We Are the Beatable Foe to Subdue and Live the Possible Dream

Visible Origami — July 8, 2017

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Greetings one and all and welcome to Visible Origami. We’d like to address a number of concerns that have come to mind in recent hours. As some amount of you know, there is a telepathic communication network that exists world wide. It is the medium used by certain dark forces to sway the minds of the unwary at a subliminal level. You might liken it to the strange urges that materialize in all of us now and again; “whoa! Where did that come from?” Being as this is an apocalypse and one of the greater of its kind that has been around in a long, long time, those who nestle in the shadows are well aware that a new broom is coming and that is the instrument of the Avatar. Think of the solar system as a very large house that has been around for awhile. Think about any house that hasn’t been cared for, that isn’t filled with industrious (possibly even anally retentive types) who scour and dust and clean because it is important to them. Imagine a house larger than any house you can imagine and you can imagine how there would be places that get overlooked over the course of centuries and longer.
The Avatar is coming with a new broom and duster and a vacuum with every possible attachment and he is going to sweep every corner clean and those resident in these locations, be they terrestrial, lower astral or inter-dimensional, know he’s on the way. That’s why they are trying to get their dirty work done now. Their time is limited.
Around every 2,000 to 2200 years an incarnation from the spiritual sun visits this planet; sometimes the force is expressed in multiples across a particular length of time, as was the case with Christ-Buddha and Lao Tzu all appearing within about 600 years of each other. It’s said that Buddha lived in Nepal between the 6th and 4th centuries Before Christ. Lao Tzu was supposed to be around in the 6th century. Usually the Avatar is a single unit and not always in human form; consider Vishnu in that regard and some of the predecessors of Rama/Krishna… fish-tortoise and sundry.
This time around… it is my intuitive take that the avatar will manifest in the human heart. This does not exclude or preclude a singular form in attendance as well …but the wider impact will be in the form of the promised Brotherhood of the Aquarian Age, in those hearts capable of awakening. One of the instruments of the Avatar is, ‘the internet’. Of course an apocalypse always includes an avatar in some fashion, given the ‘revealing’, ‘uncovering’ and ‘revelation’ that are all hallmarks of an apocalypse but this apocalypse is a greater apocalypse, just as the cycle we are leaving and the one we are entering is the closing and beginning of a greater cycle of 26,000 years. It has been rumored (but not widely at all) that this is also the closing and beginning of an even greater cycle than that so… we have that ‘wheels within wheels’ thing As is the case at times like this, we are presented with a moment of GREAT OPPORTUNITY. I cannot capitalize that phrase as large as it actually is. It is so large that is probably can’t be seen at any distance. This is why there is almost 7 billion people here at this time, though most of them no longer remember why they came and too many came for the wrong reasons as well. Just as this is a time of great spiritual opportunity, it is also a time when the possibilities of sensation and the experience of it are at a maximum level of amplification. The chance to do most anything physically and metaphysically are here. One can make a leap of such power and distance at this time that it would be foolish of me to attempt to express it. I would fall short.
Too many people believe that they have already failed, or are beyond salvation and this is not so. Where there is life there is hope. Change can happen at almost any point, keeping in mind, as a hexagram in the I Ching says; ‘difficulty at the beginning’ and one must remember that it never seems so difficult as when we are ‘trying to change’. Perhaps a deep intensity of the heart to change is all that is needed and the work gets done by those agents of light who exist for that purpose. So long as one believes they can or are doing anything under their own power; sometimes they will be successful and sometimes not but… when it comes to more esoteric matters, assistance is almost certainly required and definitely is simplifies and eases (not to mention- guarantees) the process.
War and the miseries it brings are not the sole creative province of bankers and profiteers, Satanists and the like; men want to go to war, in search of personal glory and some kind of manhood confirmation; not to mention the darker possibilities that war legitimizes. People are fools, especially when they are young and depending on their aspirations and intentions, often worse than fools and depending on the degree of the impact of the force of materialism, the greater and wider the influence of it, the more likely that the greater number of us will fall into painful and perpetuating error. This is basic math, no matter the metaphysical aspect of it.
A lot of people are in a rut… this is one of the reasons that I wrote the Blockchain post over at Dark Web News. Some of you are savvy in areas of finance and its arcane potential; you might understand what’s possible with these new crypto currencies. A few years ago, when I first encountered them, Bit Coins were selling for three dollars apiece, now they are at 2500.00. Some are neither savvy nor lucky but they gamble nonetheless and when I say gamble I mean the whole gamut of what’s there to gamble with, including ourselves. Some of us are inventive and creative and can build a house, run an electric line OR… possess the potential to learn. We limit and inhibit ourselves. Many of us embrace failure. We lack the requisite faith in ourselves to accomplish something and that includes a lack of imagination as well. Far too many of us use the internet for pedestrian entertainments or sexual titillation. To get an idea of how widespread the appreciation for porn is, simply go to a torrents site and look at Recent Torrents. Don’t do this unless you are somewhat familiar with torrent sites because bad things can happen with your computer and you need to know the terrain. I’m not putting in a link for this very reason. Take my word for it, a significant portion of internet traffic is porn.
Let me add a caveat to the crypto currency consideration. As the readers knows, I have no real resources and am not invested in these areas, nor am I saying everyone who owns a house should go and get whatever mortgage they can and invest it all. Nor am I advertising greed or seeking to inspire the quest for material gain but I BELIEVE there is nothing wrong with wealth if you know yourself to be a ‘steward’ of it. I would have no problem with millions any more than I do with nothing. It is unfair to censure people with wealth just because they are rich. There are a number of fantastic people with money who do real good. I do not speak for everyone here, only for myself but I have no problem with money or the people who have it. I have no problem with the people who are cheap and selfish with it but… they certainly do (grin). Don’t exist in a state of poverty mentality. Abundance is something the ineffable understands and dispenses routinely. Your turn will come. See that you give a good account of yourself.
People defame themselves in their own mind and weaken themselves with superficial and petty self indulgences so that they lose their self respect and no longer believe in themselves if they ever did. Too many people are living on a margin and fearful of what tomorrow may bring. Their economic status is very shaky. They can’t find a good job etc… yadda yadda. I want to give you one example of what is possible for anyone and this is ONE EXAMPLE. Please do not be put off by the infomercial aspect of it. It seems like everything of the kind is packaged in similar fashion these days but I NEVER let something like that interfere with my appreciation of a good idea. Also, please be patient because if you don’t have a really swift internet this might require your waiting all through it for it to load at different points. If you are familiar with 3D printers then you will see the potential of this. I have communicated with the source and asked about the possibility for a miniaturized edition; something like a Dremel flex shaft tool; not everyone has the room for this but… just think about what you can do if this does what it says? …and it comes with a 60 days no questions asked policy. You can’t lose (not much anyway) and it’s ridiculously cheap compared to what I have seen and expected. Here is a complete cottage industry resource for someone AND this is only one opportunity. We JUST DON’T SEE!!! We don’t imagine or believe as we should and if we did we would also possess the industry, enthusiasm and love of enterprise that we require.
I want the reader to imagine, visualize and bring into being a better life for themselves and here is one route; should it prove to be authentic and you need 500 dollars and the will, plus whatever the wood is going to cost to get going. The whole world is connected now! You can get all kinds of exotic woods for whatever you can come up with creatively. If your concerned about despoiling endangered forests there are many commercial operations going on where this will not compromise your political correctness virus.
Just because there are crazy people on all sides and revolution in the air… just because the metaphorical skies threaten… just because seemingly powerful forces are at work to kill and enslave entire populations and Armageddon seems around the corner and there are doomsayers on every corner does not mean you have to buy into this shit. It could well have nothing to do with you. Let the love of the ineffable lift you up, however it may be that you in a heartfelt and sincere fashion imagine the ineffable to exist, in whatever format, or discipline or doctrine. NOTHING is as powerful as the ineffable. Not all the forces of darkness that ever were can affect the will of the ineffable one iota. He can create and then raise his little finger and destroy all the armies of the world (visible snaps his fingers) like that!
I’m not saying you should get a Smart Saw, or a 3D printer or anything in particular, or that you should get a gun. I’m saying there is no reason for you not to be living a life of fulfillment and joy in the manifestation of something of value in every day that presents itself to you. There are so many possibilities out there. There are so many new avenues you can dance and sing your way down as you put your energy into whatever it is that you Love doing and the mere fact that you Love doing it insures and guarantees that you will be successful. Loving what you do is proof that it will flower and prosper because God… in more ways than any one of us can imagine… is Love.
I’ll leave you with a most interesting film that bears watching with some amount of attentiveness because it covers a lot of ground while being entertaining in a way you might not have run into with any frequency.
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