranged in a row but they were all in shadow. Somehow I knew who each was but could not see them. I could feel them. To my left was a large cactus plant. As far as cactus plants go it was huge. It was the kind of plant that you get cactus pears off of. Standing at the far side of the plant was Vladimir Putin. He never said a word the whole time. Up on the patio, on the other side of some trees and similar was Satan and the Anti-Christ. I learned that evening that I had saved the Anti-Christ’s life centuries ago, at the loss of my own. He was of the opinion that he owed me. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing for the Anti-Christ to consider himself in your debt. He had a terrible burn scaring on one side of his face. I can’t remember if that got discussed or not.
Satan looked a lot like the director Kevin Smith. He even had one of those black leather trenchcoats on. Lady Tara was among the deities in a row on the lawn. I think that was the last time I spoke with her until now. I can’t remember what got said. I know I extended my greetings and that I was incredibly pleased that she was there. I have been in love with her since I first encountered her and so it surprises me that I have been mostly unaware of her for years until now. I’m certain this was engineered.
A small digression is called for here. Satan was extremely pleasant toward me during the whole affair. Over the course of following days I found myself thinking, “Well… it’s not impossible that Satan could be friendly toward me.” At some point the ineffable said something along the lines of, “Be careful, Visible, Satan is NOT your friend. I seem to remember that this point got made to me later on. I don’t remember what the circumstances were. I do remember they weren’t pleasant.
So many things happened during this period that I have only partial recollection of events. I do remember one very funny moment. Someone had given me a jacket that was meant for The Avatar of Love. The Avatar of Love, so I was told, appears infrequently among avatars and is considered to be ten times as potent as the rest. As I understood it, the jacket possessed immense power. For whatever the reason was, at one point I turned and tossed the jacket to Satan and said, “Would you hold this for me for a moment?” The whole room was filled with cries of fear and outrage from everyone present and the most prominent cry was, “No!” Satan held it for a moment and threw it back to me. I remember someone asking him why he did that and he said, “It doesn’t belong to me.” After that, whoever it was that was in the room at the time and there were quite a few, were giving me the strangest vibrations along the lines of… “how are we supposed to take this guy?”
I was in some version of this altered state for six weeks. It is hard to imagine that now. How is it possible that I was allowed to continue like this without any outside interference? At one point I was walking a mile and a half past all of these houses to the main road and back and speaking loudly at times and no one noticed. It was as if I was not even visibly present. I remember walking naked outside and around on the grounds and Geno, the farmer who lived across the street could easily see me but he never did.
At one point I got into my car and drove into town and I was in a small market and while I was walking down an aisle, a part of myself broke off and I could see this shadow form that then accompanied me everywhere I went and became a separate entity and we had quite some number of conversations. I believe that would be called a schizophrenic break. While experiencing this and far more extreme things, I was never troubled or frightened. It seemed perfectly fine to me. I had already gone mad years before so such things never troubled me. I’ve had apparitions appear and very frightful things. I have had, ten foot tall at the shoulder, Tibetan devil dogs appear in holographic form to either side of me and I was told that they are always there, I just don’t see them.
One of the most fantastic experiences like this that I ever had was when I was somewhere around Indio, California and I saw this short road on the map that led to a major highway. It looked like no distance at all but it turned out to be around 40 to 50 miles. I started out on this road with this fellow I was hitchhiking with and we got some miles into it through some large orange groves. I remember picking oranges off the trees and putting them in my sleeping bag. Occasionally cars would go by but no one stopped for us. Then a police car appeared. This was a number of miles outside of Palm Springs but it was a Palm Springs police car. That fellow and I had been in jail just the day before. We got arrested on some property up in the foothills of the San Jacinto Mountains where we were staying with a couple of underage female runaways; don’t worry, nothing happened. Visible was a sanyasin at that time.
Anyway, the cop pulled over and he recognized us because we had just been in the jail and… for whatever the reason he took the fellow who was with me with him and left me there alone. Night was coming on and I was right on the outskirts of a haunted Indian burial ground. Soon the canyon walls, the sandstone cliffs rose up all around me and night was falling. I wound up walking through this without cease until dawn. At a certain point after many electrifying experiences, I came out of the cliffs and saw off in the distance, lights passing and thought, “Great, that’s the highway, it can’t be far now!” It was at least ten miles and a couple of hours later before I got there. Before that, these enormous winged creatures appeared in the sky. Their beating wings made my cape blow all around me. It was near as terrifying as anything in my life before or since has been. Suddenly, for no reason I can think of, I turned to the sky and said, “Hello my friends! How are you?” and I began dancing and laughing and what do you know? They accompanied me nearly all the way to the highway, as my protectors and friends.
Imagine being out in literally the middle of nowhere, when gigantic bat like creatures appear and make such a commotion that you probably could not hear yourself scream; not that it would have done any good, when… a personality you had seen manifest in yourself at other times but given that it was something of a goofy expression, you didn’t pay much attention to it when it showed up on occasion, clowning around, turned out to be a powerful source of defensive magic in a time and location where you might have been shredded had it not come around. Life… my life anyway, is full of surprises like this where what seems to be is not what is and what is has one level after another, above and below, much like the platforms in a video game.
More and more these days I am becoming an ever firmer believer in the fact that we all live in a self created world of the mind projecting it upon the screen of existence; a kind of movie if you wish. I can see the dream weave that we move through, like characters frozen in a Chinese carpet but in this respect, moving… moving like magical characters on a magic carpet. It’s one of the things you notice on LSD… everything is moving and you are able to see this once a certain stimulation of the pineal gland takes place. Both the pineal and pituitary glands are treasure houses for those who know how to make them do that little flamenco dance of theirs. I sometimes think of them as lovers in a tight embrace, though they could just as well be enemies but most often are characters ‘frozen in flight’ at a certain place in the usual journey. One could say your life is over at this point, even if you live in the echo of it for years afterwards. Realized yogis have known about this for a long time.
All the wisdom and serendipity of this world and the holographic overlays of its variations on the theme, be they denser or more refined, are available to anyone who possesses the keys and knows where to put and how to turn them. This has been around since the beginning. It is an interesting metaphysical truth that the more you move into the density… or more materialized versions of it, the closer you are to Hell. Hell is associated with fire and heat and as we all know, pressure creates heat, ergo, material density and in the opposite direction, the cooler and less dense and wide open spaces of Heaven and the liberation and freedom that this suggests are there.
Life is a projected construct built out of simple and enduring equations. There is a right way and many, many wrong ways. As we have mentioned a time or two, if you look into the origin of the word ‘sin’, it means ‘missing the mark’. That’s all there is to it.
Let me point out the most significant truth of the matter. There is an indecipherable complexity to existence that has dumbfounded even the most intelligent among us and the smarter you are, for some reason, the more complex it can be. You can run around in Byzantine circles, until you are so snagged up in the brier patch that you can no longer move, nor extricate yourself …and then Death comes around and does you a big favor. Why not take the easier (it’s never easy but it can be easier) route and simply employ love? Seek out the source of Love, which is also the source of light and life and let it be the medium through which you engage life. As you more fully embrace love as the mechanism of your expression, Love, which is conscious, will embrace you. Love is relentlessly looking for vehicles to define itself through; not specifically for your benefit but for the benefit of everyone you run into. Love is a contagion, no different than any infectious disease. The thing is that you are letting it use you, instead of you trying to use it. Remember, Love is conscious and it knows what you are up to, far better than you EVER will. If you let love use you instead of the ubiquitous selfish manner that is what is generally demonstrated in times of material darkness, then you will moment by moment, step by step, be on your way into the ever more rarefied wonderland of selfless service which is a joy beyond description. On the surface it seems like nothing going nowhere but… that is why so few are so engaged. Once again-
it is the overwhelming seemingness of appearances that befuddle the eye of the confused observer. Don’t try to figure it out because you can’t. Love is going to take you beyond your depth and teach you how to swim and cavort in the immeasurable kingdom of the supreme enjoyer. He needs every willing conveyance. Start now so that the never ending can get on the way to never ending.
End Transmission…….
Clumsy mixed martial arts thugs will never beat an experienced boxer; not that I like either one of them very much. One is a dancer and the other is a less elegant puncher. You may well wonder what the hell this is doing at the end of the posting. I am wondering that myself. I keep running into it and all these uninformed and self important people keep saying that Connor is going to win. It is obvious that they are shills working to shift the odds while they talk one way and bet another.
I know this is a strange post and it would be easy for anyone to presume… ‘yeah, that guy is crazy’. Things are seldom what they appear to be.



I I am a creator, by the grace of inspiration, in various media, by the grace of God, the love of whom, is the centerpiece of my life.