CNN Silent on Claims it Hired ‘Al-Qaeda Correspondent’

Paul Joseph Watson — Propagandamatrix July 10, 2017

Clarissa Ward (kneeling, front right) meets with militants

Clarissa Ward (kneeling, front right) meets with militants. Click to enlarge

CNN is refusing to respond to claims that it hired a correspondent who worked and sympathized with Al-Qaeda jihadists in Syria.

Left-wing website Alternet documents how, “Star CNN correspondent Clarissa Ward worked with al-Qaeda “media man” Bilal Abdul Kareem to gain access to her “heroes on the ground.”

While doing coverage for CNN’s Undercover in Syria show, Ward visited the Al-Nusra held areas of eastern Aleppo and Idlib and conformed with the local sharia dress code by wearing a full black niqab.

pic cnn correspondent cap: Many of the men in this photo are now dead… How much has changed these last four years and none of it for the better #tbt Idlib, #Syria February 2012

Jabhat al-Nusra is an Al-Qaeda offshoot that is officially listed as a terrorist organization by the United States government.

The article also details how CNN deliberately tried to downplay Bilal Abdul Kareem’s role in providing full access to Ward, presumably to obfuscate the fact that he is a mouthpiece for terrorists.

A 30 second video clip shows Ward describing “Islamist factions” as the “heroes on the ground” in Syria, despite admitting that they are “carrying out atrocities”.

This is the closest you can get to a CNN correspondent actually expressing support for terrorists.

When Alternet contacted CNN to request information on Abdul Kareem’s relationship with the network, and whether his “well-documented relationship with al-Qaeda compromised the reporting it carried out in Syria,” CNN failed to respond.

Something to hide?

Maybe the “CNN is ISIS” meme isn’t just a facetious slur after all.

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