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Darkmoon — July 12, 2017


Alfred Schaefer is a German Canadian political activist who has a house in Bavaria which the German police have raided twice, both times in search of  incendiary videos, books and other materials relating to the Holocaust. They have done this on the orders of a powerful Jewish organization intent on silencing political dissidents and concealing the truth about the Holocaust. This article includes an important 35-minute video.

By Alfred Schaefer

Dear Friends !
A few days ago, on July 6 at exactly 6:00 AM, our door bell rang ferociously, as if some berserk madman was about to kick in the door. My wife and I jumped out of bed. I told her do not open just yet, but hold them off for a few seconds.  OK, then in they came, seven armed thugs with guns, bullet-proof vests and handcuffs, accompanied by  one “witness” from the town administration.
They were not about to make the same mistake as the last summer when they raided and robbed me, obediently following their orders from the Jewish Criminal B’nai Brith Canada.
That time I was able to provide my own “witness”, who happened to be a Graf, which is a German Count (or Earl) who lived across the street.  Not only is he a Count, but he is well aware of the Jewish lies of the “Holohoax” and so much more, so obviously and visibly on my side.
That time they only stole all of my computers, this time they were after my studio. I think it ticked them off that I made a video about that entire episode afterwords, which you will find below. My videos are blocked in most European countries.

alfred scaefer and his sister monika


LD:  Monika Schaefer, another German-Canadian Holocaust skeptic, got into hot water a year ago with the Canadian authorities after producing a controversial video called “Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust“. She too, like her brother Alfred, incurred the wrath of B’nai Brith Canada, a thuggish Jewish organization that regards itself as the ultimate arbiter on what may be said (and not said) about the Holocaust in Canada. It was B’nai Brith Canada who took Canadian patriot Arthur Topham to court, crippling him financially and getting his website shut down. [LD]  
These police thugs, working at the behest of the criminal Jewish Secret Society B’nai Brith, wanted my ability to make videos destroyed. They know that nobody believes their lies anymore and are desperate now to prevent anyone from spreading truth about the things they have done, lest it may upset anyone.
On the “state prosecutors” paper to justify this theft of my equipment we find:  “Why do YOU support open debate on the Holocaust?
“They claim that this is absolutely illegal. You may NOT question the six million gassed Jews that were turned into soap and lampshades and shrunken heads. After all, the German people paid a lot of money to all the millions of Jews who somehow did not end up as soap or a lampshade. And if you understand that it is all a big Jewish scam, the German people may ask for their shekels back. Or the goods. (Sort of like 9-11, which is why that is now also illegal to question). The “State Prosecutor” claims that any questions regarding 911 or the “Holy Cause” is incitement to racial hatred.
I wonder why they never bothered the Jew Steven Spielberg for his evil fiction “Schindler’s List” which incited entire geographies of young children in schools to HATE the German people. Or what about all those “Holy Cause” memorials that our little children are obliged to visit at such a tender young age? What about the fraud Anne Frank?
The irony is, it was the JEWS who wanted to exterminate the German people the after the Germans wanted to free themselves from Jewish immorality and usury.  They came very close to succeeding by murdering many millions of Germans AFTER the end of the fighting. Millions died in the Rhine Meadow Death Camps and the deliberate poisoning of the meager bread being fed to the German prisoners as well as the Jewish poisoning of the German water supplies with the intention of mass murdering millions more of innocent Germans. One of many documented examples of these intentions is the book written by Theodore Kaufman, Germany must Perish”. The Jews are busily trying to whitewash this information and make it disappear.
The fact that the “German authorities” raided me to shut me down and intimidate me, does provide us with great opportunity at this time. The double standards on display now, can not escape even the mentally challenged or zombies. (Zombies are those who, now in 2017, still believe the “Holocaust – TM” because, “if the Jews say it happened, then it must be true”.)
What is particularly interesting about this raid is that they not only stole all of my studio equipment worth thousands of Euros, but they also stole all of my stockpile of Architects and Engineers for 9-11 truth DVD’s and other information.
They now consider this description of the forensic evidence as illegal as “denying the holocaust”. All of this information is now classified as “incitement to racial hatred”.   So, if you are an engineer, and you are caught with evidence of the controlled demolition of the three towers on 9-11, you are now deemed “guilty of racial incitement to hatred”.  If you tell your children that the German people turned Jews into soap and lampshades, then you are a hero.
The timing of this raid and the consequences are amazing.
I just returned from a Canadian speaking tour that consisted of 14 presentations in 11 cities, from Toronto to Victoria.   After arriving in Toronto I learned that B’nai Brith wanted to interview me in Calgary when I was due to arrive there about a week later. Upon arrival, they backed down with a pathetic excuse after our team insisted on recording the entire interview as well.   It may also have something to do with the fact that they (B’nai Brith) were the ones who provided me with priceless material for my most recent videos, in particular this one: 1984 + 33 = 2017.
My latest video ought to get them even more upset. In this video I show the “anti-Holocaust” meme.   It works very well. Anti-Holocaust meme“.
The speaking tour in Canada gave me great optimism, learning that many people are coming to the same conclusions, independently, and finding their new direction and purpose, by working to resolve this. In fact, most young people no longer need explaining when the meme “JQ” is used. They know it is the “Jewish Question”.
Every move that the Jews now make seems to accelerate the inevitable total implosion of their unsustainable construct of lies and deceptions. They will have a lot of explaining to do.
If you are Jewish and innocent of any wrongdoing because you simply believed the lies like almost all of us non-Jews also did, see this as an opportunity to help us come out of this mess together. You can help me financially to get my studio back up and running. When B’nai Brith orders my things stolen, their treasonous stooges here in Germany never ever return any of it, and it leaves me with large bills. Helping me now will certainly put you in a better light than if you did absolutely nothing. I already have some very good “ex-Jewish” friends who have provided me with moral support and good information.
Some people may be depressed by what is happening, but I am so happy to be living now, with the ability to do constructive work to remedy an otherwise seemingly hopeless situation. With your help, we can do so much more.
Please contact me if you want to help. Reply by email to Alfred Schaefer info@alfredsaws.de or you can phone me on +49-8158-9508.
Alfred Schaefer

VIDEO : 35 mins