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Reflections in a Petri Dish — July 11, 2017

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
Various high level political appointees take their marching orders from the Satanic-Zionist-Banker financed cabal who put these particular individuals into these positions for that very reason. Here’s a good example of that kind of person, whom I am guessing probably vacations several times a year with John Podesta at various local day care centers, where they work to educate the young into the needs of the old and then everyone goes out for Human Body Parts Pizza (the kitchen sink edition).
“Homage! Tara, swift, heroic! With a glance like flashing lightning, born from a blooming lotus sprung from the tears on the face of the Lord of the World!”


They say she sprang from the tears of Avalokiteśvara. Because of meritorious and generous acts on her part she was granted enlightenment but, like Amitabha, she said she would hang around until everyone else got sorted. It was arranged for her to be born a man but she said there is no sexual identity in reality so she would stay a woman. She is reputed to be very, very beautiful. She is green (no surprise there) and presents as a 16 year old girl. I’ve been visiting with her a lot lately; advised to do so by the ineffable, whom she refers to as ‘the ineffable’ too. I’m guessing that means he’s beyond all of us, including Gods and Goddesses. That might seem to be confusing but even Gods and Goddesses have to come from somewhere.
Jeez Visible, what kind of a segue is that supposed to be? There you go jumping from ‘human body parts pizza’ to the ethereal Tara. “Om tare, tuttare, ture soha”, means, ‘joy swiftly liberates’.
Truth is that all these fecal freaks, child murderers and vile perversities of what once was human… they make me very tired and I don’t like thinking about them. I can’t seem to shake this ‘kid who saw the emperor’s new clothes posture’. It is part of my makeup and I guess it comes with this particular model, The Visible i800Z. I guess I can’t complain, it’s got all kinds of amenities that make passage through this plane a lot easier than it might have been. It’s got all terrain drive. I guess if it was a car instead of a body it would be a Volkswagen… or something that takes a licking and keeps on ticking so, if it was a watch, then it would be a Timex.
Trump talked to Putin… Trump Jr talked to some Russian. It’s one non starter after another these days- ho hum. One load of shit after another rolls into the nation’s capital. They’re stacking it high up, right next to the satellite offices of every Zio-Media outlet in the city and conveyor belts feed the ripe ordure through the access plates in the backs of the heads of the reporters. Then the shit bleeds into the presses and is also converted in a way similar to how solar energy is transformed into electricity and then it broadcasts through talking heads and a variety of low vibration life forms whose business it is to deceive the public for whatever the going rate of filthy lucre may be; shit in and shit out.
My heart is flushed with gratitude. Why is that? Because I am not employed in these fashions; because the ineffable thought more highly of me than to give me the pedestrian fruits of wasted lives. Someone who has never met me just said to me in an email that I am possibly being led astray by the devil because I am preparing for regular musical performances at a nice club not far from here. She questioned my doing it in pursuit of financial gain when I made it a point to tell the owner I am playing for free, unless I can’t avoid it. My songs are among the purest fruits of my interplay with the ineffable. I’ve a number of guests here at the moment and they seem to appreciate them and I was told a long time ago that when the time came for me to play again, I would know. It’s going on 20 years since I put down my guitar. I was told the time was at hand and now I can’t put the guitar down. It seems like I am playing more often than I ever have in life. I wish I could tell you some tales of what has happened in recent time but it is better I do not. Suffice to say that these days my mind is near completely blown.
Don’t worry about the world or what it promises or threatens you with. In all the world’s, the solar systems and the galaxies, throughout the entirety of the universe there is none greater than the ineffable. I promise you this upon my life and the fate of my soul that if you seek the ineffable you will not be disappointed. You may be tried and disappointment may dog your heels for a time or two but eventually, you will come over that last hill and see the endless fields of glory stretched out before you, glistening with inextinguishable light.
If any of us knew by any measure, some portion of the degree to which the ineffable loves us we would be humbled until the end of time. I have never met a real master who was not. In fact, that is the yardstick I measure them by. It could seem to be mere fancy at this point to some of you. It could appear to be a reach, or something with a dreamy gauze like haze overlaid upon your eyes, like a gossamer silk but… the truth is that the infinite and eternal light of the divine is a reality and one needs only to persist in the pursuit. Let me make this as clear as ever a man might do at any point in any back and forth from the extremes of that which Socrates did with an illiterate 16 year old, to prove a complex mathematical theorem, to the resonating, light filled communications that exists between the silent wise.
In all your life… in every life you will live, there is one thing of cardinal importance and that is to come into a recurring conversation with the ineffable or one of his agents; you won’t know the difference anyway- unless you are arrogant and get burnt to a cinder and… that has happened. The last time I talked to a burning bush, it was some redheaded girl I met in a bar in Tulsa, lo these many years and, I never was in Tulsa. You see how I try in my clumsy manner to weave together the sacred and the profane? God isn’t offended, or impressed by any of that. He distinctly said ‘fuck’ several times in my presence, jut to point out the controlled and enforced hypocrisy of the sanctimonious, holier than thou, whitened sepulchers, who like to pass God off as some outraged old white guy with a beard and no dick but definitely a poker up his ass, hmmmm… thinking… thinking. God likes sex. He created it for a reason. Learn to see everything in a righteous perspective. You might be surprised to see how it really is. I’ll say this much. You have to run up against it. That is the only way you’ll get the real impact of it.
Nothing is more important than the position the ineffable occupies in your life. I am speaking to you directly here. If you have ever heard a single word I have said, hear this; Nothing is more important than the position the ineffable occupies in your life, NOTHING. You can amass and lose, over and over again, everything you put any amount of value on but all of it and I mean all of it… will leave you incomplete and with ashes in your mouth. That is not metaphorical. It is literal; ashes in your mouth.
I have tried in diver’s way and through every arcane mechanism at my disposal to say this same thing in some new fashion. I have tried over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over… well, you get the picture. It’s not cause this is what the pro forma religions say. It is not cause it makes you an upstanding (and clueless) member of society. It’s not cause you get out of the shower to take a piss and you never did nothing wrong, cause you were some kind of goody two shoes… uh huh… trust me, the angels know what it is that burns in that cauldron of repression that you call an unexamined life and it ain’t pretty.
I know that if there are one thousand of you that come around here over the course of so many hours, there are a thousand perspectives on me. In all truth and with the most brutal honesty that I can wrench out of my being with a cold rolled crowbar, I found it. I made that connection and at any point in my day I can step out of this whirling dervish of a carnival distraction and speak to the ineffable (or his agent) and he and she will speak back to me. A few days ago I spoke to Tara for the first time in years and she was right there answering me. Sure, I could be delusional, or insane, or whatever you want to call it but… it was Tara alright, just as it has been the ineffable, since that six week period in Italy and the ONLY reason I am telling you this and the only reason I say these things over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over an over again is because… I want to share it with you and if you will just take under consideration what I have been saying over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again and simply practice it, you will have it and there has NEVER been such a fortuitous moment as there is now.
God gave me what he gave me, through the vehicle of Lady Nature what I got for one reason and that is to pass it on to you. If you reject it, my feelings are not hurt. If you accept it then all the forces of good will fly to your side the moment your sincere echo reaches the heavenly shores and God hears it first hand. Sincerity cut through all the static and intrusion of other stations encroaching. It cuts through everything. It makes time and distance irrelevant and non existent. It takes your knowing the difference between the speed of light and the speed of thought and the real possibilities of electro-magnetics. We are on the brink and precipice of multiple breakthroughs in technology, thought and what have you. However… love alone rules the day and it is only with the possession of love that one becomes really capable of devotion and dedication. Without that I suggest you don’t quit your day job.
Please get the meaning and intent of what we seek to share with you here nearly every day. Please make my efforts meaningful by taking the useful in them and making them useful for you. That said, you have my love and sincere affection for all the days of your coming and going, no matter what a reach of time that may encompass…
End Transmission…….



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